A Piece of Quiet – Artist Insights from Liz Hoag

“Right now, my studio is my sanctuary.”

When the world gets crazy, we each need a sanctuary. For some, it is bright and shiny. For others, it is peaceful and calm. For artist Liz Hoag, it’s home.

“Though sometimes it’s hard to focus on complex tasks when thoughts of what’s going on outside these walls swirl in my head, I have managed to quietly create,” shares Hoag. “The creamy feel of paint on a brush and the unexpected success of an even a tiny section of a painting that feels just perfect makes my days.”

If not in her studio, Mother Nature provides a sanctuary of her own.

“Many of us are filled with anxiety about what’s coming in our country. It’s important to find ways to focus on simpler things in life and remember that beauty still exists,” says Hoag, “especially in Maine.”  

Nature is moving on with or without us, and Hoag is still out walking, always looking for a painting.

“The brooks, ponds, lakes, woods, and ocean still give me that quiet calm I desperately need,” explains Hoag. “The color and light are still gorgeous, the smell of the air still clean, the woods still quiet. This helps me feel balanced in what feels more and more like an off-balance world.”  

Liz Hoag is one of the lucky ones. She is an artist who is inspired to interpret the beauty of her world.

“I take the peace I find out there and bringing it to paintings so others can also…just maybe… find peace in beauty.

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