Ledges and Light
July Bliss
Fluid Sky, Tidal Plane
Mirrored Expanse
Everything But the Kitchen Sink
Violet and Blue
Through and Through
Pink Perspective
Chartreuse Spring
Exit Stage Left
Deep Water
Water, Island, Sky
Tidal Patterns
The Conversation
Many Facets

A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

Painting is a direct, non-conceptual process. My work is about the painting itself: color, light, surface, brushstroke, shape, movement and how all of those elements fit together on the canvas. I am inspired by a feeling, a connection to my everyday experience: evocative color; unexpected light; and fleeting gestures. Perceptions are the inspiration. The real juice behind my work is the act of painting. It's about the here and now.

I start, as most artists do, with a blank ‘slate’ and a seed of inspiration. I then build and respond from there, eventually arriving back at the initial revelation. Or, in some cases, in a different direction entirely.

When a painting is going well, I experience a palpable feeling of being in the groove, an experience of being present. Many artists, writers, musicians, and athletes also experience this state of being, where one is not overtly thinking about what came before, or what is to come. Essentially, in those carefree, clear and joyful moments, there is ‘no painter’ and ‘no painting.’

I have no hidden agenda, other than the painting itself. I invite you, the viewer, to feel and experience this curious interplay. As Fairfield Porter suggests, “by the process of painting...the person who looks at it, gets it vicariously.”

-Philip Frey, 2017

Frey is a nationally exhibiting artist and has been featured in many publications including: Art New England, Art of Acadia, Gettysburg Review, Maine Policy Review and the Maine Sunday Telegram. The University of Maine Museum of Art mounted an exhibition of his work in 2016. Currently, his work is held internationally with prominent private collectors and the corporate collections, including that of writer Harlan Coben, Rep. Chellie Pingree & Donald Sussman, Dick Wolf Films and the University of Maine Museum of Art. He will be featured in 2017 exhibitions at Carver Hill Gallery, Courthouse Gallery Fine Art, Edgewater Gallery and Maine Art Gallery.

Philip has studied with artist Alan Bray and graduated from Syracuse University in 1990 with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in painting. He maintains a full-time studio practice nestled in the woods along bold coast of downeast Maine and teaches select painting workshops each year.