20th Anniversary Celebration – Week Three, August 5th – August 10th

We kick this weekend off with Craig Mooney. He will be back again, after his fabulous solo show in July. He will be in the gallery all day Saturday. Stop by for a visit. Also be on the look out for Shakespeare amongst the Sculpture on Tuesday evening. Our local Shakespeare group will be performing in and around Lyman Whitakers sculptures. It is sure to be a treat.

Craig Mooney Opens at Maine Art

Mooney says, “In this time and age we are entering, people are looking for an escape. This new series of work offers that. My recent works are more romantic motifs. I want to give people a place to go for a bit of peace. Its that feeling found when spending time with a painting, then suddenly it captures you. It holds on, and you are there, even if only for a while. Its more than just seeing it, it is feeling it. The work has to be sincere.”

6th Annual Choice Art Show – Liz Hoag and the Trees

“Stand of Trees is a view from a country road. I don’t even know what town I was in,” Hoag laughs. “The beautiful snowy field was visible through the trees lining the road, and I remember being out on an adventure with my family on a sunny winter day.” A common occurrence for Hoag. “I love the simplicity of the idea that we can find calm and beauty right along the road almost anywhere in Maine.”

6th Annual Choice Art Show – “Peace on Earth” by Susan Wahlrab

“My new favorite place is Schoodic Point, a part of Acadia National Park. A dear friend of mine let me know that if I am there at dead low tide, there is an island just off the coast I can walk to and explore,” Susan explains. Many of her new pieces come from, what she describes as, one amazingly magical morning.

6th Annual Choice Art Show – “Beyond the Horizon” by Jill Valliere

**Come meet Jill at Toroso on Tuesday, July 11th from 5-7. Click here for details. Jill Valliere is a Maine artist who has a unique and interesting process, but for anyone who knows Jill’s work, it may be a surprise to see her newer pieces. In some, the metal leaf is absent. But, as always, there is a… Read more »