A Change of Focus – Artist Insights from Julie Houck

Not only will Julie Houck be exhibiting her skyscapes and landscapes in her 2020 summer show, but she is also sharing a few abstract works. 

“I am inspired by the interplay of light on the landscape, which is ever elusive and always changing,” shares Houck. “Painting softly allows me the opportunity to recreate that one particularly special moment when the land, light, and atmosphere seamlessly fuse.”

Conversely, Houck’s abstract works veer sharply from the physical world and find their inspiration by delving into the realm of painting what can only be felt, experienced, or thought. 

“This departure from the landscape is merely a change of focus from looking outward, to looking inward for inspiration,” explains Houck. “The possibilities are infinite.”

As an artist, Houck approaches each painting, believing that it is not enough to paint the literal view. 

“My goal is to also capture the essence of a place, emotion, thought, or idea and hopefully connect you viscerally to that experience.”


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