Communication of an Artist – Margaret Gerding Shares

Gerding_Morning Solitude

“For me, there are three steps to my communication as an artist,” says Margaret Gerding. “First examine, next interpret, lastly share.”

Visual artists have a different way of communicating with the rest of the world. Each has a lens they look through that changes what is “seen” to what is “perceived.” These perceptions become their art.

“I want to take time to examine what is in front of me. It’s about the moments spent, and a need to witness, explore and really see,” says Gerding. “Then, I am ready to begin my own interpretations. This is my time to paint. During this process my thoughts and reactions come through in color. Last but certainly not least, I share. It’s not only about the finished piece, it’s the act of being viewed.”

And so the cycle repeats. As outsiders we examine what an artist has presented us, often making our own interpretations on what being conveyed. Then, we too share these thoughts, sometimes verbally, sometimes through the written word.

“When something inspires me, I stop and sketch. There is always a sketch pad in my car and even in my purse,” Gerding laughs.  “I do take photographs, but I usually use them only as a reference for color or structure. The final painting is never what I actually see; it’s my response to the inspiration.”

Margaret Gerding

Maine Art is celebrating Margaret Gerding’s inspirations and communications in our gallery at 14 Western Ave in Kennebunk. The first floor is full of the marshes, ocean views and pathways that southern Maine is known for. We are open everyday from 10am – 6pm, and Friday and Saturday until 7pm.

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You can also read more about Gerding and her work on our blog at A Look Inside Margaret Gerding and Maine Art.

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