The River
Sun Porch
Still Waters
Old Tavern
Music Pier
Front Hall
Columbus Day
Approaching Storm
9 A.M.
6 A.M.

A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

Working from a detailed pencil drawing, Gordon uses organic alkyd resin paints in many layers to develop the rich and subtle transitions from light to dark that give his paintings their characteristic luminescence. Technically this is called "glazing," painting part of the image, sanding it, and painting over it again. His paintings pay meticulous homage to architectural details of old buildings. "The older the better," says Gordon. Although the subject matter can be radically different from painting to painting, his inspiration is always the light - drenching interiors and inviting the eye, through window, outside. Despite his draftsman-like accuracy, Gordon believes his work falls between realism and surrealism. "My goal is to make paintings so realistic, that viewers are drawn into the imaginary space and share in the peaceful feeling that I try and incorporate into each work. I relish the subtleties of light reflection combined with architectural details that falls somewhere between realism and surrealism. There is something mystical yet serene in the quiet light found in the interior spaces presented, in harmony with the luminescent effect in the sky." -Edward Gordon