Planning Ahead – 2017 Show Schedule for Maine Art



Next year’s show schedule is set, and we couldn’t wait to share the excitement with all of you. Summer calendars fill up quickly – be sure you fit us in.

We have decided to keep what has quickly become our annual spring show in place. Rebecca Kinkead is taking over the first floor of Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture from May 27 though June 17.  Rebecca joined the gallery in the fall of 2015 and has found tremendous success. We enjoyed her 2016 solo show so much and many of you are asking to see more. Therefore, we decided there was no better way to start the summer of ’17.

On June 10, Maine Art Shows opens with the Choice Art Show, the only show curated by you. This is our sixth year combining this show with the Kennebunkport Festival. Twelve Artists. Thirty-six works. Be looking for the voting to begin in May. We always love to find out what your choice is. For more info on how the Choice Show works – Choice Art Show 2016.

Craig Mooney is next on our list of celebrations at Maine Art Shows. He is hosting a one-man show beginning July 1. The show will run for three weeks and contain not only his classic seascapes and landscapes, but also some fabulous new figurative work. Craig has been with us for over 9 years, and this show will be different than any Mooney show before.

The fourth show of the season is something we are particularly excited about. Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture is marking twenty years. Twenty years deserves twenty days. We begin on July 22 with the biggest opening reception party Maine Art has ever thrown. Music, food, and of course, art. Fifty of our artists, past and present, are honoring this accomplishment with one-of-a-kind pieces to commemorate the occasion. Both galleries are in on the fun, as they will each host daily events featuring visiting artists. Check our website for a link to all things, “20th Anniversary Show.”

Following the celebration, three of our artists are staying on for three more weeks. Beginning on August 12, Philip Frey, Margaret Gerding and Ellen Welch Granter will each take over a room at Maine Art Shows. These three unique and varied artists will come together to form a fabulous trio.

Our show season will continue back at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture.  On September 2, Liz Hoag, another Maine artist, takes over the first floor and leads us into fall with her wonderful pieces of Maine’s landscape. Immediately following, we will round out the season with David Witbeck and his distinctive coastal works. His show starts off on September 23 and runs through October 19.

That is it… so far. Please keep us in mind while deciding on which weeks to visit us here in Kennebunk. Of course, we would love to have you with us all summer, but we know for some of you that’s not possible. We will do our best to keep you up-to-date on all the goings-on. Please add your name to our email list for reminders. We’ll keep your information private and not inundate your inbox.

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Stories and Insights from each of these artists can be found on our blog. Click the links below to read more.

Rebecca Kinkead~Craig Mooney~Philip Frey~Margaret Gerding

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2017 Show Schedule with Links to Artist Pages

Rebecca Kinkead –  May 27 – June 17.

Choice Art Show – June 10 – June 29

Craig Mooney – July 1 – July 20

Twentieth Anniversary – July 22 – August 10

Artist Trio; Frey, Gerding and Granter  – August 12 – September 4

Liz Hoag – September 2 – September 21

David Witbeck – September 23 – October 19