Beach Stones #8 – Alex Dunwoodie’s Fall Favorite on Maine Art Hill

Alex Dunwoodie | Beach Stones #8 | Oil on Panel | 12″ X 24″ | $2600


“My favorite is Beach Stones #8,” says Alex Dunwoodie. “I love the tumbled rocks along shorelines; the mix of colors and textures. Sitting and studying the stones is calming to me.”

For Dunwoodie, it’s a lot like looking at the water because her eye wanders over the surface in the same way as over waves — very relaxing.

“The best time to look at rocks is on overcast or rainy days when their colors stand out. It’s a great thing to do on a foggy day,” she explains.

Dunwoodie has been making beach stone paintings for a few years now.

“I’m pleased with how this particular one came out.” Dunwoodie shares.  “I want my paintings of stones to be inviting to viewers. I like to pick up some of these rocks and hold them and turn them over in my hands.”

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