Pop-Up with James Mattison

I’ve always admired artists that boldly use color. It takes confidence to view color as a choice. Light and shadow inspire countless possibilities and color arrangements, and it is with those choices between the lines that an artist proves their sense of certainty.

Reflection – Artist Insights from Claire Bigbee

“Visiting it to paint this series taught me some lessons. First, to appreciate where I am. Second, how far I have come. Last, I am in a better place,” says Bigbee. “Without me realizing it, the river, this place, became part of my healing.”

A Wandering Artist – Insights from Artist Claire Bigbee

“I paint what I want to see, not all the little details in nature, which can distract you and interfere with expression,” says Bigbee. “I am not necessarily ignoring traditional training but choose to break the rules and let the development of the painting lead me in one direction or another.”

Healing with Paint – Artist Insights from Claire Bigbee

For artist Claire Bigbee, this show feels different. Preparing for this was difficult because of the last six months of chaos from a difficult divorce, which cost her working time. But the compression of time and impact of emotions poured into the paintings, giving them a distinct energy that feels raw and explosive. “The Salmon… Read more »

Pop-Up with Robin Swennes & Phil Ouellette

“Creation is personal. Going public is terrifying. Allowing others to see the “cool” of the creation and desire a piece must be euphoric, unforgettable, but, again, terrifying. I lean towards rust, debris, and the unwanted, and when they all collaborate, the outcome is a piece that stands on its own.”

How It Happens – Artist Insights from Janis Sanders

“The painting experience is a process in its truest and simplest sense. In this case, give, assess, and give again,” says artist Janis Sanders. ” In some instances, nearly simultaneously, an action of small gestures, each one often unintentionally, perhaps subconsciously or instinctually, setting the stage for the next gesture, stage, step, or action.”

Composition, Mood, Idea, Palette, and Perspective – Artist Insights from Michele Poirier Mozzone

“I am grateful that this subject matter, which I have been exploring for the past twelve years, also resonates with many people,” Mozzone shares.  “It has been immensely gratifying to get feedback from someone who sees themself as a child and relives happy summer memories through my work.”