BIRD Starts Tomorrow – August 8th – September 7th

On the first floor of 10 Chase Hill Road, Maine Art Shows is receiving its last makeover of the summer.  All the pieces from the previous show, Maine. As they see it., are being taken down and shipped off to their new owners, wires are being tightened or restrung, and sculptures and paintings for the next show are being placed and hung. Tomorrow is August 8th, and the last show of the season opens; BIRD. For this final show, six artists – three sculptors and three painters – have come together to celebrate these winged creatures.

Half expecting to hear bird songs, you enter the door to Maine Art Shows and are greeted by color and depth, beauty and whimsy, grace and tranquility.  This show not only has a theme, it has a feeling. Happy. It’s that simple. It is impossible not to smile while wandering from room to room and discovering the differences and similarities between each of these artists and their representation of the birds they love.

Come in and visit the paintings of Ellen Welch Granter, Abbie Williams and David Witbeck, and spend time with the sculptures of Elizabeth Ostrander, Patrick Plourde and James Rivington Pyne.  Each artist captures the heart and soul of the bird in a way that is classic and true to their own personalities and artistic styles.  From the serene and quiet beauty of Ellen Welch Granter to the humor and fun characters of David Witbeck, and so much in between, every viewer will find something to connect with.

The show opens on Saturday, August 8th and runs until Labor Day, September 7th.  On Saturday, August 8th, the gallery will be open during it’s regular hours of 11-5, but will remain open until 7 p.m. with an open house to welcome any and all bird lovers and art collectors in the area. Come and enjoy a glass of wine and hors d’oeuvres and enter into this wonderful new show, BIRD.

If you will not be able to make it to Kennebunk to view the show in person, please check out our on-line show. BIRDS.  The Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture website can put you in touch with someone that can help you, as well as show you other works by all these wonderful artists.

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