6th Annual Choice Art Show – Abbie Williams on Loosening Up and Having Fun

Sheepscot Meadow by Abbie Williams

Abbie Williams considers herself a traditional New England artist. With strong family ties in Maine, she has spent many years calling it home. Recently, however, things have changed.  With a move to Taos, New Mexico, the biggest change is where she calls home, but with this comes an altering of her work, as well.

Williams says,”I am painting more loosely. My work has a more abstract look, and I am loving it.”

Sheepscot Meadow, her Artist’s Choice for the Choice Art Show, is the perfect example of this. The colors are brilliant and woven together in a stunning tapestry of Mother Nature’s finest work. A semi-abstract piece that blends the colors of New Mexico with the flora of Maine.

“This is my pasture in Nobleboro. The wild flowers are stunning. I tried not to get too caught up in the detail, however, but focus more on the color and the texture,” says Williams. “Weaving colors together is something I gave up when I went into acrylic, but I am trying to bring it back. Sometimes the details suck me back in, and I have to make the conscious effort to stay loose.”

Williams doesn’t like painting on a white canvas. She tones each in a variety of colors, from brilliant orange to yellow to ochre. This gives her a place to start, even though very little of that base color still shows through when she is finished.

“The colors draw me in. It is why I paint. Although, I try not to have so much narrative in my work,” she says. “I believe in leaving more of the story up to the viewer. I am getting back in touch with my imagination, and I hope the viewer uses their own imagination while taking in my work.”

Abbie is completely enjoying herself these days. She is the first to tell you that she has been “playing” more in her work. “To put it simply,” says Williams. “The best part is it’s so much fun.”

Abbie Williams

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