Yellow of the Goldenrod
View from Granite Point
Parsons Beach Road
View from Pier Road II
View from Pier Road I
Measured in Moments V
Measured in Moments VI
Measured in Moments IV
Violet Day at Marshall Point
June Sunset Over Marsh
Golden Marsh
Night Approaching
Golden Fields
Timber Island II
Trees Along Bridle Path
Reflection Pond
Blades of Green
September Bridle Path
Sunflower Study
Summer Clouds
Forever Glow
Marsh in Fog IV
Marsh in Fog III
Marsh in Fog II
Marsh in Fog I
Dawn's Blush

A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

Throughout my career, my goal has remained constant: to capture a single moment in time. As an artist, my job is to observe as much as to create. With every second that passes, light changes, colors adjust, and the slightest physical shift occurs in nature. Each piece is based on a real place, a moment that I have experienced and been inspired by. There is something unique about being alone with nature—a quiet that connects me like no other. It is only this solitude, whether outside or in the studio, that allows me to let the landscape reveal itself to me. Having recently moving to Kennebunkport, Maine, I now no longer have to travel but am immersed daily in the area of my greatest inspiration. It is a place where nature provides a lifetime of exploration and study. Where the fog can roll in at any moment and change the landscape. Where the greens of marsh change over to the warm ochre of autumn.