6th Annual Choice Art Show – “Peace on Earth” by Susan Wahlrab

Peace on Earth - by Susan Wahlrab

“Nature, as always, is my artistic muse. It is also where I connect to peace and well-being all around,” says Susan Wahlrab.

Wahlrab is a visually oriented person. When sitting in the presence of nature, she feels, energetically, a calm of deep connection. Yet she also loves the variety of color, shape and texture. In her mind, there are infinite possibilities to notice and explore through the art-making process.

“I am so stimulated and ready for the sometimes maddening process of attempting to describe, in paint, a tangible place that is made of energy, spirit, color and form,” Wahlrab says. “It is constantly shifting.”

At the top of the list of places she explores, of course, is the coast of Maine. She has been spending time here in the transition seasons. This is a time when things are quiet, and the hues are both subtle and vibrant.

“My new favorite place is Schoodic Point, a part of Acadia National Park.  A dear friend of mine let me know that if I am there at dead low tide, there is an island just off the coast I can walk to and explore,” Susan explains.

Many of her new pieces come from, what she describes as, one amazingly magical morning. “Low tide was at six in the morning, so I was up at the crack of dawn. Everything was quiet, and the day was just beginning. At first, it was quite foggy. This is where Peace On Earth finds its more subtle tones of the early morning,” remembers Wahlrab. “I was walking across to the island, and I was in absolute bliss.”

After quickly exploring the tiny island, the sun rose and presented the fiery reds of the blueberries in fall.  We see this in Fired Up, the Editor’s Choice for the show.

Fired Up by Susan Wahlrab

Wahlrab considers herself extremely fortunate to be an artist and to be able to spend all winter in her studio re-living such a day through her paint. “Paintings are truly impressions and memories of being alive and present,” she says. “I feel my job as an artist is to create something that then translates and stimulates whomever is in its presence, hoping they make their own inspiration and connection.”

Susan Wahlrab

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6th Annual Choice Art Show

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