A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

"Recently, a vivid sense of commitment regarding my career as a Maine artist has lead to much contemplation in developing an authentic artist statement. Absent a formal art education, the confidence to initially make this leap was fostered by many others, but a lion’s share of credit is owed to a small group of mentors. These mentors—David McLaughlin, Marilyn Quint-Rose, and John Ames—possessing various formal degrees in sculpture, and success in a variety of art world arenas, each confirmed for me my gift "to see": To see what’s in nature; to see what’s around us in our environment that is often overlooked; to see... My innate talent to translate this vision into a work of art is a gift that, I have come to realize through the help of my mentors, I must not ignore. This reinforced realization, which I had previously taken for granted, has been instrumental in the transformation of my life, through my art, over the past ten years. Seeking a meaning of what "art" can be, beyond even what I can comprehend as I write this, orients my focus toward coalescing my life experiences with my art. A door has been opened for me for which my gratitude is immense. It is an honor to be spoken of as a Maine artist and a privilege that I do not take lightly. I look forward to greater opportunities for achievement in this vast world of art and representing Maine and its art to the best of my abilities along the way."