Beach Days - Family Time
One Blue Umbrella
Beach Friends
Big Beach Walk
Afternoon Lessons
Yellow Bikini Red Trunks
Red, Green, and White Umbrellas
Pink Hat Green Bucket
Orange Bucket Blue Boogie Board
Two Boys with Kites
Red Umbrellas Yellow Beach Chair

A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

It’s been over 30 years since I first started spending my summers in Maine, and I am continually inspired and awestruck by the beauty around me. I am especially inspired by the beach – by both the calm and energy of the water, and by the playground it provides us to create lasting memories. These memories are both unique to each of us but also common to so many. My work explores this connectivity to the collective emotion, questioning what we see, what we remember and the emotions these evoke. 

By taking the landscape and simplifying it, my aim is to capture a memory without the details of representation. The expanse of nature, be it the sky, beach or water, provides an opportunity to abstract the elements through expressive brushstrokes, subtle textures and simple forms. Layers of unexpected shapes, patterns and colors create a visual composite of energy and calm, taking the viewer away from the reality of the image and triggering a personal memory, a moment in time. A low horizon line or the playful placement of simple figures bring context to the expressive composition of color and texture. 

The result is often playful, sometimes whimsical, and always memorable. 

I invite you to lose yourself in the moment!