Jay Sawyer – New Artist and New Work

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We are very happy to welcome a new sculptor to Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture.  Jay Sawyer is a Maine native who has taken his love of metal, background in engineering and fabrication and experience in repair and maintenance and created a place for himself in the ever-popular world of Maine art.


“Most of the sculpture is inspired by found objects or discarded materials. This inevitably leads to a body of work with a wide variety, however, most are rustic and very suitable for outdoor environments. My appreciation for form and balance is applied to these materials that represent time and a previous purpose for existing, giving each piece its own unique story,” says Sawyer.  One of his more popular repurposed metal objects are horseshoes.  Perfectly placed and welded, they create a stunning outdoor sculpture. Maine Art presently carries two sizes, a 55” round, large and a 30” round, small. You’re Lookin’ Over a Four-Leaf Clover.


Since 2007, Jay’s work has been found in galleries and public spaces. If you are a local there is a chance you have seen his work as you enter the Portland International Airport, A Spirit of Its Own. While many of Sawyer’s pieces are meant to be outside, there are a few that are small enough to bring inside. Untitled I and Untitled II are both part of Jay’s drill bit “Borin’ Art Series,” and measure under two feet tall. However, each would be fabulous in a garden or patio, as well.

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Maine has a wealth of very talented artists.  When exploring the art scene, it is easy to see why someone could be intimidated.  It has taken Jay time and experience and still he has difficulty grouping himself in with the talent that Maine holds. However, Jay Sawyer has definitely earned his place in this exclusive community. “It is an honor to be spoken of as a Maine artist and a privilege I do not take lightly,” says Sawyer.

Jay is one of a handful of new artists who have joined us in the past year. We are very excited about each of them. Coupled with the amount of winter work from the artists you all know and love here at Maine Art, our gallery is full of artwork. We invite everyone to stop by for a visit and catch up with this winter’s goings-on. Remember, all of our artwork are can be viewed online at www.maine-art.com.

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Rebecca Kinkead – New Artist and New Work

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Last fall, Rebecca Kinkead, a graduate of the University of Vermont and Minnesota State University, joined the Maine Art gallery family. Over the course of the winter, our collection of her work has grown, and we are extremely excited to add more. On July 23rd, we will host a one-woman show at Maine Art Shows on Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk.  This show will run for three weeks. Until then, we wanted to share a bit about Rebecca and some of the work we presently have of hers.


“These paintings are an exploration of energy, transience and time; The residue of a fleeting moment; The seen, and unseen vibrations of a living being,” says Kinkead.  Every word of this description rings true in Cannonball (Yellow and Blue). The motion is captured in the fragments of water which surround the child as the sunlight reflects on the splintered surface. There is no gender, no age. It is a memory so many of us share; not only a moment from our childhood, but also one we have recreated with our own children. It is timeless.

When asked about her process Kinkead provides more than just the physical process. She also tries to explain the phenomenon she knows happens as she works.  “Paint and wax are layered, dripped and scraped to create a sense that the subject is still emerging… still ‘becoming.’”  In the painting, Roost, we can see how this works. The owls have a depth and dimension which draws not only the eye, but the hand. They beg to be touched.  However, it is not just about the beauty and love of the animal; there is a sense of family and community present.  That is the “becoming.”


Kinkead has been painting professionally since 1999. She has found success in galleries across the United States.  Her work has no geographic constraints. She is able to capture moments and memories for us all, no matter where we live or where we grew up.

We welcome you to come into the gallery and see her work for yourself.  We are open until five everyday. Remember to save the date for her show at Maine Art Shows on July 23rd, as well. As always, all her work can be viewed online on her Artist Page at www.maine-art.com.

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Liz Hoag – A New Maine Art Artist

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The family at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture is growing.  Artist Liz Hoag has recently joined the gallery, and we are excited to introduce her.  Liz has been living in Maine for over twenty-five years. Presently, she resides in Portland, but her studio space is in Westbrook. Much of her work is focused, or sometimes unfocused, on the Maine outdoors.

The misty broken spaces in Hoag’s present collection at Maine Art has that “unfocused” appearance. It brings you to the edge of the woods and invites you in. It makes you question what lies beyond.  When viewing her work, you get a sense of a shift in the air. The first light of day, the slight haze before the snow flies, or the steam-filled moments after a cooling summer rain. It is difficult not to stand and wonder while taking in her landscapes.

“It seems I have always leaned toward realistic work, but I like abstract. It’s looser,” says Hoag when asked about her style. “I am trying to work more abstract ideas into my representational work.” She describes the work as “misty” when she discusses the pulling of light color over dark. “It is a limited palette, grayish. These pieces are more of a narrative,” Liz says.  “They tell of the place you are – the specific place.”

In her upcoming show, Tangle, Liz takes a closer look at these places. Much closer.  The landscapes disappear, and the branches fill the canvas. We are left looking directly into the trees. To say these new works are amazing is an understatement. We can’t give away the entire show, but here is a sneak peek.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 6.23.18 PM

Tangle by Liz Hoag will run from October 24th to November 25th.  We will have an Artist Reception on Saturday, October 24th from 5-7 pm at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, 14 Western Avenue in Kennebunk.  Please stop by and chat with this interesting new artist at Maine Art. As always, you can visit the gallery to see Liz’s work, or visit her Artist Page on-line.

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Philip Frey: A Look Inside

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On Saturday, June 27th, Philip Frey hosted the opening of his solo show, New Works, with Maine Art Shows. All three rooms of the gallery at 10 Chase Hill Road are filled with pieces Philip has created for this one-man show. This show will run until July 16th.


Philip lives in Sullivan, Maine in a lovely little house nestled in the woods just off the beaten path.  His studio sits right next door with a short stone path connecting the two through the trees. He has surrounded himself with the solitude and woodsy beauty of Maine hidden minutes from the rugged coast of Acadia and Mount Desert Island.  He has found the best of both worlds.


Over the years Frey has immersed himself in watercolor, acrylic, and oil; painting still life, figurative, and landscape. Yet the one constant throughout most of his work has been the inspiration Maine has given. Whether it’s the rough and rocky coastline or a group of young children celebrating summer on the dock, there is an outside presence of where we call home. It weaves its way through all medium and style to show off its charm and allure through Philip’s work.

Over the next few weeks we will offer ‘Behind the Scenes’ posts about Philip and his collection of work on Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture’s Blog. Individual paintings will be seen through his eyes and stories will be told through his voice as we take a closer look into the beautiful world of Philip Frey.

New Works will be at Maine Art Shows for the next three weeks.  They are open every day from 11-5.  If you can’t make it in for a visit, the online show. Philip also has more work on his Artist Page at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture or come into the gallery at 14 Western Avenue here in Kennebunk to see his complete collection.


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