Autumn Orange – Janis Sanders’s Fall Favorite on Maine Art Hill

Janis H. Sanders | Autumn Orange | Oil on Panel | 20″ X 16″ | $1600

“My favorite painting from the current inventory at Maine Art Hill is Autumn Orange,” says artist Janis Sanders.Winter, spring, summer, or fall. I love Maine!  I especially love Acadia National Park.”

This scene at Eagle Lake in Acadia speaks to Sanders in reality and translation as a painting.

“At once, there is a sense of intense serenity and drama in each. The jagged shore rocks contrast immediately with the peaceful waters, holding, cradling soft reflections of the far mountains,” shares Sanders.  “The splashes of autumn red and orange add contrast, contradiction, and counterpoint. It’s like hot pepper on sunny eggs.”

This particular painting evolved to encapsulate a vast outdoor space in a small area.

“It offers great visual depth with an array and panoply of colors and textures,” says Sanders. “It holds an uplifting lightness and brightness,”


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