The Breakers – Ed Hicks

Hicks_The Breakers_Oil_20x40

Ed Hicks | The Breakers | Oil on Canvas | 20″ X 40”.  $3100

For Ed Hicks it is about the painting. He lets nature provide a beginning and adds unseen details to  bring himself into the work.  He hopes his viewers are able to do the same each time they visit a piece and find something new. Hicks feels the painting should speak for itself.  “I believe a painting is to express something that can’t be said with words,” says Hicks. Why should we add any more words to what is already in front of you?

However, we will tell you this…

When asked about his piece, “The Breakers,” that he submitted for Maine. As they see it., the passion for his work was completely evident.  “I chose the subject, wild water and rocks, because it’s Maine the way I see it. If I could not FEEL the excitement, splendor, and power of the sea I might as well take up knitting.”

No more words needed.

The Maine. As they see it., show is all about the strong connection these artists have to Maine. It’s how they view it, and according to Hicks, “This painting feels like Maine!”  Ed also has several pieces at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture at 14 Western Avenue in Kennebunk. Please stop by to see more of his work or visit his Artist Page on-line.

We also encourage you to come in and see the entire Maine. As they see it., collection at Maine Art Shows at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk.  If you can’t make it in, please feel free to spend some time at the on-line show. Maine. As they see it.


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