6th Annual Choice Art Show – “Sailor’s Delight” by Holly Ready

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Sailors Delight - Holly Ready

Holly Ready is known for her amazing Maine skies. She captures both sunrises and sunsets with such vivid color, she rivals Mother Nature herself.

“With all my paintings, luminosity is an important element.  It is usually the vehicle that involves the viewer with my work,” says Ready. “Each painting starts out with careful attention to the composition.  The process of layering shapes of color on a clean canvas, using value, temperature and intensity, becomes an intuitive dance of the senses. Eventually, the painting evolves and takes on it’s own personality once the colors start interacting.”

Having lived along the Maine coast for most of her life, she is compelled to express onto canvas the feelings of excitement, peace and contentment she derives from her surroundings.

“It’s the feelings I’m trying to transfer to the viewer in my work,” say Ready. “Be it a crashing wave, a peaceful marsh or a vibrant sunset, each convey a feeling, a time of day, and a time of life.”

For Ready, Sailor’s Delight is a close-up of that special time of day when the sun sinks quickly and the changing light creates vibrant colors in the clouds, but then vanishes into night.

“I loved the process of painting this painting because of the abstraction in the shapes and the layering of these shapes and colors to create that burst of intense light. It is that moment of splendor,” says Ready. “It is my ‘ah-ha’ moment.”

Holly Ready

Visit Maine Art Shows from June 10th to June 29th to see the 6th Annual Choice Art Show in person. We are located at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. The gallery is open every day from 11AM – 5PM. FMI, please call 207-967-0049 or emai info@maine-art.com.

Click the logo below to see the complete show online.

 6th Annual Choice Art Show

To view our complete collection of Ready’s Work – Holly Ready – Artist Page

To read more about Holly Ready, her process, and her work – Holly Ready – Artist Insights

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6th Annual Choice Art Show – “Dining Alfresco” by William B. Hoyt

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Dinner Alfresco by William B. Hoyt

Choosing a favorite painting is not always an easy task for an artist. This year, however, William B. Hoyt did not find his decision difficult.

“Oh, this painting was an easy choice for me. It’s an illustration of the Maine state motto,” laughs Hoyt as he goes on to explain. “My daughter, Gwen, her husband and their four children come to Maine in the summer. Their house looks out on Gilkey Harbor in Islesboro. It’s a good stopover for the windjammers. They come sailing in at the end of the day and drop anchor, often leaving their mainsails up until everything else is settled.”

Hoyt is a lover of all things Maine, especially the sailboats, and often his imagination and attention are caught by the simple things Maine has to offer.

“The setting sun bathed us in light when it dropped below the eaves of the porch. The water sparkled and danced with it,” says Hoyt. “I have to pinch myself when a scene like this unfolds before me. It’s practically sensory overload.”

Even though Hoyt’s home and studio are in Vermont, his heart is often in Maine. His summer travels bring him in and out of the most remote parts of our coast, both by land and by sea. It is what gets him through those long snows of winter.

“I save the beauty of these moments for later, sometimes months later. In the dead of winter when snow is piling up on my skylights, I have to stop painting to go out and clear it off, shovel the walk, and put more wood in the stove. Then I am able to go back to ‘work’ and paint and enjoy ‘the way life should be’ and that brief perfect moment of summer.”

Dining Alfresco is just one of three pieces from William B. Hoyt in the 6th Annual Choice Art Show. Visit Maine Art Shows from June 10th to June 29th to see the 6th Annual Choice Art Show in person. We are located at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. The gallery is open every day from 11AM – 5PM. FMI, please call at 207-967-0049 or email at info@maine-art.com.

Click the logo below see the complete show online.


To view our complete collection of Hoyt’s Work – William B. Hoyt – Artist Page

To read more about William B. Hoyt, his process, and his work – William B. Hoyt – Artist Insights

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6th Annual Choice Art Show – “Marsh Sky IV” by Margaret Gerding

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Come meet Margaret at Toroso from 5-7. Click here for details.

Marsh Sky IV

Margaret Gerding lives locally and is able to truly capture the southern Maine area. Margaret’s Artist’s Choice in this year’s Choice Art Show, Marsh Sky IV, was inspired by an early morning jaunt down the road to Goose Rocks Beach.

“The clouds held a multitude of colors, yet somehow remained gentle and soft. It is this sense of calm that I hope is portrayed here,” says Gerding. “After my first full year living in Kennebunkport, I have realized my love for the salt marsh is so dependent on its connection with the sky. Until I experienced it day after day, I didn’t recognize how different and strong the coastal light is. Each day offers something new.”

The locals and the tourists alike recognize these marshes and have fallen in love with them as Gerding has. “I have always been drawn to this area where the meandering waterways change with the tides, the long grass shows its golden colors, and the protective stance of distant trees is forever present.”

When Margaret Gerding begins to look forward to spring each year, she gives herself a “push” to get excited again. Whether it be through color, especially yellow, or exploring different subject matters like strong clouds and flowers.

“I have always loved painting flowers. They give me a burst of color and subject matter I can have in front of me,” says Gerding.  “After working the winter months from sketches and pictures this is very welcome. By April I miss painting outside and the flowers remind me of things to come.” Gerding has also traveled extensively, and recalling those memories continues to inspire. “I loved France and the lavender fields, and the sunflower fields of Italy,” she says.

While most people are running to the store for milk and supplies for the March/April snow storms, Gerding is scurrying off to the grocery store in search of flowers in order to keep painting. Her teaching schedule is geared toward the winter months, so she can leave warm weather open for lots of plein air and studying.

Marsh Sky IV is one of three pieces from Margaret Gerding in the 6th Annual Choice Art Show. Visit Maine Art Shows from June 10th to June 29th to see the 6th Annual Choice Art Show in person. We are located at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. The gallery is open every day from 11AM – 5PM. FMI, please call at 207-967-0049 or email at info@maine-art.com.

Margaret Gerding

Click the logo below to see the complete show online.

To view our complete collection of Gerding’s Work – Margaret Gerding – Artist Page

To read more about Margaret Gerding, her process, and her work – Margaret Gerding – Artist Insights

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An Artists’ Reception – The Choice Art Show

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The 6th Annual Choice Art Show

We want to take time today to say THANK YOU! to all that were involved in the Kennebunkport Festival this week. It was a tremendous success. The incredible staff at Maine Media and all the volunteers and sponsors.

Maine Art wrapped up our week with the 6th Annual Choice Art Show Artist Reception at Maine Art Shows up on Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. We had an incredible turnout and celebrated in true Kennebunkport style.  It was lovely to have so many of our artists on hand to talk about their work and their process.  They are truly part of our family, and the Choice Show is a reunion of sorts for us.  Be sure to check the blog over the next few weeks for Artist Insights to their choice for the show.  It is always fun to see what they have to say.

Lastly, our events would not be the same without the help of our vendors. All three rooms and the outside porch were full to the brim with people enjoying the music from the Mike Walsh Trio out of Portsmouth. We binged on fabulous food from David Hurd, Personal Chef and Catering. And yes, we did raise a glass or two from Down East Wines in Kennebunk. Also check out Dave Dostie’s pics of our event at Kennebunkport Festival – Choice Art Show (coming soon). A huge thank you to all for helping in the success of the show.

If you missed the opening, but want a chance to see the show, it runs until Thursday, June 29. We are open every day from 11AM to 5PM. If you cannot make it to Kennebunk,  please check in out on line at www.maine-art.com and contact us if you have any further questions. 207-967-0049 or info@maine-art.com.

To read more about each artist click their name: Jennifer ClementJeffrey T. FitzgeraldMargaret GerdingEllen Welch GranterLiz HoagWilliam B. HoytHolly ReadyJanis H. SandersJill ValliereSusan WahlrabAbbie Williams, and David Witbeck.

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The 6th Annual Choice Art Show Opens June 10th

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On Saturday, June 10th, Maine Art Shows starts their summer season and, continuing with tradition, opens with The Annual Choice Art Show.  This is the sixth year for the Choice Art Show and, as always, the art stays true to the charm and appeal of the area. Twelve artists have submitted works celebrating every aspect of Maine life. This state is incredibly diverse, and all of its beauty is well represented.

The People’s Choice, the Editor’s Choice, and the Artist’s Choice make up the three works on display from each of the participating artists. The People’s Choice works are the first twelve pieces curated for the show. Thank you to all of our voters this year! The voting results were made public this week, and we were very impressed with this year’s choices. The other two will remain a secret until this Saturday, when the show opens at 11 a.m.

Amy Lewia, Maine Art’s Gallery Director says, “We keep the Editor’s Choice and the Artist’s Choice a secret until the show opens. This year’s artists’ submissions were incredible. Not only was it a difficult choice for the voters, the artists themselves struggled with deciding on a favorite.”

Rebecca Falzano, Editor-In-Chief at Maine Home+Design and Maine Magazine, and the woman behind our Editor’s Choice, also took on this challenge. She chose the second twelve of the thirty-six pieces in the show, one from each artist. This is her first year participating in the decision making process for the Choice Show. The two magazines are publications of Maine Media Collective, the producer and promoter of the Kennebunkport Festival.

John Spain, owner of Maine Art says, “We love having one of the editors from Maine Media help curate this show.  They have been involved in the Editor’s Choice since the beginning,” says Spain. “Keeping tradition is important. The Choice Art Show is something our clients look forward to each year. They are invested in it. This event truly has a wonderful sense of community.”

The 6th Annual Choice Art Show opens on Saturday, June 10th at 11 AM. Maine Art Shows is located at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. The opening reception for the show is that same evening from 5 to 7 PM, and is part of the Kennebunkport Festival. Many of the artists attend the reception and will be available to discuss their work. This is our only ticketed event of the summer, and tickets are $45 and can be purchased online at www.kennebunkportfestival.com. For more information about tickets and the show, visit www.maine-art.com/choice or call Maine Art at 207-967-0049.

The show will be available online on Saturday, June 10.

Proceeds of tickets sales to benefit Full Plates Full Potential.

To read more about each artist click their name: Jennifer ClementJeffrey T. FitzgeraldMargaret GerdingEllen Welch GranterLiz HoagWilliam B. HoytHolly ReadyJanis H. SandersJill ValliereSusan WahlrabAbbie Williams, and David Witbeck.

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The Art of Giving Back

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Maine Art Artist, Kennebunkport Festival, and Full Plates, Full Potential

Here at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, we are so honored to be a Founding Sponsor for the 2017 Kennebunkport Festival. This is a festival that not only celebrates where we are from, but gives back to a charity that serves the best part of our state; our children.

“For six days each year we celebrate the excellence of Maine’s chefs, artists, musicians, wine purveyors, and beer makers while surrounded by the beautiful scenery, people, and enduring charm of Kennebunkport,” state the producers of the festival, the staffs of Maine magazine, Old Port magazine and Maine Home+Design magazine.

Yet the best part of the festival is what it gives back.  Full Plates Full Potential (FPFP) is a non-profit, charitable partner in the festival. Their primary goal is to end child hunger in Maine.

Founder John Woods says, “We want to thank and recognize everyone involved in this year’s Kennebunkport Festival. As the charitable partner of the event, we give our pledge to use 100% of funds from the festival to support and implement programs that connect kids in Maine with great meals all year long.”

John Spain, owner of Maine Art, has been involved in the festival since its conception. It has changed and grown over the years, but each year he is still overwhelmed with the amount of time, money and talent donated by Maine businesses and individuals to make this week such a success.

“It was easy to pledge to be a Founding Sponsor, and we are thrilled to know all of our ticket sales for our Art of Dining events and a portion from the 6th Annual Choice Art Show go back to FPFP,” says Spain. “What we are most proud of, however, are our artists. Each year, several are generous enough to share their time and talent during this busy season by volunteering to be a guest artist at an Art of Dining dinner.”

This year we are happy to have Craig Mooney, Charles Bluett, Ellen Granter and Margaret Gerding all participating in dinners on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday, David Witbeck, Liz Hoag and Philip Frey will be visiting here in Kennebunk for dinners of their own. This is a huge thank you to them, their generous hosts and the fabulous chefs for helping with such a wonderful event and a exceptional cause.

Although every dinner is now a sold out event, there are still tickets for a variety of other weekend events.  Please check out the festival website for more information: Kennebunkport Festival Events

To learn more about Full Plates, Full Potential and to become involved with their cause click here: Full Plates Full Potential

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Charles Bluett – A New Artist at Maine Art

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Along the Coast

This is always an exciting time for us here at Maine Art. With so much going on this summer already, it is an added bonus to be able to introduce you to another amazing New England artist, Charles Bluett.

Charles was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1965 where his parents happened to be working at the time. Both his parents are English, however, so they soon moved to the county of Kent, England, where he grew up.

Bluett says, “At 13, we moved again. Westminster, the heart of London, was quite the opposite from Kent’s natural beauty. We lived about 700 meters from Big Ben, the iconic Houses of Parliament and five minutes from the Old Tate gallery, before the New Tate was constructed on the South Bank of the Thames. This is where I first discovered my passion for art, but especially painting. I spent many hours sitting in the Rothko Room there, surround by his ethereal color panels.”

Bluett has spent the best part of his adult life in the US. He didn’t start painting in earnest until he moved to New York City as a young man back in the late 1980’s. Even then, it was purely as a thing he took huge private pleasure from doing; a hobby.

The Little Valley View

“It was a visit from Charlie Phillips who changed all that. Charlie ran an influential gallery in the West End of London with Harry Blain. He came to the house for dinner, saw my work, and offered me my first solo exhibition. This was back in the early 90’s. In the same month, I was also selected by The Royal Academy of Art in Piccadilly, the epicenter of British art for centuries, to feature in the Annual Summer Exhibition. This is where I sold my first work ever commercially. It was a great honor and a humbling experience. I remember taking my dear mother up the hallowed steps of the Royal Academy the day before the opening of the exhibit. We viewed my work in the most prestigious art institution in England. She had always been very supportive of my painting, and this was a definite ‘ah-ha’ moment for me.”

Bluett had a number of solo exhibitions in London and the US, but it was not until January of 2016, that life finally showed him that he must do this full time.

“Life is simply too short not to follow your passion. My wife had fallen ill with cancer, and after we were blessed to come through the other side, I decided it was time to stop compromising and use the gift I had been given to its fullest.”

For Bluett, this decision stays with him daily. After he spends what he considers a highly productive day completing a piece of work, he leaves his studio for the day walking backwards. He stares at the final piece through his studio door windows and contemplates.

“I am always still considering whether it is complete or not. Then, I turn toward the outdoor view ahead of me and see a twilight sky, a blazon sunset or simple tree line, and I am filled with so much color and energy. I smile to myself, realizing I should never take myself that seriously. In all I do, given what is laid out before me by ‘the powers that be’ in such scale and natural wonder, I keep perspective. I always try hard to be a part of it all. It is the important message I am left with, and I enjoy and relish the gifts I have been given, whatever they may be. This always makes me smile. Thankfully, it happens very often.”


Bluett currently resides in Vermont with his lovely and hugely understanding wife, Suzy, his two kids, Ty and India, and a large number of critters, from horses to cats and dogs.

Be on the lookout for more posts about Charles Bluett, his inspirations and his process. His work is like no other in our gallery and certainly is worth a peek in person. We are open every day, but please check our website for hours.

**If you can’t make it to the Kennebunks soon, check out our complete collection of his work on his artist page. Charles Bluett – Artist Page.

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Kinkead in the Kennebunks

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This weekend is the start of the summer season in Maine. The sun has finally made its way to the Kennebunk coast, and we are planning to enjoy Memorial Day Weekend in style. It is time for the first show at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture.  Rebecca Kinkead’s widely anticipated solo show opens on Saturday, and we have the privilege of having her here with us. Talk about time to celebrate!

We love when our artists are able to visit the gallery and spend time with their show. There is nothing like walking into a gallery and having the chance to talk to the creator of a one-of-a-kind piece of work. The sharing of insights and stories between client and artist cannot be replicated.

John Spain, owner of Maine Art says, “I’m pleased Rebecca will be joining us for the reception on Saturday evening. Her last show at Maine Art happened to coincide with her prestigious residency in Iceland,” says Spain. “That show was a such a great success, many of our clients fell in love with her work, and subsequently Rebecca. Now, they are thrilled with the opportunity to meet and chat with her this weekend.”

Kinkead’s studio is in Vermont, so she is looking forward to a little escape to the coast. This will be her first trip to the gallery. No matter how much we try to explain the magic of the Kennebunks, it must be experienced first hand. We can’t wait to show her around town, and watch her fall in love with Maine Art and our surrounding community.

The show opens at 10 AM on Saturday, May 27th. Then join us on Saturday evening from 5-7 PM for the Artist’s Reception. The gallery at 14 Western Ave will be full of fun and friends. The Mike Walsh Trio will be playing outside, and David Hurd has whipped up an amazing array of appetizers to share. The entire first floor is dedicated to Kinkead’s work and will be a fabulous first stop to kick off the holiday weekend.

If you can’t make it to Maine this weekend for a visit, remember the Kinkead show will run until Thursday, June 17th, and we are open 10 – 5 Monday to Thursday and 10-6 on Friday to Sunday. The complete show is also available to view on our website beginning Wednesday, May 24th.

Hope to see you soon!

To read more about Rebecca, her process, and insights into her work, check out our other blog posts that feature her.  Rebecca Kinkead Artist Insights and Stories.

To see the entire schedule of summer events at Maine Art click here. Summer Show Schedule

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Rebecca Kinkead’s Spring Show

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Barn Owl (Blue Yonder) - Rebecca Kinkead

When an artist loves and is inspired by her subjects, the joy and passion is evident in the work. It emanates from the canvas and the room is filled. Beginning Memorial Day weekend, the entire first floor of Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture will be filled with the joy and passion of artist, Rebecca Kinkead.

John Spain, owner of Maine Art says, “This is Rebecca’s second show with Maine Art. We were incredibly happy with the success of her first show with us last summer. The gallery was visited by collectors from across New England. Kinkead’s work is like no other artist we represent. There is an energy and life she creates with her medium. It simply must be seen to be appreciated.”

Kinkead’s process is a bit different from classic oil painting. With the addition of chalk powder and linseed oil, she creates a concoction she can seriously get her hands into. For her, it is more than just a physical process, it is a feeling.

Kinkead explains, “Paint and wax are layered, dripped and scraped to create a sense that the subject is still emerging…still ‘becoming’. When I begin a painting, I often start with my fingers in the wax/paint mixture. I feel the form with my fingers. The more familiar the form, like my dogs, the easier it flows. Working with my hands allows me to find the form faster, easier, and more naturally.”

Fetch (Sunrise) - Rebecca Kinkead

Her dogs, all three of them, are featured in one of her many series, aptly named, Fetch. This year’s show will also contain works from her Traveler and Cannonball collections, which feature children. The inspiration for these pieces is a personal one, as well.

“A few years back I received a Christmas card from a friend. Her daughter was on top of a mountain leaning into the wind. I remember that feeling, that freedom. It reminded me of trust – trusting one’s self and trusting one’s environment,” says Kinkead. “I think some of my best paintings have come from trusting my gut, letting go, and not thinking too much, the same way children often do.”

Meadow Bloom - Rebecca Kinkead

Kinkead’s first degree was from the University of Vermont. Yet it was while she was working on her Master’s Degree in Experiential Learning at Minnesota State University, Mankato, that she found her love of ceramics. Soon after that graduation, however, when in a tiny studio apartment in Boston with room for an easel only, she tucked away her clay and picked up her paintbrush.

“I have painted professionally since 1999. In 2009, I made the move to my present studio in Vermont,” says Kinkead. “I had worked in acrylics for seven years. In the past, I didn’t have the open space or ventilation for oil. Once I moved to Vermont, this was no longer a problem. It took me almost six years to get to know this new medium, but I will never go back. Oil is just delicious to work with.”

Rebecca Kinkead

Rebecca Kinkead’s one-woman show opens Saturday, May 27, with a an artist’s reception that same evening from 5-7 pm. The show runs through Thursday, June 17. Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, at 14 Western Avenue in Kennebunk, is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm. FMI call 207-967-2803. Kinkead’s show can be viewed online beginning Thursday, May 25, at www.maine-art.com/shows.

To see all of our collection of Kinkead’s work click here. Rebecca Kinkead – Artist Page

To read more about Rebecca, her process, and her craft click here.  Rebecca Kinkead – Artist Insights

Attention Fathers and Children – It’s Mother’s Day

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Summer Chairs - Abbie Williams

This weekend is all about the mothers.

They have earned a weekend of pampering and love. They have earned a bit of rest from the crazy. They have earned anything they darn well please. If you are at a loss as to how to make this happen for the mommas in your world, look no further than a visit to the Kennebunks.

Rumor is the sun may just peek out over the course of the weekend, but even if it is raining, there is still much to do. The majority of the restaurants, hotels and resorts are open for the summer season and are offering interesting and intriguing specials for this holiday weekend. If you are looking to celebrate, a place is easy to find. Our specialty shops are all spiffed up and waiting for visitors, as well. We are proud of the variety of stores that line Rt 35, Western Ave, Dock Square and Ocean Ave. If you are looking for a little peace and quiet, however, there is nothing better than a blanket on the beach, a picnic and a good book. Parking passes for the Kennebunk Beaches aren’t necessary until June 15th.

Beach Day - Craig Mooney

No matter if you are coming for the entire weekend or just driving in for a day trip, there is something for everyone. Spas and shopping or hikes and bikes, it is easy to make a woman happy here on the coast of Maine. Of course, we always recommend a visit to Maine Art, but we promise to make it fun.

Firefly - Rebecca Kinkead Gulls (Fries) Jump (Blue Sky)

A wander through our gallery is always a treat. We have a great deal of new work from our artists. They were incredibly busy over the winter.  We also have a new artist, Charles Bluett, whose work is fabulous. If you are looking for art or perhaps a Wind Sculpture guaranteed to make any mother smile, we are happy to help you find just the right piece.

You can find us at 14 Western Ave in Kennebunk. We will be open all weekend from 10-5. Many of our staff live locally and are happy to help with recommendations for things to do. Since Sunday is Mother’s Day, we have given many of our mommas the day off, however, we happily put owner, John Spain, to work for the weekend. He has been in town for over twenty-five years, so you will be well taken care of.

A few other websites you may find helpful:


http://kennebunkportmainelodging.com – operated by locals who know it all! The Chamber of Commerce Please click the icons below to share this on your own social media.