Open daily from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Maine Art Shows | 10 Chase Hill Road | Kennebunk, Maine 04043 | 207-967-0049

“There is a challenge and a joy in seeing something ineffably beautiful or moving and resolving to make a painting of it. The threads of the canvas, the sea, Vermont, family, friends, and Maine have woven themselves inextricably into my psyche and my work. Sometimes I go looking, often early in the morning before setting sail for the next harbor or toward the end of the day after we anchor and the harsh light softens. Other times a subject recommends itself unsolicited with the realization that a painting is staring me in the face. During the winter months I find things indoors that I want to paint and contrive arrangements. No matter the motivation or the circumstance, to me painting is a kind of meditation that helps me focus on the simple joy of rendering well a chosen subject.”

-William Brewster Hoyt


Spirits of the Water
Sundown East Wind
Pitcher of Flowers
Woodstock from Mt. Tom
In the Path of the Sun
Still Morning
The Pink Moon
Study for The Pink Moon
Loading Traps in Spring
Garden with Driveway
Storied Past
Oysters and Degas
Happy Valley in Snow
Annie and Emma
Study of Annie
Olympic Lady
Goat Island Light and Rocks I
Goat Island Light and Rocks II
Seal Harbor
Vela Latina
Harbor Fish Market
Gull Study I
Gull Study III
Gull Study IV
Wanda and Magic
Kauai Wave
Right Wave
Study for Wave
Tea and Toast
Table for Two