6th Annual Choice Art Show – “Sailor’s Delight” by Holly Ready

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Sailors Delight - Holly Ready

Holly Ready is known for her amazing Maine skies. She captures both sunrises and sunsets with such vivid color, she rivals Mother Nature herself.

“With all my paintings, luminosity is an important element.  It is usually the vehicle that involves the viewer with my work,” says Ready. “Each painting starts out with careful attention to the composition.  The process of layering shapes of color on a clean canvas, using value, temperature and intensity, becomes an intuitive dance of the senses. Eventually, the painting evolves and takes on it’s own personality once the colors start interacting.”

Having lived along the Maine coast for most of her life, she is compelled to express onto canvas the feelings of excitement, peace and contentment she derives from her surroundings.

“It’s the feelings I’m trying to transfer to the viewer in my work,” say Ready. “Be it a crashing wave, a peaceful marsh or a vibrant sunset, each convey a feeling, a time of day, and a time of life.”

For Ready, Sailor’s Delight is a close-up of that special time of day when the sun sinks quickly and the changing light creates vibrant colors in the clouds, but then vanishes into night.

“I loved the process of painting this painting because of the abstraction in the shapes and the layering of these shapes and colors to create that burst of intense light. It is that moment of splendor,” says Ready. “It is my ‘ah-ha’ moment.”

Holly Ready

Visit Maine Art Shows from June 10th to June 29th to see the 6th Annual Choice Art Show in person. We are located at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. The gallery is open every day from 11AM – 5PM. FMI, please call 207-967-0049 or emai info@maine-art.com.

Click the logo below to see the complete show online.

 6th Annual Choice Art Show

To view our complete collection of Ready’s Work – Holly Ready – Artist Page

To read more about Holly Ready, her process, and her work – Holly Ready – Artist Insights

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Holly Ready on Gouache

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When browsing the Holly Ready show here at Maine Art Shows, you will notice a few pieces that are not like the others.  Unlike her large oil canvases, these sweet little pieces are set behind glass and contrasted with large white mats to enhance the color and tones of this distinctive style of art.

Gouache is a painting technique consisting of pigment, water and a binding agent. Even though gouache does have more opacity than watercolor, it still doesn’t sit on the top of the paper like acrylic.  It seeps in and stains the paper in a similar way to watercolor.

“When I paint with gouache I will often leave the lightest parts of the composition for the white of the paper,” says Ready. “Then I either warm up the white by using yellows, reds, oranges or cool it down using blues, greens, violets as the painting progresses.”

Ready’s intent with the gouache, as well as with the oils, is to make colors sing. She gives the painting a feeling of light by using different values; the lights and darks, chroma; the intensity of the color and temperatures; the cool and warm colors. “I work my paintings into landscapes that transcend the feeling of light, regardless of the medium I am using to paint with. With gouache, I wipe away the color as I work to create a depth. This enhances the tones and gives them a jewel-like quality.”

When Ready switches between mediums, from acrylic to oil to watercolor to gouache, there is a bit of a remembering that has to happen. It takes some time to become reacquainted with the paint. How it moves. How it interacts. How it finishes. Each medium has it’s own personality, and she has to get to know it again, but enjoys the change and variety different mediums provide.

“Gouache is completely different. I still use warm and cool colors, but it is the layering that is so important,” says Ready. “I start with real intense color. Then I go over it with grays or reds to bring out different colors. I build it that way. Above the sunset there is a warmth to the sky. Often I put on yellow first and let it dry. Then can I add from there.”

Gouache remains “live,” unless it is fixed in some way. If more wet paint or even a wet brush is applied, it will activate the existing paint. The existing paint can then mix with the fresh paint. It is a challenge many artists won’t take on.

“For me, this is a nice change. It is a way for me to take a break from the oils I use most of the time,” says Ready. “These works are some of my favorites. I would buy these.”

We welcome you to come in and see this work in person. We are Maine Art Shows at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk, Maine.  You will find us open from 11am – 5pm daily.  Holly’s one-woman show runs until Thursday, July 21. If you cannot make it to Kennebunk, please check out her show on-line by clicking this link.  Holly Ready at Maine Art.

Holly Ready

If you are interested in more blogs from Maine Art about Holly Ready, follow this link. Maine Art Blog – Holly Ready.

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Holly Ready on Following the Pathways

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Ready_Path in Summer

Everything has a path; a way in which it travels in, around, between and through. Often, this path is very clear and defined. It leads from a beginning to an end. Yet true joy comes when the path is ever-changing. It fluctuates with light and time and space. These are the paths that provide the most challenge, but often the most reward.

Holly Ready’s path has been anything but clear and defined. She began art school in the middle of her life. She then moved her studio space from the fabulous city to beautifully rural. All the while she found the balance between work and family and passion. Her path has most definitely been one that is ever-changing.

“Twenty years ago, I was selling pretty paintings,” says Ready about her time before art school. “Then I experienced an awakening of sorts. Ed Douglas, the head of the painting at Maine College of Art, told me my work was pretty, but not impressive. Then he merely pointed out that I was binding my work with white versus color. Wow, such a simple thing. It was a turning point for me.”

Ready’s present work at Maine Art is exactly that – Wow. The light appears to escape from her canvas. Even when these works are not lit, there is a natural glow that emanates from a source she has created. Each have a real or figurative pathway that leads the viewer into and through the subject. Again, everything, even art, has a path.

Ready_Moving Through

“There are so many pathways, but I often look at the light and how it travels. It’s on its own path,” says Ready.  “More often than naught, less is more. My goal is to energize the sky but still retain the peacefulness.”

And that she does.

Holly Ready’s one-woman show will be at Maine Art Shows until July 21st. We are open every day from 11am – 5pm. Please stop in and see this stunning work in person.  If you are not venturing into Kennebunkport this summer, take a peek at Holly Ready Online.

Holly Ready

To learn more about Holly Ready and Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture visit these pages on our website.

Holly Ready  and Maine Art – Artist Page

Holly Ready and Maine Art – Blog

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Holly Ready, Opens at Maine Art Shows

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Ready_Early Day, Still Cove

Maine is famous for seascapes, skies and sunlight, and no visit to the coast is complete without them. This month, Maine artist Holly Ready and Maine Art Shows celebrates all three with an upcoming show at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. This one-woman show of Ready’s most recent work features the amazing skies of Maine. We open Saturday, July 2 and run through Thursday, July 21. We will kick off the show with Ready’s Artist Reception from 5pm – 7pm on Saturday, July 2.

Ready grew up in Massachusetts, but summered here in Maine. As so many do, she fell in love with the state, and it wasn’t long before she began calling it home. In the middle of raising her family, Ready decided to take her painting to a new level and began classes at Maine College of Art in Portland.

“I have always painted. I come from a long history of painters with a grandmother who fostered that growth with gifts of canvas and color,” says Ready. “My first painting was a seascape. I loved painting the water. There were times I made the canvas sing. The problem was I didn’t know how I made it sing. It was intuitive. It wasn’t until art school that I began to understand the process behind the magic.”

For Ready, art school was later in life, not a career. She only went part-time, but it was an escape. The early classes were sometimes frustrating for her; after all she was there to paint.

“I was a painter. I wanted to paint. By the time I declared my major, it all came together like a puzzle,” says Ready. “On top of classes and skilled professors, I had an incredible cohort. I learned so much from them.”

Ready is not new to Maine Art Shows. She has participated in multiple group shows over the years, the most recent being Maine. As They See It. last August. Each show has been a collection of works from a variety of artists in the area culminated around a particular theme.

John Spain, owner of Maine Art Shows, says, “I have admired Holly’s work for several years. I have happily included her in multiple shows. I have been trying to convince her for quite sometime to join us for a solo show.”  This year everything fell into place. “Finally,” he says, “the stars have aligned, or maybe in Holly’s case it’s the clouds?”

Ready_After the Storm

Clouds are a strong feature in much of Ready’s work, as in After the Storm. The play of light and shadow in the sky grabs the viewer’s eye. She prefers working from warm to cool to produce the ‘sing’ she refers to often.  Composition is key, and she is very aware of her percentage of earth versus sky. After that, she claims the paint dictates and the color happens. With her landscapes and seascapes, the colors flow beautifully and her skies certainly do sing.

“It’s all about the feeling. It’s a serenity. It changes, but each of them has a peace,” says Ready referring to her collection for July’s show.  “I like when art doesn’t give all the answers. These works have a time and a place. They are grounded, but the details are for the viewer to fill in.”

We welcome you to come and see Ready’s work in person. Again, the show opens at Maine Art Shows starting Saturday, July 2 at 11am. All are invited to the Artist’s Reception that evening from 5-7 p.m. Food and drink will be served and a chance to meet the artist is always fun!

Holly Ready

The gallery at 10 Chase Hill Road, is open daily from 11 AM to 5 PM. Ready’s show can also be viewed online at Holly Ready at Maine Art Shows

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The 2016 Summer Season

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As everyone in Maine begins to celebrate the coming of spring, here at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, we are already looking toward the coming summer. Which means… The Summer Show Schedule! We have planned four single-artist shows and one group show.  All will contain new and unique pieces from many of our amazing artists.

Normally, our summer shows are held up on Chase Hill in the Maine Art Shows gallery. However, this year we are starting a bit early, and thought it would be fun to have our first show right on the first floor of the 14 Western Ave. location. And who will we be kicking off the summer with? David Witbeck, of course.

David’s solo show will run from May 28th to June 16th, and will not only feature his classic men of Maine and coastal working life images, but a few new perspectives on the wonderful state we love. You can still see many original Witbecks in the gallery and online on his Artist Page, but be sure to check his online show catalog for new work. It will be live soon! Even better, put your name on our mailing list to receive a reminder when his new work from the show is available. While you are waiting, please click here to learn more about David and his work.

 zjvxzv0cxlwyygtlg6viDavid Witbeck: May 28, 2016 – June 16, 2016

Maine Art Shows, at 10 Chase Hill Rd., will again host the Choice Art Show from June 11th through June 30th. This show not only features twelve of our top artists, it is also the only show that lets you, the public, vote for the work you want to see on our walls.  Voting doesn’t begin until May 2. Again, watch for the link or join our mailing list to get a behind-the-scenes peek at this one-of-kind show.

uumc8naysstx3ynamil0Choice Art Show, 2016: June 11, 2016 – June 30, 2016

On July 2nd, one of our new artists will open her solo show at Maine Art Shows. Holly Ready is no stranger to the gallery, but this will be her first solo show with us.  A few examples of her work are in the gallery now and on her Artist Page, but for the first three weeks in July all the walls of Maine Art Shows will display her stunning landscapes and a few more wonderful surprises. We are happy to send you a reminder when this show catalog is available to view if you join our mailing list.

c1isqitsm1c7fqjelot7Holly Ready: July 02, 2016 – July 21, 2016

  In the spirit of celebrating our new artists, we will also be featuring Rebecca Kinkead this summer.  Her solo show begins on July 23rd and will run through August 11th. Rebecca’s work is nationally known and celebrated, and we are very excited to be able to share it with you here in Maine. To learn a bit about Rebecca, visit her Artist Page or click here to read more. lrddpjxq6ngwqsrguyahRebecca Kinkead: July 23, 2016 – August 11, 2016

There is no better way to end a perfect summer than a William B. Hoyt show.  His timeless works capture his travels in both grand sweeping landscapes and with the tiniest of detail. He celebrates Maine and New England like no other. His show opens on August 13th and runs through Labor Day. Click here to read a bit more about Hoyt or visit his Artist Page to see our present collection of his work.

 ewrgividky3zvrwhhg21 William B. Hoyt: August 13, 2016 – September 05, 2016

This summer holds a plethora of talent and personality that embodies who were are here at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture. We look forward to celebrating this summer season with you and yours. There are so many ways to stay updated on what is going on here. Be sure to check out the links below. We look forward to seeing you soon here in Kennebunk, Maine.

Our Website – www.maine-art.com

Our Blog – www.maine-art.com/blog

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