6th Annual Choice Art Show – Cliff House and Roses by Janis Sanders

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Cliff House and Roses by Janis Sanders

“This spot at the end of land at Bailey Island, Maine is continually overflowing with beauty and drama. The surf somehow dips and pounds the shore even on, what appear to be, calm ocean water days,” says Janis Sanders. “The thud and thunder resonate through you.”

Sanders stumbled upon this location a few years ago when en route to home from mid-coast Maine in late in June. “The sun was getting low, casting gold like chiffon over every surface,” he remembers. “It was seemingly palpable in the crisp, cool, soft breeze. I wanted to savor it, absorb it.”

Like all artists, Sanders takes liberties in this painting to portray the contrast and juxtaposition of this scene the first moment he took it in. “I have these ‘Aaah!’ moments. They are filled with glee and delight,” says Janis about the inspirations for Cliff House and Roses. “The movement of something so grand, while we are so small. It happens in seconds. Then I have to figure out how to take those few fleeting moments of emotion, observation and interaction and put them to paint.”

Sanders emphasis is on the movement of the wind and tenaciousness of the grasses. He has bold, broad gestures to indicate the sway and the strong stance of the flora. “This place is not timid, nor is my application of paint. The paint can pile up, and does, adding an element of three dimension and power, “ says Sanders. “Theory says I could smooth it out, instinct says to leave it alone, let it speak.”

Janis Sanders

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