Break Through – Jill Valliere

Valliere_Break Through_Plaster, Metal Leaf and Glaze_30x30


Jill Valliere | Break Through | Plaster, Metal Leaf and Glaze | 30″ X 30″   $4500

When surrounded by perspective buyers and local art collectors, Jill shares her work, her process, and her studio-self. She entertains with a passion for Maine and for her art. The wave of her hands and the excitement in her voice always holds a celebration. She is centered and focused, but all-encompassed in the description of what she loves.

Her process.

Jill starts each piece with a coat of tinted plaster.  Yes.  Plaster.  Of course a normal canvas can’t hold this level of weight.  Luckily, Jill’s husband, an architect by trade, has more than a few skills and hand builds her the hollow core panels she uses.  Once this layer is dry she breaks out her favorite tool…the power sander. Plaster and a power sander means serious business.  It is a perfect combination for the smooth surface which she needs to begin her process.  Layer by layer,  metallic paints and glazes of all colors are applied over metal leaf of gold, bronze or silver.  Over and over she adds and takes away, revealing the beauty beneath by contrast.  A venetian plaster knife or her trusted sander breaks through and carves in, exposing underlayers and creating texture and depth to the scene she is capturing. Jill’s process is unique and unusual, but her work reflects a place you have been before.

Her work.

When asked about, “Break Through,” her piece for Maine. As they see it., Jill shares a story of friends and hiking in Reed State Park. “We came upon this clearing in the trees. It gave us a lovely sneak peek of our ultimate destination.” Jill celebrates Maine with the eye of a local capturing the true beauty of the seasons; the true beauty of this state we call our home.  Each painting holds a time and place that is a part of her.  Even if you are new to her work, she pulls you in and makes you feel present.  Each piece is somewhere you have been. We have all traveled the snow covered hills of “Down Time” and rolled in the ripples of colored leaves in “All Aglow”.  The titles of her work carry us to that time. “Fields of Shadow” and “Sheltered Cove” among them, bring back memories of the days spent enveloped in a place we don’t always know enough to appreciate.

Her studio-self.

“The title ‘Break Through’ has a double meaning for me,” says Valliere.  “One is the literal feeling of breaking through the brush to glimpse an incredible place I am heading towards.  The second, more figurative meaning, is the feeling I have when an idea I’ve been pondering suddenly becomes clear, and I finally see where that idea is going to take me.”  No matter if she is in her studio at her home in Rockland, on a back trail hiking with her two – yes two – Great Danes, or with her husband at her quiet little lake house in southern Maine, Jill brings you along for the ride.  She speaks in stories, and her love of life is genuine. She is passionate about her work and invites her audience to be a part of it. She forces us to take a conscious and deep breath and celebrate the fact that we live here.

You can see “Break Through” at Maine Art Shows at 10 Chase Hill Road or in the on-line show at Maine. As they see it.  Jill also has an extensive collection of work at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture at 14 Western Avenue in Kennebunk. Feel free to visit her Artist Page to view these, as well.


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