6th Annual Choice Art Show – “Sailor’s Delight” by Holly Ready

Sailors Delight - Holly Ready

Holly Ready is known for her amazing Maine skies. She captures both sunrises and sunsets with such vivid color, she rivals Mother Nature herself.

“With all my paintings, luminosity is an important element.  It is usually the vehicle that involves the viewer with my work,” says Ready. “Each painting starts out with careful attention to the composition.  The process of layering shapes of color on a clean canvas, using value, temperature and intensity, becomes an intuitive dance of the senses. Eventually, the painting evolves and takes on it’s own personality once the colors start interacting.”

Having lived along the Maine coast for most of her life, she is compelled to express onto canvas the feelings of excitement, peace and contentment she derives from her surroundings.

“It’s the feelings I’m trying to transfer to the viewer in my work,” say Ready. “Be it a crashing wave, a peaceful marsh or a vibrant sunset, each convey a feeling, a time of day, and a time of life.”

For Ready, Sailor’s Delight is a close-up of that special time of day when the sun sinks quickly and the changing light creates vibrant colors in the clouds, but then vanishes into night.

“I loved the process of painting this painting because of the abstraction in the shapes and the layering of these shapes and colors to create that burst of intense light. It is that moment of splendor,” says Ready. “It is my ‘ah-ha’ moment.”

Holly Ready

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 6th Annual Choice Art Show

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