Choice Art Show

The Choices have been made.

The peoples choice winners.

Thank you for making your Choice and for being part of this unique experience.

  • Bait
    Brad Betts
  • Scouting
    Jeffrey T. Fitzgerald
  • Before the Rain
    Before the Rain
    Philip Frey
  • We Got This
    We Got This
    Ellen Welch Granter
  • Morning at the Thread of Life
    Morning at the Thread of Life
    William B. Hoyt
  • Wildflowers Above Rochester, Vermont
    Wildflowers Above Rochester, Vermont
    Henry Isaacs
  • Boat Basin
    Boat Basin
    Craig Mooney
  • Sail On
    Sail On
    Elizabeth Ostrander
  • Sailor's Delight
    Sailor's Delight
    Holly Ready
  • Jamie's Place
    Jamie's Place
    Janis H. Sanders
  • Sheltered Cove
    Sheltered Cove
    Jill Valliere
  • Cozy Cove
    Cozy Cove
    David Witbeck