Maine Art Shows Opens June 11th


On Saturday June 11, Maine Art Shows will start the season, and continuing with tradition, will open with the Choice Art Show. This is the fifth year for the Choice Art Show, and as always, the art itself stays true to the charm and appeal of our area. All twelve artists have submitted works celebrating every aspect of Maine life. From the shores, to the forests, to the farms, this state is incredibly diverse, and all of its beauty is represented here.

The People’s Choice, the Editor’s Choice, and the Artist’s Choice have been voted on and selected, and we are ready to toast the curation of this one-of-a-kind show. With over six-hundred voters this year, the People’s Choice decision was overwhelming and exciting. “It’s the best way to start out the season at Maine Art Shows. To have the public be a part of the curation is rare. We enjoy the entire process more and more each year,” says Amy Lewia, Maine Art’s Gallery Director. “This year’s twelve artists submitted stellar pieces. It was a challenge for our voters. Happily, it was a fun challenge.”

Susan Grisanti, Editor-In-Chief at Maine Home+Design/Maine/Old Port Magazine and the woman behind our Editor’s Choice, also loved the challenge. “I always enjoy the process of selecting a favorite piece of artwork from each of the artists in the Choice Art Show. Considering each piece in the context of a larger, related body of work brings an extra layer of meaning to the work, but one piece usually rises to the top pretty quickly for me,” says Grisanti. “I’m always interested to see, after my vote, how my choice compares to the majority of voters. Weeks later, it’s fun to see the show in person and reconsider my choices, but I cannot recall ever changing my mind.”

Grisanti is not alone in her curiosity about the choices for this show. Many customers are incredibly anxious to see which three of the six pieces from each artist made it to the walls. For those who cannot wait until Saturday, the online preview can be seen here.  To find out the Artists’ and Editor’s Choices, you will have to visit Maine Art Shows starting at 11 a.m. on June 11th. But wait! Maine Art Shows will be open for a sneak peek of the final pieces during the Village Art Walk on Friday, June 10th from 5 to 7 PM.  This event is for viewing only, no sales will happen until Saturday morning.

Don’t forget – the opening reception for the Choice Art Show is Saturday, June 11, from 5 to 7 PM, as part of the Kennebunkport Festival. There will be many of our artists attending and available to talk more about their work. This catered reception is a ticketed event for the Festival, with the proceeds to benefit Full Plates Full Potential. Tickets are $40, and can be ordered online at For more information about tickets and the show, visit, or call the gallery at 207-967-0049.

Click here to see the online show now.

The Artists in the Choice Art Show: Daniel J. Corey, Jeffrey T. Fitzgerald, Philip Frey, Ellen Welch Granter, Liz Hoag, William B. Hoyt, Henry Isaacs, Craig Mooney, Janis H. Sanders, Jill Valliere, Susan Wahlrab, and Abbie Williams.


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