All of Maine – Artist Insights from Liz Hoag

When artist Liz Hoag has a fall show all to herself on Maine Art Hill, if nothing else, you know where to find a piece of quiet.


“My inspiration for this show is similar to my inspiration for past shows,” says artist Liz Hoag. “I still love the complex abstractions built into the structures of landscapes with trees.”

Hoag enjoys working with the changing light in the woods over the course of the day and the different color palettes that this allows her to work with. 

“I also like to interact with local scenes; wooded paths, Maine’s beautiful coastline, or working waterfronts. Whether it’s a coastal scene or a woodland scene,” she explains. “I love the peace that my painting style brings.”


Hoag doesn’t focus on extraneous details but instead tries to find the essential parts of a scene that bring out the light and a sense of place in a painting.

“By using larger strokes of color, I have to decide what to focus on and which choices would give me the overall color and design I’m looking for,” says Hoag.

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