Whitaker Celebration at Maine Art

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On Saturday, July 29th we commemorated ten years working with Lyman Whitaker and his amazing kinetic Wind Sculptures. The gallery on Western Ave was filled to the brim with new and past customers, happy to have the opportunity to meet the artist behind the sculptures so many have taken home and treasure. We wandered among the sculptures filling Lower Village with a celebration not soon to be forgotten.

We were thrilled to have Lyman Whitaker and his wife, Stacy, join us here in Kennebunk for a couple days.  It had been a few years since their last visit, and they thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the coast of Maine again.

Whitaker’s sculptures have been surrounding both Maine Art Gallery and Maine Art Shows for ten years.  They have become a landmark for Lower Village, Kennebunk and a wonder for tourists and locals alike. From three feet to twenty-eight feet tall, our “Wind Forest” is filled with all forty-four styles in multiple sizes.


Whitaker is widely respected for the sophistication of his Wind Sculptures. Since the 1980’s he has focused his artistic ability on gracefully capturing the spirit of the wind through his kinetic art. Together with his wife Stacy and brother John, he has built a creative partnership based on complementary talents. Lyman dedicates his work to the wind and weather. He hopes above all that his sculptures will inspire love for our earth’s thin, moving layer of air – it warms us, gives us breath and sustains our being

If you haven’t been to Kennebunk or haven’t visited in a while, please come see us and spend some time among the sculptures. It is a lovely way to spend some of your time in Maine. FMI visit http://kennebunkportwindsculptures.com or call the gallery at 207-967-2803.

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Lyman Whitaker and Whitaker Studio – 10 Years with Maine Art

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Double Helix Horizontal Merinda III Desert Flame

It has been ten years since John Spain, owner of Maine Art, first saw Lyman Whitaker’s copper Wind Sculptures. It has been ten years since conversation about representing them started with Stacy Christensen, Whitaker’s wife and business partner. It has been ten years since the amazing kinetic sculpture garden began greeting all who visit the Kennebunks. It has been ten years, and it is time to celebrate!

Off and on, over the last few months, Maine Art has been lucky enough to spend some time with the masterminds behind Whitaker Studio. Between dinners with Lyman and Stacy, off-roading and tenting with John Whitaker and his lovely wife, Janet, and even some crazy slot canyon scrambling with the fabulous Jen Shepherd, the General Manger of the studio, plans started to form. It was inevitable that some crazy scheming and concocting would happen during this time spent together. The results were better than we ever expected!

John, Trisha, Janet and John Lyman and Stacy Jen Sheperd with John Spain in the water behind her

As you know, on July 22nd, Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture will begin twenty days of celebrating twenty years – with our 20th Anniversary Show. The three-week span will be full of amazing art, gallery events and artist visits. Thanks to some fantastic fancy talk from one John Spain, one of those artists will be Lyman Whitaker. We are lucky to have him visiting for a few days and plan to schedule a variety of ways for you to interact and meet with this talented man. To culminate his visit, Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, at 14 Western Ave, will host a Whitaker 10th Anniversary Party in and around the sculptures which have made him famous. Be sure to stay in touch for all the details.

Lotus with Double Helix Vertical behind Double Spinner

Lyman’s visit is just one of many exciting and fun events we have planned for the 20th Anniversary Show. The best way to stay abreast of our summer events is to add your email to our mailing list, if you haven’t already.  Our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will also have continuously updated information.

As for now, and throughout the spring season, the gallery will be open from 10am – 5pm every day. Please stop by and visit. If we can help in any way, never hesitate to call 207-967-2803 or email at info@maine-art.com.

Lyman at work

Follow this link to see all of Lyman Whitaker’s Wind Sculptures –  kennebunkportwindsculptures.com

Follow this link to read more about Whitaker Studio – Whitaker Studio Insights and Stories

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Blossoming at Maine Art

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The Language of Flowers - Barbara Peabody

After last week’s winter storm, we have our fingers crossed that spring is truly on her way.  Soon the grass will be green, and the branches on the trees will succumb to that lovely glow of new growth. Once spring has started, she usually rolls right along, which means the flowers are sure to follow. These are our favorite signs of the season here at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, and the favorite of many of our artists, as well.

If you, like us, are a bit impatient and want to fill your home with the brilliant flowers of Maine’s warmer seasons, come and visit. Our flowers are always blooming. Whether it be the poppies and delphiniums of Sandra L. Dunn, in Royal Purple Delphinium and Profusion of Poppies, or the simple strokes of Philip Frey’s Blooms, these up-close, still lifes bring color and light to any room.

Royal Purple Delphinium Sandra Dunn Blooms - Philip Frey Profusion of Poppies - Sandra Dunn

If you prefer the beauty the blooms bring to the exterior of your home and the way your yard comes alive, works like No Thyme Farm from Karen McManus and End of May from Abbie Williams will help remind you that springtime is upon us.

No Thyme Farm - Karen McManus End of May - Abbie Williams

Even Lyman Whitaker is in on the fun with his very popular, Tulip. There are few buds that can stand winds up to ninety miles per hour and look glorious covered in snow. This is a flower for all seasons; always in bloom and no watering necessary.

Prendergast, Christine copy

Of course, with the flowers come the birds and the bees. Spring would not be the same without them. Both Trip Park and Ellen Granter celebrate these little creatures. Lilac Lover is a fun and colorful portrayal of one of our favorite pollen spreaders, and Bonita and Soon Soon are beautiful reminders of the wonders Mother Nature is about to unfurl on us.

Soon Soon - Ellen GranterLilac Lover - Trip Park Bonita - Ellen Granter

So — if you need a little pick-me-up, and flowers make you happy, find your way to 14 Western Ave. in Kennebunk. You can always find a hint of spring in the air. Until then, we can settle for Lobsters and Champagne and its little pot of blooms, much like William B Hoyt, as he too waits for spring to blossom.

Lobsters and Champange - William B Hoyt

Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture is now open seven days a week. Click here for hours.

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And the winner is…

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Congratulations to Gail Sanders our 2016 Wind Sculpture Photo Contest Winner!


What’s Up with the Wind Sculptures!?

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There are so many exciting and new goings on with Maine Art and Whitaker Studio, we thought we would take the time to catch you up.

Last week, Maine Art had the chance to get up close and personal with Whitaker Studio.  Not only were we able to see the studio and peek at the process, but we also spent some time with the staff. Thanks to a quick stop in St. Louis and a serious freezer stocking of Pappy’s BBQ, we treated them to a rib feed and caught up with the personal and professional side of the studio. They are a dedicated, hardworking and incredibly talented bunch.

Ironically, they were packing up a big ole crate with a Kennebunk shipping label.  Forty-five original Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures were snug inside, including a few of the new Gemini. Building a crate to hold this valuable cargo is almost as much of an art form as the sculptures themselves.


Getting a good look at the new Gemini was another perk of the visit. The two double helix forms sitting at the top of the sculpture are hand cut to fit and interact perfectly with each other. When spinning, they never touch, but move so close they seem as one, like the twins they are named for. This new sculpture stands over ten feet tall and four feet wide.  The twins move independent of each other, while the bottom wind wheel rotates the entire sculpture.  The sculpture is not on the website as of yet, but a photo rendering can be seen on Maine Art Gallery’s Facebook Page, and of course outside of Maine Art on Western Ave. in Kennebunk.

Don’t forget! If you are planning to purchase a sculpture for the holiday gift-giving season, you must have your order in by December 9th to guarantee delivery for Christmas. Delivery will only be guaranteed for Small through X-Large sculptures that are in stock at the studio. You can of course visit the gallery and take one home with you as late as 1:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

Last, but certainly not least, is our Wind Sculpture Photo Contest! On November 14th, the 12 finalists’ photos will be posted on our Facebook Page, and you, our fans, can vote for your favorite. The finalist who’s photo receives the most “likes” as of 10 a.m. EST on Friday, December 2, will be this year’s winner of a Desert Flame by Lyman Whitaker.


Throughout the holiday season the gallery will be open from 10am – 5pm every day. Please stop by and visit – new artwork arrives frequently and there is almost always something new to see. Our website is updated daily and is also a wonderful source for up-to-date inventory. www.maine-art.com  If we can help in anyway, never hesitate to call. 207-967-2803.

Follow this link to see all of Lyman Whitaker’s Wind Sculptures –  kennebunkportwindsculptures.com

Follow this link to read more about Whitaker Studio – Whitaker Studio Insights and Stories

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Lyman Whitaker’s Wind Sculptures

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We hear words like, “spinny things,” “whirligigs,” and “windmills.” Most often these phrases are coupled with a finger or two pointing in the air, mimicking the round and round motion in which the copper sculptures at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture are perpetually found. The correct term is actually kinetic Wind Sculpture, the trade mark name from Lyman Whitaker and Whitaker Studio. These sculptures have made Maine Art a landmark upon entering Kennebunkport.  Tourists and locals alike stop and watch, take video, and photograph the collection of Lyman’s Wind Sculptures that encompass the gallery year-round.

When visiting Whitaker Studio, it is hard not to be amazed at the fantastic amount of work that goes into each sculpture.  Lyman, the artist, his wife Stacy, the businesswoman, and his brother John, the engineer, are each an integral piece of what makes this studio a success.  They have surrounded themselves with a team of artists, welders and sculptors that are personally invested in and love the work they do each day.  After talking and spending time with each part of this team, it is obvious they feel valued and are a connected family. To be able to sit and watch what unfolds at this studio is a rare experience.

It is difficult not to feel overwhelmed and in awe when standing in the middle of the Wind Forest that is the front yard of Maine Art.  The size and spectrum of the sculptures alone is incredible. The air moves as they spin in complete silence.  Of course, the next notion that immediately comes to mind is, “I want one.” We will warn you that once you have one, the need for another comes soon after.


The staff at Maine Art is incredibly skilled at helping to discover which Wind Sculpture will best suit your space and need. With prices starting at $300, everyone can find a sculpture (or sculptures) that will enhance a home and landscape. To see these sculptures in their natural habitat, we welcome you to visit our Lyman Whitaker YouTube Channel.  Here you will find home videos taken by our customers showing off their sculptures.

This post happily coincides with our launch of our own kennebunkportwindsculptures.com website. This is a dedicated Maine Art page just for Lyman’s sculptures. Not only can you view them, you can purchase them on our website! We are the first and only website allowing the purchase of these one-of-a-kind sculptures. Still want more information? Try whitakerstudio.com. Here the process is described in detail and small biographies of Lyman, Stacy and John can be found.  Be sure to click the Artwork link to see pictures of their public installations.  If you still want more, there is an incredible video by Amy Spangler covers an installation in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

As always, we encourage you to come visit us in Kennebunk.  There is nothing that compares to being here and watching these sculptures in motion. Of course, you can always find all of Lyman Whitaker’s Wind Sculptures on his Artist Page on Maine Art’s website. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call – we love to help.


We hope to see you on your next visit to the Kennebunks.

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