The Frame Shop – A Look Inside

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Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture; the name says it all – almost. Maine Art has an additional service that not all galleries offer; custom picture framing.  At the back of the sales counter sits our in-house frame shop. It is behind the scenes, yet a key part to complete your gallery experience. Every February, we thank our customers & celebrate the custom framing aspect of the gallery with a 25% off Custom Framing Sale. The time is now!

The custom framing aspect of the gallery works to support our artists and our customers. Only a few of our artists frame their own work. By having the frame shop at hand, we are able to assist them and our clients to find framing that enhances each piece, as well as the room it will soon call home.


John Spain, circa 1991, at Kennedy Studios…soon to be Maine Art

John Spain, owner of the gallery, says, “When I purchased Kennedy Studios 25 years ago, framing was a large component of the business. Now, even though framing is only a part of what we do, it remains an invaluable convenience for our customers and artists alike.”

Though John understands the value of this service, it is Natalie Lane, the gallery manger, who is the brains and talent behind it.  With over twenty-four years experience, we are incredibly lucky to have her at the framing table.  For the last ten years, she has shared her amazing eye for design, her color sense, and skills in the Maine Art workshop. She is a master framer.

Natalie Lane, Custom Frame Manager

Natalie Lane, Gallery Manager

Many have used this service for new pieces of work which were purchased through the gallery. However, we offer custom framing for a myriad of cherished items and previously-owned artwork. Natalie’s ability and willingness to think “outside the frame” has changed heirlooms into works of art.

“My favorite items to frame are photos and correspondence from the past. Clients bring in bits of family history to preserve, so their story continues to touch future generations,” says Natalie. “I enjoy listening to the client and discovering the story behind whatever they’ve brought in. Knowing why it’s important to them is just as much a part of the process as finding the perfect frame.”

From ‘Hole in One’ score cards, a golf course map, and a flag from the hole, to a handmade christening gown that was passed through several generations, we can help you preserve it.

“I am always amazed at what people bring in, and have been truly blessed to see some fabulous pieces of family history,” says Lane as she lists off some of her favorites. “A Civil War Union cap with drumsticks, rocks and sediment samples from a mining vacation, a marriage proposal on a napkin, (she said yes!), a chef-signed menu from a favorite restaurant,vintage maps, wallpaper and upholstery scraps along with recipe cards from a grandmother. The list goes on. I even framed a hand painted tapestry of Hare Krishna’s Wedding.”

FullSizeRender 3 FullSizeRender 4 FullSizeRender 2

Just when we think we have seen it all, someone comes in to challenge Natalie and her skills. “One of the most unique requests for me was a bathroom fixture with a plug. The customer just couldn’t part with it after renovations. It was part of a childhood memory of the home. Once framed, they hung it in the newly renovated bathroom; a perfect memory of the past. How fabulous is that?”

Due to the influx of work, Natalie has started to train Patrick Harrison, one of our year-round sales staff. There is just too much work for one woman to keep up with, especially in the summer. Patrick has agreed to spend part of his winter hours learning this trade.

Patrick Harrison

Patrick Harrison, Sales Associate and Framing Assistant

“Patrick has just begun his training. There is still a lot to cover, but he is taking to it very quickly. He is showing a real talent,” says Lane. “His art background is advantageous in understanding what type of artwork is before him. It is also key when looking at the design aspect.”

If you love, cherish or otherwise value it, it should be cared for. If framing is the best way to present or preserve it, we can help. Each individual work that comes before us is carefully considered as to how it should be handled. We frame original works along with limited edition gilcée prints, serigraphs, lithographs, textiles, needlework, pastels and anything else you can imagine. We use all acid-free materials and care for each item as if it were our own. We offer glazing selections that include UV protection for works to be framed under glass, including museum glass.

If you have questions or need ideas, feel free to contact Natalie directly at or call the gallery during business hours, 207-967-2803. Check the website for winter hours.

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Something Small for the Holidays

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Even though Kennebunkport’s Christmas Prelude is all wrapped up, there are still many retailers here in the Kennebunks who are still celebrating this holiday season. Restaurants and shops throughout Kennebunk and Kennebunkport are open for business and would love to see you before the new year strikes.

In the past, there has been interest expressed in smaller works for the holidays, so that’s what we have done. Over the last few weeks, our gallery at 14 Western Avenue has been arranged to help you find just what you need. The entire first floor is dedicated to “Small Works.” All pieces are 20” x 20” or smaller and have been grouped by artist. They are easy to find and offer a variety of styles and mediums to meet your personal tastes.

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These may not be stocking stuffers by definition, but they certainly would be a pleasant surprise to anyone who finds one under their tree. There are a few watercolors by Susan Wahlrab, Ellen Welch Granter is represented by both her birds and her boats, and William B. Hoyt has more of the 6″ x 8″‘s that sold so quickly during his show this summer. Alex Dunwoodie just dropped off a few brand new works that are a perfect fit. You will also find a handful of pieces contributed by Sandra L. Dunn and Jeffrey T. Fitzgerald for this perfect holiday show.

fullsizerender-4 fullsizerender-3 fullsizerender

Of course, we have our entire collection of works from all your favorite artists upstairs. Many new pieces have arrived over the course of the fall and certainly deserve a visit. However, if you can’t get to Maine and need some assistance, please check out our website. It is updated daily with new work. Remember – we are available daily by phone, as well. 207-967-2803. We are open every day and happy to help.

Happy Holidays to All!

Additional Artists Include: Rebecca KinkeadCraig Mooney, Liz Hoag, Karen McManus, Holly ReadyJanis H. Sanders,  James Rivington Pyne, Barbara Jones Peabody, Abbie Williams, Trip Park, Margaret Gerding, Philip Frey, Jill Valliere and David Witbeck.

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And the winner is…

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Congratulations to Gail Sanders our 2016 Wind Sculpture Photo Contest Winner!


A Memorial for Francesca

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There is so much to be thankful for here at Maine Art. We have a tremendous staff, a fabulous clientele, and some of the most talented artists in this part of the country. It took all of this for us to be where we are today.  The hard work and effort of all of these people does not go unrecognized. However, on this day, when we look deep inside and say ‘thank you’ to all who have made us who we are, our hearts and thoughts go immediately to Francesca Spain, who passed away this fall.

Francesca joined the Maine Art family, literally and figuratively, in 1995. Since then, she has touched the lives of so many in the Kennebunk area and beyond. Many of us were blessed with her smiling face on an extended visit to Kennebunk this summer. From walking her favorite beaches to eating at her favorite restaurants, she and her friends celebrated well. Her happiness and lust for life was contagious and her visit was a wonderful one.

“We cross paths with people throughout our lives sometimes never knowing the full impact a person has on you until you no longer travel on the same path,” says Natalie Lane, Gallery Manager at Maine Art. “I am blessed to have been able to call Francesca a good friend and will miss her dearly.”

“I never imagined when I took a new job at the gallery twelve years ago that I would be gaining a family. Francesca was a huge inspiration to me and always offered wonderful support and advice,” says Amy Lewia, Gallery Director. “I have so many wonderful memories of her,  which I cherish now more than ever. I am so grateful I was lucky enough to have her in my life.”

Since her death, we have been inundated with messages and phone calls from all over the country, from folks expressing sorrow and sympathy and sharing memories of Francesca. “She was a remarkable woman, and Maine Art would not be what it is today without her love, support and hard work. We are all profoundly sad,” said John Spain.

We wanted to make sure you were all aware of the memorial service for Francesca that will be held Saturday, November 26th at The Beachmere Inn in Ogunquit, Maine from 2-5 pm. If you wish, donations to hospice can be made in Francesca’s name.


Francesca, age 56, passed away suddenly on Thursday, November 3, 2016 in Lakeland, Florida. She was born on April 7, 1960 in Grosse Pointe, Michigan to Peter J. Tarantino and Patricia (Pratt) Whitten. Francesca co-owned and operated Maine Art Gallery in Kennebunk for many years. Francesca moved to Sebring, Florida three years ago from Kennebunk. She was involved in a recovery community and had a love for people. She worked at the YMCA, volunteered for therapeutic horseback riding, and was also a member of The Elks Club in Sebring. She worked for hospice in Maine with a passion for her work. She enjoyed calling and playing bingo, bicycling, running, hiking, bowling, canoeing and traveling. She also loved music, reading, writing and some painting. She was very proud of the opportunity to be an organ donor. Survivors include her parents, sister: Theresa Haggett of Poland Spring; brother: John Vince Tarantino of Gloucester, MA and nieces: Maryssa Haggett and Kayla Haggett. Francesca was preceded in death by her brother, Isadore Tarantino.

A Bit o’ Green and Sunshine

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Wind Scuplture, Garrett Reynolds

Traditionally on St. Patrick’s Day, even those who do not have a lick of Irish in them can be found donning green shirts, green hats and even green socks.  We don’t even blink when our beer turns green for one day a year; we just raise our pint all the higher and toast with a friend we may not have met yet. It’s the spirit.

Here in New England, even Mother Nature gets in on the action. Most years (let’s forget last year) by March 17th, she has begun to work her magic on the grass and flowers and leaves.  It gives those of us who have braved yet another hard winter a bit more to celebrate. There is nothing like a bit o’ green and sunshine to make a Mainer smile.


Between spring and St. Patty’s, we love this time of year at Maine Art. The streets outside our windows have a few more people wandering, shops that have been closed and dark since January are beginning to open their windows and air out the winter dust, and on those lovely days when the thermometer rises above 60 degrees, we start to smell the beginning of the season. Of course, our pot of gold looks more like Daniel Corey’s sunflowers in Of the Sun, and our Shamrocks are made of copper by Lyman Whitaker, but still we celebrate right along with the rest of you.


So come in and share a permanent pint with Trip Park’s Old Country or bask in the spring leaves of Birch Tangle by Liz Hoag. We are here at 14 Western Avenue in Kennebunk and open from 10 – 5.  We are happy to be sharing the Luck of the Irish, or even some spring flowers with Light Over Shadow by Philip Frey. As always, you can view our entire collection online at


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When Winter is White

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There are some Maine residents that escape to warmer climates by December.  They don’t like the cold and hate the snow. There are also many who were born and raised, or transplanted by choice, who may not love an overabundance of the snow, like that which covered us from January to April last year. However, we have certainly grown fond of Mother Nature’s blanket holding us captive in front of fires, celebrating a day off from school and freezing the pond for skating. Then, there are “the crazies” – those who love it. They dream of skiing while they sit on the beach. They count the days until the snow sled is allowed out of the garage. They even wait patiently to cut holes in the lake and sit all day on frozen water and call it fishing.  For them, we are sorry that this year Thanksgiving was spent at the beach or golf course, Christmas should have been a BBQ and the Snow Sled Parade in northern Maine was an ATV extravaganza. For them, we are sharing a little reminder of, “when winter is white.”

Many will say, “If you don’t like the weather in Maine, wait a minute.”  This is funny.  When this post began, lawns were almost green. Now, as the finishing touches are added and links are being put in, Maine has been covered by the wintery white stuff  which we have been missing for most of the season. Finally, we are in it.  Maine Art and our artists are thrilled with this. We love snow as much as we love the sun… or almost as much.

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Craig Mooney, the master of the beachscape, is a skier in disguise; a snow bunny, not a snow bird. This is obvious in Snow Blanket, where he captures the quiet serenity and peace only a snow-covered landscape holds.  Many locals would love to be trapped in the little cabin which sits so perfectly in Hidden Cabin.

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Then there is Jill Valliere. This time of year she normally lives surrounded by a winter wonderland. Pieces like Carried Away and Catching the Drift are a beautiful representation of what is ordinarily her back yard.  As February arrives, she is finally enjoying the beautiful bend of trees under this new-fallen snow and the crystal-coated branches which are often her inspiration.

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Valliere is not the only one of our artists who finds beauty in the winter trees. Artist Susan Wahlrab captures the whitewashed branches with her unique watercolor technique.  First Snow and Snowflake are both done on claybord and finished with varnish.  The paths that she travels are familiar and mysterious at the same time.  They capture you and bring out a desire to find your own winter walk in the woods.

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Lastly, there is Jeffrey Fitzgerald’s Silver and Skyward Boys.  These two hint to a cooler time and place.  A place where the rocks, shells and sea life are in a sleepier spot to wait out the winter.  The silver and blue whisper of winter, and bring us back to the coast of Maine during a time of year many others leave it behind. This place is a local place.  It is the sunny day in February that often lures us back to the rocks for a just a few moments in the sun.

Our hope is not to jinx, but just to remind of the wonderland we call home. Mother Nature kept us waiting in anticipation, but has now decided to decorate Maine in a way we here at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture are much more accustomed to this time of year. There is no way to know how much snow will come between now and spring. It will be welcome. Maybe not when we are shoveling it, but at least when we are sledding, skiing and walking through what we love about winter in Maine.

 o5a5wgtlnbomvty6mukwSame Time by Ellen Granter

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  Hoag_Square Tangle Orange and Red-for_artcloud

This past fall we introduced Liz Hoag to the Maine Art extended family.  The entire first floor of the gallery at 14 Western Ave. was filled with a collection of her work which was centered around her love and interesting perspective of trees. “Tangle” was a wonderful success.  However, Hoag is not the only artist we represent that has a fondness for these incredible works of Mother Nature.


Hermann Hesse, the winner of the 1946 Nobel Prize in literature, wrote, “For me, trees have always been the most penetrating preachers. I revere them when they live in tribes and families, in forests and groves. And even more I revere them when they stand alone.”  Our artists have expressed this exact sentiment through paint and brush. The up close look at the intricacies of birch branches like the the work of Liz Hoag, the blur of green from a “tribe” of pine and spruce in Dusk, Mink Island by Karen McManus and of course, the strength and courage found in the simplicity of Lone Pine by Abbie Williams and Majestic Pine by Sandra L. Dunn.

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We are familiar with trees that represent all aspect of our lives: the family tree, the tree of life and even the famous children’s book by Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree.  Strong branches and deep roots are personified in poetry and song all over the world.  Metaphors are found scattered in literature both new and classic. Confetti-like leaves, strong as the old oak, or the centennial pine. For years these wonders of nature have sheltered, decorated and inspired.  So it comes as no surprise that these same themes are seen in art. Be it the famous works of Van Gogh or O’Keefe or new pieces just created, like Catherwoods from Trip Park.  We surround ourselves and celebrate the trees.


Most amazingly, their beauty is found in all forms from the stark bark waiting in hibernation as in Susan Wahlrab’s varnished watercolor, Snowflake or the resting Catharsis from Jill Valliere. We celebrate the color of autumn we see in Edge of the Woods by Alex Dunwoodie or even the promise of spring and new beginnings which Henry Isaacs illustrates in Saturday Afternoon, Santa Barbara. Even in the death or darkness of these plants we find meaning and beauty.  Our own Philip Frey displays this perfectly in Forest Floor.

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We house so many beautiful and inspiring pieces that spark viewers to stop, take a breathe and enjoy.  We welcome you to come in and share them with us. You may just want to wander through and appreciate the work, or maybe, just maybe, you will take one home to help fill your house with this happiness.

“Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth… whoever has learned how to listen to trees no longer wants to be a tree. He wants to be nothing except what he is. That is home. That is happiness.”  – Hermann Hess

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For the Love of the Beach

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  dl4fgqiwnavbjduno42o Kennebunkport from the Breakwater -William B. Hoyt

We are lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places in Maine.  The Kennebunks have been sited in numerous journals and websites on many “top tens” of Maine, New England and even the Untied States.  We are known for our quaint, coastal village feel and we are just that – a coastal village.  With that comes one of our favorite characteristics of the coast: the place that doesn’t close for the winter, the place where everyone is welcome and the place that reminds us daily of how truly amazing and beautiful our home is. The beach.


In Kennebunkport, Goose Rocks Beach has been voted one of Maine’s top ten beaches. This three-mile stretch of sand is loved by locals, tourists, and of course, artists.  While the rest of us spread out towels and settle in on beach chairs, these local artists mount their easels in the sand and spread out only colors and canvas. We store memories in mere minutes with our cellphones and cameras, while they take the time to capture that tiny piece of paradise in paint.

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Then there are the Kennebunk Beaches. Less than a mile away from the gallery, Kennebunk offers not one, but three beaches.  Each have their own distinct personalities, yet all attract the artist who has the need to capture the wonder of the sea. Gooch’s Beach boosts sand and surf, similar to the grand scapes we see from Craig Mooney. Middle Beach offers a rocky coast of crashing waves and sea creatures, not unlike Jeffery Fitzgerald’s work. Then there is Mother’s Beach. A beach that boasts not only a giant castle making sandbox, but a wonderful playground and safer water for smaller children to make memories like those of artist, Liz Hoag. As diverse as this stretch of coast is, one thing holds true. Artists love them all.

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In the gallery we have a variety of Maine artists.  All have their favorite pieces of Maine, and many, at one point, have found their way to the ocean. We are blessed to be surrounded by work like “Beginning” by Daniel Corey, “Shifting Tide” by Philip Frey and “Jousting” by William B. Hoyt. We are lucky to have skilled and talented artists who are able to beautifully recreate this place we love – this place we call home.


No matter what season you choose to visit our little town, know the beaches will be here to welcome you in.  Stop and smell the sea roses, walk in the sand and enjoy this unique and wondrous coastline.  And of course, please visit us here at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture at 14 Western Ave.  We will be happy to help you find a little piece of Maine and her beaches to take home with you.


Pines and Roses by Janis Sanders

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Social Media Buzz and Lyman Whitaker Sculptures

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It’s contest season at Maine Art, including our 2015 Wind Sculpture Photo Contest and The Ultimate Kennebunkport Wedding Gift Giveaway.  Both contests give the option to win a Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculpture, and a little bit more.

Our 2015 Wind Sculpture Photo Contest is now open to Maine Art’s customers who already own a Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculpture, but would love to add a Spring to their garden or patio. Each year, we create a beautiful calendar with images that you, the customer, have submitted. The rules and regulations are on our Facebook page, as well as listed in the images below. Valid submissions can be sent to now through November 9th. On November 13th, we will post the 12 finalists on our Facebook page, and these finalists will be featured in our 2016 calendar.  After that…VOTE with Likes! The photographer who receives the most Likes will be adding Lyman Whitaker’s Spring to their lawn or flower beds.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.40.12 AMScreen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.39.57 AM

This week also began our Ultimate Kennebunkport Wedding Gift Giveaway. You must visit our Facebook page and/or our Instagram feed in order to participate, but the rest is easy and fun. In addition to Maine Art, there are six other Kennebunkport area vendors participating: One Dock Prime, Maine Coastal Kayak, Becoming Jewelry, The Nonantum Resort, Cottage Breeze Day Spa, and A. Fogarty Photography, and each has included one stellar gift in the Giveaway – it truly is the “ultimate” wedding gift! All the rules are on the vendors’ social media sites. The winner will be drawn on November 8th.

image for facebook promo

With all of that said, how can you not visit both our Facebook page and our Instagram feed and see what is going on with Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture?  Don’t forget our Twitter feed and our Pinterest page – they both have information and images that are worth a visit.  As you can see, we are doing our best to keep you up-to-date with what is going on here at Maine Art. Click, Like, Share, and Re-Post and tell us how much you love the artists of Maine Art.

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Good Things to Come

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As the leaves swirl to the ground, covering the lawns and streets of the Kennebunks, we are often asked two questions; “Do you stay open year round?” and, “Is it really slow?” Without fail, the answer is the same. “Yes we stay open, and no, it isn’t slow.” Even though the streets are not filled with summertime tourists, many people enjoy the quieter side of the Kennebunks in the fall, winter and spring. For us, there is always something to be planned, scheduled, marketed, revamped and rearranged, which keeps our year-round staff continually busy.

With this said, we thought we would take a minute to bring everyone up to speed on all the amazingness coming up here at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture for the remainder of 2015 and into 2016.

Now through November 25th – Tangle, a Liz Hoag show, will be on the first floor of the gallery at 14 Western Ave.  This is an incredible and vibrant show with a theme like no other.  If you haven’t stopped by or checked it out on-line, we encourage you to do so.

Square Tangle

November 13th to December 3rd, you need to visit our Facebook Page and vote for your favorite Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculpture picture.  This is a great way to see the sculptures in their natural habitat. The picture with the most votes wins a Spring Wind Sculpture. The winner will be announced on December 4th.

Starting November 27th and running through the rest of the year will be the Maine Art Holiday Show.  Again, this will be on the first floor of Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, and is a perfect place to do a little holiday shopping.  Kennebunkport’s famous Christmas Prelude will be in full swing during most of this show.  Be sure to check out the fabulous events and goings-on around town during this time, including the Village Art Walk on December 11th.

February, yes the whole month of February, Kennebunk and Kennebunkport will Paint the Town Red.  Come to the coast and celebrate the month that is known to be for lovers.  There are specials and events all over the community. This is a don’t-miss month.

May 28th to June 16th, Maine Art will be celebrating new and wonderful works by David Witbeck.  Many of you know and love his larger-than-life fishermen and lobstermen, but there is always so much more to see in a Witbeck show.  This event will be on the first floor of the gallery on Western Ave. Be watching for the date and time of the Artist Reception for a chance to come and chat with David himself.

2016 Maine Art Shows Schedule.


Yes, our show schedule is ready.  We know many of you love this time of year and are already planning your annual spring and summer visits to the Kennebunks.  Be watching for the on-line show catalog announcements.  If you are not on our email list, please contact the gallery and we will make sure to keep you in the loop.

The Choice Art Show – June 11th to June 30th (opening during the Kennebunkport Festival)

Holly Ready – July 2nd to the 21st

Rebecca Kinkead – July 23rd to  August 11th

William B. Hoyt – August 13 to September 5th

Henry Isaacs – September 24 – October 22nd

Holy Moly.  See why we are open year round?  Our staff here at Maine Art works very hard to help keep the Kennebunks full of quality art and artists. Our shows are always top notch. We consider ourselves lucky to be part of such an amazing community that supports all we do… all year long.

You can always visit Maine Art on-line, but we look forward to seeing you in the gallery soon!

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