Jay Sawyer – New Artist and New Work


We are very happy to welcome a new sculptor to Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture.  Jay Sawyer is a Maine native who has taken his love of metal, background in engineering and fabrication and experience in repair and maintenance and created a place for himself in the ever-popular world of Maine art.


“Most of the sculpture is inspired by found objects or discarded materials. This inevitably leads to a body of work with a wide variety, however, most are rustic and very suitable for outdoor environments. My appreciation for form and balance is applied to these materials that represent time and a previous purpose for existing, giving each piece its own unique story,” says Sawyer.  One of his more popular repurposed metal objects are horseshoes.  Perfectly placed and welded, they create a stunning outdoor sculpture. Maine Art presently carries two sizes, a 55” round, large and a 30” round, small. You’re Lookin’ Over a Four-Leaf Clover.


Since 2007, Jay’s work has been found in galleries and public spaces. If you are a local there is a chance you have seen his work as you enter the Portland International Airport, A Spirit of Its Own. While many of Sawyer’s pieces are meant to be outside, there are a few that are small enough to bring inside. Untitled I and Untitled II are both part of Jay’s drill bit “Borin’ Art Series,” and measure under two feet tall. However, each would be fabulous in a garden or patio, as well.

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Maine has a wealth of very talented artists.  When exploring the art scene, it is easy to see why someone could be intimidated.  It has taken Jay time and experience and still he has difficulty grouping himself in with the talent that Maine holds. However, Jay Sawyer has definitely earned his place in this exclusive community. “It is an honor to be spoken of as a Maine artist and a privilege I do not take lightly,” says Sawyer.

Jay is one of a handful of new artists who have joined us in the past year. We are very excited about each of them. Coupled with the amount of winter work from the artists you all know and love here at Maine Art, our gallery is full of artwork. We invite everyone to stop by for a visit and catch up with this winter’s goings-on. Remember, all of our artwork are can be viewed online at www.maine-art.com.

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