Over the years Frey has immersed himself in watercolor, acrylic, and oil; painting still life, figurative, and landscape. Yet the one constant throughout most of his work has been the inspiration Maine has given. Whether it’s the rough and rocky coastline or a group of young children celebrating summer on the dock, there is an outside presence of where we call home. It weaves its way through all medium and style to show off its charm and allure through Philip's work.

Fading Mist
Elegant Quarry
Fire Over Water
Deep Waters
Glacial Moment
Forest Floor
Looking Further
From Here to There
Shifting Tide
Hot & Cold
Pier Patterns
Slices of Color
In the Moment
Double Cannon Ball
Ruby Red
She's Got Nice Lines
Spring Sparkle
Waiting for Water
Under Repair
Raining Clouds and Sun
The Last Flash
Light Over Shadow
Tidal Zone
Spring Island
Neopolitan Landscape
Patchwork Clouds
An Invitation
Reaching Into Blue (Study)
Hoping for Spring
Three Reds
Tulip Couple
Sailing Beyond