Daniel Corey on By January – An Artist’s Choice

By January is Corey’s Artist Choice piece for the Choice Art Show at Maine Art Shows in Kennebunk. It is one of three pieces of his work in the show. “This painting represents me and my work to the best of my current ability. Everything I have went into it,” says Corey. “The Belted Gateways are one of my favorite subjects when I’m looking for a challenge. For such big animals they don’t seem to stop moving. This makes it tough when trying to paint them.”

Liz Hoag and Eagle Lake – An Artist’s Choice

Once again, one of our artists has found inspiration in Acadia National Park. The only National Park in Maine, Acadia boasts beautiful ocean views, cliffs that tower over rocky coasts and even their own Sand Beach. Yet, for Liz Hoag, it is the freshwater of the park that lures her in. At 436 acres, Eagle Lake is the largest fresh water lake in Acadia National Park. Whether traveling the carriage roads or exploring the trails that encircle it, it is nearly impossible not to let the magic of this place slip into your soul.

Jill Valliere on Wanderlust – An Artist’s Choice

“I had decided to take a drive on a slightly foggy day last fall. I was in search of inspiration,” says Valliere. “I drove around to my favorite haunts for a few hours, but I didn’t find anything that made my ‘painting fingers’ twitch.” After giving up for the day, she headed toward home and began to daydream. Of course this led to a wrong turn, not an uncommon turn of events for Valliere. “When I tuned back into my surroundings I found myself in Lincolnville. In front of me was the scene that later became Wanderlust.”

Janis H. Sanders on Headlight and Shadows – An Artist’s Choice

Monhegan Light is an inspiration as a symbol, as well as a physical structure from many views and perspectives. As visitors, we often come by day to view the lighthouse and the stunning coast surrounding it. Rarely does the iconic place have guests in the evening. Except maybe for one of our artists, Janis Sanders. Head Light and Shadows is the result of one of these visits.

William B. Hoyt on Sunset at Cuttyhunk – An Artist’s Choice

Hoyt is a wanderer and an adventurer. He has more stories to tell than most, and he remembers in details as vibrant as his canvases. It is rare to find him without a camera around his neck snapping these moments that just cannot be forgotten. An artist sees the world through different eyes, and Hoyt has trouble not stopping to capture each scene he may someday commit to paint. “Images are everywhere,” says Hoyt with a grin. As an outsider, it is difficult not to wonder if his need to stop and snap ever gets in the way. However, Hoyt laughs when asked about it. “It never gets in the way,” he says perplexed. “It is the way.”

Maine Art Shows Opens June 11th

On Saturday June 11, Maine Art Shows will start the season, and continuing with tradition, will open with the Choice Art Show. This is the fifth year for the Choice Art Show, and as always, the art itself stays true to the charm and appeal of our area. All twelve artists have submitted works celebrating every aspect of Maine life. From the shores, to the forests, to the farms, this state is incredibly diverse, and all of its beauty is represented here.

Maine Art Joins The Nonantum’s Kennebunkport Progressive Dinner Tour

Sunday, May 22nd Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture is happy to join the Nonantum Resort in hosting the first of two Spring Progressive Dinners. May’s tour will be a small group touring several of Kennebunks quality establishments in the resort shuttle. With only fourteen guests, this will be an intimate gathering. This visit will start with a private party at Maine Art Gallery for appetizers.

Let the Voting Begin – The Choice Art Show

We are have an amazing and varied inventory and an incredible array of artists. But we have always found it beneficial to listen to the opinions of others with different views. And so, the Choice Art Show was born. This one of a kind Maine art show allows you to help curate the final show. No matter how well we know our clients, it is still often difficult to know for sure, what you, our customer, will fall in love with. And so, we ask.