Holly Ready on Following the Pathways

Ready_Path in Summer

Everything has a path; a way in which it travels in, around, between and through. Often, this path is very clear and defined. It leads from a beginning to an end. Yet true joy comes when the path is ever-changing. It fluctuates with light and time and space. These are the paths that provide the most challenge, but often the most reward.

Holly Ready’s path has been anything but clear and defined. She began art school in the middle of her life. She then moved her studio space from the fabulous city to beautifully rural. All the while she found the balance between work and family and passion. Her path has most definitely been one that is ever-changing.

“Twenty years ago, I was selling pretty paintings,” says Ready about her time before art school. “Then I experienced an awakening of sorts. Ed Douglas, the head of the painting at Maine College of Art, told me my work was pretty, but not impressive. Then he merely pointed out that I was binding my work with white versus color. Wow, such a simple thing. It was a turning point for me.”

Ready’s present work at Maine Art is exactly that – Wow. The light appears to escape from her canvas. Even when these works are not lit, there is a natural glow that emanates from a source she has created. Each have a real or figurative pathway that leads the viewer into and through the subject. Again, everything, even art, has a path.

Ready_Moving Through

“There are so many pathways, but I often look at the light and how it travels. It’s on its own path,” says Ready.  “More often than naught, less is more. My goal is to energize the sky but still retain the peacefulness.”

And that she does.

Holly Ready’s one-woman show will be at Maine Art Shows until July 21st. We are open every day from 11am – 5pm. Please stop in and see this stunning work in person.  If you are not venturing into Kennebunkport this summer, take a peek at Holly Ready Online.

Holly Ready

To learn more about Holly Ready and Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture visit these pages on our website.

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