Banana Bread – William B. Hoyt, Artist Choice

William B. Hoyt is a veteran to the Choice Art Show, and this year one of thirteen Maine Art Hill Artists participating in the event. 

Hoyt is the master of taking small and ordinary and turning them into pieces of beauty.  Where others see personal collections of love and laughter, Hoyt sees art and an opportunity to capture those collections permanently on canvas.

“This is an altar of goodness painted midwinter with the kettle on to boil,” shares Hoyt, referring to Banana Bread, his Artist Choice piece for this year.

When bread, especially banana, comes fresh from the oven, it is always the right time to stop and breath it in. Especially in Vermont. Especially when snow is covering the ground.

“Fresh from the oven, my wife Kathy and I love this edition of the recipe shared by a friend whose mother wrote it out years ago on an index card,” shares Hoyt when explaining the details of the piece. “Above that, from the top, is Willy, a neighbor’s hound, Kathy in Umbria by the Arno in Florence, and two photos of our friend Kim plunging into the water.”

These are just small memories tacked to the window above the kitchen sink. These are just small memories, like so many others for Hoyt, that are now preserved in paint.

Hoyt has three works at Shows on Maine Art Hill for the 8th Annual Choice Art Show.  The Choice Show can be seen every day from 10 am to 5 pm at the 10 Chase Hill Road address, as well as online at The 8th Annual Choice Art Show.

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