Bayside Bunch- Karen Bruson’s Fall Favorite on Maine Art Hill


Karen Bruson | Bayside Bunch | Oil on Canvas | 16″ X 40″ | $1600

“Not only was this particular painting a total joy to paint, but I was so pleased with the result,” says artist Karen Bruson. “The 16”x40” format was new for me, and I found it to be such a cool size and dimension, lending itself nicely to strong diagonals.”

Bruson could actually feel the crowded beach’s energy juxtaposed with the triangle of water where the eye is allowed to rest.

“Overall, there’s such a good balance of energy versus calm, warms and cools, and lights and darks,” explains Bruson. “I find people so interesting, and I purposely gave more attention to those in the foreground and simplified the rest. I love it! It’s a good one.”

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