The Gathering Sea Clouds
The Breakers
The Connection Between Land Sea & Sky
Drifting to Shore
Summer Moon

A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

As reflected in his latest paintings, Charlie Bluett’s output has been driven by his overriding passion for the enhancement of the process, the flow and ebb of life, and the light and color of the everyday, with emphasis on the natural beauty of the great outdoors. 

He started painting in earnest in the early '90's, fascinated by the processes he uncovered as his work unravelled against the backdrop of his own private life and experiences. He is continually pushing the elements of his process.  This search for surfaces, color and form reflect the time and experiences which come to pass and mirror in his creative output as a result of this keen and single-minded focus toward his art.

The changing surfaces, vibrant and ethereal color use, and the consistent subtle movement of form and mind within the works is considered and yet fluid, challenging and yet totally at peace within itself. Bluett's pieces convey and allow the viewer to share in this journey and offer a deep insight into the outdoor environments and weather patterns of the USA’s vast and varied continental landscape.