Fleeting Light – Jill Valliere

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Fleeting Light 18x26

All of Jill Valliere’s work glows. Admittedly, it is in part to the metal leaf and glaze she uses, yet honestly, it is more the heart and soul she painstakingly places there for us to find.

When Jill talks about her work that same glow radiates from her. “My love of embarking on an adventure,  coupled with my love of the water pushed me to choose “Fleeting Light”.  When I sit back and look at this painting,  I feel as if I am heading out to explore a new waterway and can actually imagine myself traveling into the painting. I am lost in thoughts of the beautiful sights I might see along the way.”

“Fleeting Light” is not the only one of Valliere’s pieces that gives this sense of wandering. No matter what the season, each landscape she brings to us captures the imagination, and the wanderlust begins.

You can see two more new pieces in the Choice Art Show, the Editor’s Choice, chosen by Maine Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Susan Grisanti, and the People’s Choice, chosen by this year’s online voters. Also, don’t forget to visit the rest of Jill’s collection at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture or visit her Artist Page at www.maine-art.com.

One Gallery. One Show. And You.

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Choice Single Logo

For Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture this show started months ago. For some of artists involved, it started years ago. For us, the voter, over a month ago.  Phew!

Now here we are a day away, and with all that prep time everything must be all set and ready to go. Right?  If you asked Amy Lewia, Maine Art’s Gallery Director…. actually, don’t ask her, she is just a little busy. She and Natalie Lane, the galleries manager, are hard at work on the first floor of Maine Art Shows. It is their job to transform the three room gallery into a work of art itself, and they have just a few hours to do it.

amy and nat

One of the most difficult parts of final phase of this show is the fact that the art work has been on display all over Kennebunkport this week for the Art of Dining Series.  It was just yesterday that John and Patrick picked up the final pieces of shared work.  Now the banging, bustling, and beautifying starts.  Maine Art Shows is soon to open their first show of the season.

prechoice show

So, while Natalie and Amy and many other staffers are downstairs making the magic happen, Donna Speirs, the gallery’s one and only in-house chef and decorator extraordinaire, has taken over the kitchen on the second floor to begin the preparation for the spectacle of delicious wonders that will feed the starving art buyers at the opening tomorrow afternoon. Donna is an artist in her own right. At the same time, Chris and Mike, the maintenance crew, have been hard at work all week. The walls are pristine, the hardwood floors are sparkling, and the front porch is perfect.The amount of people it takes to transform Maine Art Shows gallery space is astounding.

The entire building is coming together to give you an show like no other.  A show you, the voter, helped curate. The Choice Art Show. If you are wanting to experience it first, and first hand, there are still a few tickets left for the opening at five o’clock tomorrow. The show will run until June 25th, so if don’t see you on Saturday, please stop by for a visit.  The Maine Art Shows gallery on 10 Chase Hill is open from 11 – 5 every day.

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Drunken Sailor – Craig Mooney

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Mooney_Drunken Sailor_oil_36x36

“There is a hardship facing those who toil on the sea,” says Craig Mooney. The beautiful blue life created in many of Craig’s pieces is not the only side of life on the coast. In “Drunken Sailor,” Craig captures a different view.   Hard work, tedium, and danger are just a few of words Mooney uses to describe a fisherman’s life.
A sailor doesn’t stray far from the sea.  The cloud studded blue sky, the white gull, and the rough waters are close by. Yet, the shadows are the focus of this work. “There are times when a sailor finds his salvation and comfort in a quiet, dry space,” says Mooney.  “And yes, a bottle.”
The range of Craig Mooney’s work is fabulous.  Whether your connection is to the water, the land surrounding it, or the people who call it home, Mooney’s work will find your eye and your heart. Come visit Maine Art Shows to see this and two more new pieces in the Choice Art Show, the Editor’s Choice, chosen by Maine Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Susan Grisanti, and the People’s Choice, chosen by this year’s online voters.
If you are too far away, but still want to check out what Craig is doing, visit his artist page at www.maine-art.com.

Three Boats – Henry Isaacs

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Isaacs_Three Boats_Oil_60x60  

Time. It seems that is the key ingredient the average person doesn’t grasp when it comes to the work of an artist. Weeks at the easel, months in the imagination, or in Henry’s case, with “Three Boats”, years in the process. “This piece was started as a workshop demonstration several years ago, and I more recently returned to it to finish.”

Henry claims that the real invention starts once he has the canvas back in his studio, but all of his work is started on site.  “Our island,” Little Cranberry Island, off the coast of  Southwest Harbor, “is surrounded by huge scale: the mountains of Acadia National Park, boats with masts taller than any point on the island, huge flocks of migrating birds, but most of all the vast expanse of the Gulf of Maine.” With inspiration all around, it is easy to understand how a piece like “Three Boats” happens.

Many pieces in Henry’s collection are large, and his process is as big as his work. “I like working big. I never use an easel, whether the canvas is 8″ x 8″, or 80″ x 80″. I simply place the canvas on the ground, sand, or grass, and continually walk around it painting from all sides, all at once.”  The result is a kaleidoscope of color and shade bound together to produce the essence of the Maine coast.

His work is often best viewed the same way it is created. So…walk around it, see it from all sides, and experience the world through the eyes of Henry Isaacs.

Be sure to see all of Henry’s work at Maine Art Shows during the Choice Art Show at 10 Chase Hill Road,  and at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture on 14 Western Ave in Kennebunk, just across the bridge from Dock Square, Kennebunkport. If you are not in Kennebunkport, you can always visit Henry’s Artist Page at www.maine-art.com

Topside Galley – William B. Hoyt

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Hoyt_Topside Galley_oil_15x23

William B. Hoyt  captures the heart of the sea and the sail like no other. The water moves along his brush strokes and carries you away. Even for a land lover the lure of the ocean is hard to resist when visiting with William’s work.

In “Topside Galley” the details transport you to Maine. Fresh strawberries. The lobster pot. The tiny coastal town in the distance. The artist himself tells it best.  “’Topside Galley’ celebrates and contemplates a moment from last summer on a friend’s converted lobster boat just as the sun is going down, and we are anchored for the night. The water’s on the boil for dinner and for this moment all is right in this simple world. If only I could paint the susurration of water lapping at the hull; so peaceful.”

To be able to recreate, not only the image contained inside a memory, but the emotion tangled around it is a skill.  Attaining it takes a love for the place and the time, and of course, a love of the art.

Come in to Maine Art Shows and see all three of Hoyt’s Choice Art Show pieces. The show opens on June 13. You can also find his work at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture and on his Artist Page at www.maine-art.com.

Easier Said – Ellen Welch Granter

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Granter_Easier Said_oil and gold leaf on canvas_36x36

As you peruse through Ellen Welch Granter’s work, it quickly becomes obvious how much she loves nature, especially the beautiful winged creature that calls Maine it’s home, the chickadee. Her use of a thick layer of color next to the bright gold creates a lovely contrast. The oak leaves appear to be in motion, giving the feeling of a summer breeze and the calm reassuring presence of Maine. For Ellen, this piece has all the elements she tries to bring into a painting. This is the main reason she chose it for this show. “I want it to find a good home where chickadees are welcome.”

As you walk into Maine Art Shows, you will find this piece, as well as two others. One chosen by you, the voters, and one chosen by Maine Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Susan Grisanti. Check out the final selections for the Choice Show after the opening on June 13th, as well as more of Ellen’s work at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture at www.maine-art.com.

Mother Load – Trip Park

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A self-proclaimed work in progress, Trip Park focuses on the happy side of things. “There are enough negatives in daily life, art should help with that,” Trip says. This happy side is obvious in all of his work, and especially in this particular piece. “Mother Load,” his first in a series of bike florals, has a sense of nostalgia mingled with the anticipation of summer. That is the bike we all want to meander around Kennebunkport on!

Trip claims, “…this was a challenge to myself, really. I had no idea whether I’d like it or not.” Lucky for us, he loves it. It is now hanging on the walls of Maine Art Shows ready for the opening of the Choice Art Show this Saturday, June 13th.

You can also see two more new pieces of Trip’s in the Choice Art Show. The Editor’s Choice is chosen by Maine Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Susan Grisanti, and the People’s Choice, chosen by this year’s online voters. Trip just joined the gallery in 2014 and has an impressive collection at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture. If you are interested stop in, or visit on-line at www.maine-art.com.