6th Annual Choice Art Show – “Beyond the Horizon” by Jill Valliere

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Beyond the Horizon - Jill Valliere

Jill Valliere is a Maine artist who has a unique and interesting process, but for anyone who knows Jill’s work, it may be a surprise to see her newer pieces. In some, the metal leaf is absent. But, as always, there is a story behind this new inspiration.

Valliere says, “I had a bumpy start in the studio this winter. A hearty case of Artist’s Block. Every now and again this happens to all of us, so I am told, but this one was a doozie. I tried different things to work through it, but nothing was breaking the spell.”

Then Valliere received some advice from one of her dearest friends and things changed.  At the time, this friend was going through an aggressive round of chemo and what started as a concerned call, soon morphed into a pep talk for a blocked artist. “I can’t explain why, but this conversation flipped the switch for me. It put things into perspective. I spent the rest of the winter happily, and obsessively, working in my studio. The better news, my wonderful friend is now cancer-free and moving on to happier times in her life.”

Being the kind of artist who needs to continually experiment with her paintings, this new, fresh perspective allowed her to push the boundaries a bit more than normal. “Whether it is trying out a new tool, a new material, changing a technique or experimenting with subject matter, change keeps me engaged and excited in the studio,” says Valliere.

This is when Jill decided to set the metal leaf aside, and try something a bit different. “I am still applying the usual layers of tinted gels and glazes, as well as the use of sandpaper and scraping tools,” she says, “but just with a lighter hand.” Her Artist Choice piece, Beyond the Horizon, exemplifies this new process.

“I love the idea of seeing a dramatic sky, but only in the reflection. With the water being so unusually calm and quiet, it was a perfect mirror image,” says Valliere. “This was the first piece I tried without the metal leaf behind it, and the first time I tried this composition. I am thrilled with the results.”

We are assured this certainly won’t be the end to the metallics for Valliere, but we may see more of her new work intermingled with her metal leaf pieces in the future.

Jill Valliere

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