Artist Charles Bluett – Words for The Pink Show

Words from Artist Charles Bluett.

Cancer will be stopped one day and a comprehensive cure found beyond the progress we have made so far.  As a person who has had and has loved ones go and going through cancer, it is all the more apparent to me just how important it is to cure this terrible disease once and for all. 

To do this takes so many hard working people and lots and lots of Money to continue the momentum needed to achieve this and so help everyone and their families and loved ones successfully make speedy recoveries and navigate themselves successfully down the path ahead. 

The Pink Show is a superb example one such group of hard working people, and the support of those coming to the exhibition is vital in their efforts to play a part in achieving this cure along with thousands of other caring people who keep the need to raise money for research in the public eye at all times.

I am honored and grateful to be asked to participate, and my work, I hope will bring  joy and moment of peace to those that view her and I hope are kind enough to purchase her as a result, the monies for which I am overjoyed  to know will go towards this global effort to defeat Cancer.

Enjoy the show and my sincerest thanks to all.

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