Barns – A Thank You for Ingunn Milla Joergensen

If artist Ingunn Milla Joergensen had a signature piece, it would be her barns. They represent the past, the future, the quiet and calm, the strong and stable. Each one viewed is seen with new eyes that hold a history unique to the viewer.

From my desk, I am privy to many a story or comment as customers view the original art during our show seasons at Shows on Maine Art Hill. These snippets only confirm how art is individually seen and understood. It seemed only fair, that I let you in on just one of those moments.

Below is a letter from the new owner of Quiet Barn.  In it, she expresses the symbolism and meaning Quiet Barn held for her.

Quiet Barn by Ingunn Milla Joergensen

A Letter of Thanks to Ingunn

For all time, the pieces of my life are gathered into your beautiful painting. When I saw it, I forgot I was holding my breath. I searched all of your other paintings, which I loved for many reasons, but still, I returned to The Quiet Barn. I did not know why or how it has paused all of my existence into a moment of joy. I stopped, allowing the feeling to wash over me. How can such simplicity gather a lifetime?

Then I noticed on the left, two trees. It made me think of my husband and me as a young couple. In the right foreground, I saw three trees. Suddenly I was falling into the magic of our family triad of father, mother, and daughter. Another fragment of joy, that took me into another sanctuary, a family. My eyes soon moved to the four trees. I saw my daughter, married, and her twins, a boy, and a girl. All this and I still have yet to even comprehend the barn.

I grew up in Ohio with disappearing farmland and memory barns. But Maine, or wherever The Quiet Barn stands, represents that which cannot be lost or destroyed. The snow is quiet and always understated. The barn belongs to eternity. 

Although Quiet Barn now has a new home, we still have a few other Joergensen Barns at the gallery. Please visit Ingunn’s Artist Page to see them, and don’t forget about her 2020 Summer Show, August 8 to 31. 


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