A collection of new original oils by artist Henry Isaacs.

Off Flying Point
Bear Island
Bunker's Cove
Vermont Lake #2
Cliffs Near Seal Harbor
Cove Mt. Desert
Gott Islands
Off Rockport
Western Mountains
Mt. Desert from the Maypole
Above Kettle Pond
Mount Desert Island
Kettle Pond #1
East Boothbay, Maine
Winter, Ripton, Vermont
Off Flying Point #2
Sunset, Western Islands, Brittany
Winter, Sandy Cove
Witch Hole, Maine
Kettle Pond #2
View from the North Shore
Baker Island
Dune Grass
Lake Bunyoni, Uganda
Beached Boats, Finistere
Mount Mansfield
Meadow at Middlebury Gap
Above Asiago
View South from Cranberry Island #1
Autumn Bass Harbor Marsh
Akegera, Rwanda
View East from Cranberry
Porcupine #3
View South from Cranberry Island #2
Finistere Coastline, Brittany
Summer Showers