Across the Lake to the Trees – Charles Bluett, Artist Choice

Across the Lake to the Trees by Charles Bluett

A few words from artist Charles Bluett on Across the Lake to the Trees…

We are all so blessed to have this outdoor environment as part of our everyday lives.  The size of the skies, the ever-changing vegetation, and colors it affords us are amazing. Even the weather patterns in all their extremes and beauty, the water, the stone, the sea, and the vistas, we enjoy it all. The simple power of the barometer on us all, from the heavy cloud laden days, filled with impending snowflakes to the bright almost purple-blue skies that stretch forever on those fall days we all know so well.  In short, there is just so much to stand in awe of.

As an artist whose work is heavily influenced by the natural elements in our world, it is hard sometimes to paint a work given the massive bank of memories and moments tucked away throughout the year. Daily, I  try to bring it all back to life with my brushes.

Across the Lake to the Trees is a view of the world I am lucky enough to see often. The laden skies, suggesting impending weather to come and contrast perfectly against the late fall foliage with the lake stretching toward it. This view takes me to a place of quiet and soulful reflection. It takes me out of the everyday world, the practical stuff, and leads me to a place of silence and reflection where I find and enjoy the time where everything just stops. For me, it’s about being present in that moment,   Within the realm of the natural world, unfettered by man’s touch, and laid out in a way that only the forces of nature can provide.  Beauty is a good word.

Although not a specific place, this work is an amalgamation of my own mind of the real views I have encountered whilst traveling through New England.   A small glimpse into a huge natural world and none of it anyway of my doing. In a world full of so much “noise” and turning at the ever-increasing pace that it seems to, I find so much joy in simple pleasures of our great outdoors and I feel this work captures those thoughts   Those moments are why I paint, and I hope this work captures that private set of thoughts as much for the viewer as it does for me.

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