Small Works Show at The Gallery on Maine Art Hill

Small Works Show

The Gallery on Maine Art Hill

December 1, 2019 – January 30, 2019

The Small Works show is being held on the first floor of The Gallery at 14 Western Ave.  This is a collection of small pieces by Maine Art Hill’s artists perfect for holiday gift-giving. Small pieces are a special treat for us, as many of our artists normally work on much larger canvases. This is a coveted collection of your favorites on a smaller scale.

Due to the nature of this show, these pieces sell quickly, and we encourage you to come in and see them soon.  Remember if you know and love an artist already, we can always help you purchase over the phone and have work shipped or picked up later in the month.  When you click on an image from the show it will tell you if it is SOLD or not. If you can see the price, it is still available.

We will be open every day through Christmas Prelude at 10 AM. Hours will fluctuate but we will be extending normal hours to accommodate the crowds for the busier evenings. Please call to check if you need it. 207-967-2803.  

Studios on Maine Art Hill will be open, as well. Come join us in celebrating with Sweetgrass for their Chocolate Tastings and Artist Emily Drummond who is filling the Pop-Up Gallery with wonderful coastal paintings full of color and life.  

Click any of the links below to see what is going on at Maine Art Hill in December.








Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport 2019 – Events on Maine Art Hill

We are hoping that everyone has enjoyed the festival of family and friends called Thanksgiving.  We here at the galleries are so fortunate and incredibly grateful. We hope each of you celebrated and are using the next few days to rest before the Christmas Prelude 2019 begins next week!

Kennebunkport’s 38th Annual Christmas Prelude

Thursday, December 5 through Sunday, December 15

There are events going all every day, both during the day and in the evening. Many events are new this year so check the schedule carefully. Here are a few that are happening on The Hill. Be sure to stop and visit while you are in town.

Prelude Events On Maine Art Hill


Prelude in the Kennebunks: Cocoa, Cookies, & Critics – The Gallery 14 Western Ave

Saturday, December 7 at 1 PM-3 PM and Saturday, December 14 at 1 PM – 3 PM

Join us and many of our artists in celebrating Prelude by talking about their works in a warm and welcoming environment. Also featuring a collection of small works for the holidays.

In the Pop-Up! Emily Drummond  – Studios on Maine Art Hill,  5 Chase Hill Rd. Kennebunk

December 3 – 16. Open everyday at 10 am.

Local Maine artist and designer Emily Drummond brings her original paintings to Maine Art Hill for her debut solo show in the Pop-Up Gallery. You may remember Emily from her feature Tourist and Town cover in July. Emily lives with her husband in North Yarmouth where she continues to be inspired by the nautical landscape. She aims to create work that has a cheerful spirit through her use of color and nostalgic Maine subject matter.

Sweetgrass Kennebunk   –  Studios on Maine Art Hill,  5 Chase Hill Rd. Kennebunk

Pairing Maine Wine & Maine Chocolate for your Holiday Table
3 PM – 6 PM

Maine chocolatier, Dean’s Sweets will be in the tasting room to lead you through a tasting and pairing of Maine wine with Maine chocolate. Stop in anytime between 3 pm and 6 pm for this tasting which takes about 15 minutes. This special tasting is $6, includes wines, spirits, chocolates, and souvenir glass.

Pairing Maine Wine & Maine Chocolate for your Holiday Table
Wednesday, December 11
3 PM – 6 PM
Pairing Maine Wine & Maine Chocolate for your Holiday Table with Bixby&Co – Maine chocolatier, Bixby & Co., will be in the tasting room to lead you through a tasting of Sweetgrass wine and spirits with Maine chocolates. Stop in anytime between 3 pm and 6 pm to participate. This special tasting is $6, includes wines, spirits, chocolates, and souvenir glass.

The Kennebunk Business Association has an all-inclusive website to help both locals and visitors maneuver their way around town. Everything from parking to tickets to activities can be found on this page.  Remember activities begin Thursday, December 5. See the schedule for details.

In addition, we recommend if you are looking for local insight and info. It is a wonderful site to find detailed descriptions of all the events, as well as recommendations for lodging and restaurants. The owners are locals and love to share the inside scoop on how to make the most of any trip to the Kennebunks.

As always we are open and celebrating right along with you. We are open everyday at 10 am.

Voted one of The Best Christmas Towns in the U.S

Maine Art Hill E-Gift Certificates Now Available Online

The holidays are coming. It is the time of giving. Let us help.

This year for the holidays, and all year long, Maine Art Hill is offering something new. E-Gift Cards. Gift cards you can purchase and print or email from home. 

Many of you come in each year and purchase gift certificates for art for your loved ones. If you live close and want to visit, we still encourage you to come in and browse around if you would like. However, you can now go to our website and follow the simple and easy steps using Gift Up to purchase, then print or email a gift card in any amount. 

It’s so easy.

Go to 

Click the MAINE ART HILL GIFT CARD button on the top menu. 

Choose the amount. $100 and $250 are already done for you or type in any amount wanted. 

Choose who it is for – YOURSELF or SOMEONE ELSE. 

Now fill in the blanks. This should be easy. Follow the steps. 

If you want to print it and give it in person, choose a fun way to wrap it, or place it in a pretty envelope to mail or give away personally. 

If you are emailing it to the recipient, we encourage you to reach out to make sure they received an email, just in case it went to spam, or there was a typo. The number on the certificate and the recipients’ name with be how we look this up later, so both are important.

That’s it!

If you have trouble, give us a call, and we can help, as always. 


Merry Giving!

Artist Emily Drummond Comes to Pop-Up for Prelude

Featured Artist, Emily Drummond is the guest artist for Pop-Up beginning Tuesday, December 3 to Monday, December 16. Read on to learn more about her inspiration, her process, and her work.

December 3 to December 16

Emily Drummond’s artistic style has continuously evolved but was fine-tuned while pursuing her BFA in Art & Design at Alfred University.

Growing up in Maine, she was continuously influenced by the picturesque nature of the environment around her. For much of her college career, her goal was to capture glimpses of her coastal home state while she was away in New York.

She aims to create work that is energetic and vibrant, while still evoking a welcoming sense of comfort through playful color and subjects. Emily attributes this balance in her paintings to the connection she has with Maine and her childhood.

For more info about Drummond and her work, follow this link to her website.

Let us know if you’re coming to Emily Drummond’s show on Facebook!




Donna D’Aquino – Change is Good

With so much going on in the lives of our artists, we need to keep you up to date on what they are doing. They each have many balls to juggle and are always doing great new work.

For artist Donna D’Aquino this is so true.

“There certainly have been some twists and turns in my life this year,” says D’Aquino. “I left my beloved home in the western Maine mountains earlier this year and landed temporarily with family outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Then in September, I had another change of home and scenery to Loveland, Colorado.”

Here D’Aquino joined a beautiful environment of artists, Artworks Loveland. This is home to about thirty studios with a mission to bring mid-career contemporary artists to Loveland. 

“The application process was quite selective, so I am pleased to have been accepted,” shares D’Aquino. “I am super excited and quite nervous about more changes, but if you do not take a step, you never know.”

With all that said, we still consider D’Aquino a Maine artist in every sense of the word. Once you have Maine in your blood, it doesn’t just go away. 

“My hope and plan for the new studio environment are to be able to have the time, resources, and space to create the larger pieces I have been dreaming about for so long,” explains D’Aquino. “Loveland is home to the largest concentration of sculptors in the country. My new studio’s space includes a ‘Creator Space,’ which is filled with all kinds of tools and technology available to the studio artists 24/7 at no cost to us. This is an incredible thing!”

With that said, we are looking forward to some fantastic works from Donna D’Aquino’s first winter in out west. Be sure to add your name to our mailing list to receive updates on new work from all of our artists.

To see our present collection of D’Aquino’s work, click the link below. 

 Donna D’Aquino – Artist Page

To read more stories and insights from Donna D’Aquino click the link below. 

Donna D’Aquino – Artist Stories and Insights

Diane Carten Lynch – Pottery Pop Up Nov. 2 to Dec. 2

Diane Carten Lynch is an artist from Stratford, Connecticut and Granite Point, Maine. Her work is part of a two-person show at Pop Up from November 2 – Dec 2 with an Artist Reception on Saturday, November 2 from 4-6 pm. Pop Up is part of Studios on Maine Art Hill at 5 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk.

“As an artist and art therapist, my ceramic work is a meld of both form and function. While my work may be viewed as sculptural, it is also functional, inviting the artist and the observer to take a second look. A sculptural ‘vessel’ can be teasingly functional and a surprise to the observer. A ‘functional’ piece asserts itself as an unexpected art object. In this way, the work encourages a dialogue between artist and observer, often inviting a tactile interaction. I do not approach the clay with a preconceived idea. Rather, the clay reveals to me what form it wishes to assume. Clay is folded, torn, draped and textured with glazes applied in multiple layers to create depth. As a result, the pieces challenge the observer to consider their purpose and the objective of the clay. What is static and ‘who’ is fluid? Are the works Art or Function? As an artist, my challenge is to invite the viewer to engage in a visual and emotional exchange that is ever-changing.

What I create is a reflection of who I am. My creative journey has taken me down many paths… and what you see is an album of my travels.

I first visited Maine as a child in a family of skiers. I’ve always lived near the water and started summering at Granite Point in 1987 with my children. That continues even as my family has grown and moved. My wish now is to retire to the Coast I’ve always loved and which continues to give me such inspiration as an artist.”

Diane Carten Lynch’s work will be part of a two-person show at Pop Up from November 2 – December 2 with an Artist Reception on Saturday, November 2 from 4-6 pm. Pop Up is part of Studios on Maine Art Hill at 5 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. Please stop by and meet the artist and learn a bit more about her life and her work.

Richard P. Winslow – Pottery Pop Up Nov. 2 – Dec. 2

Richard P. Winslow’s work is part of a two person show at Pop Up from November 2 – Dec 2 with an Artist Reception on Saturday, November 2 from 4-6 pm. Pop Up is part of Studios on Maine Art Hill at 5 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk.

Winslow, born and raised in Sanford, Maine, presently has a home and studio in Waterboro where not only does he create his incredible works in clay,  he also paints in a variety of mediums. Though the travel bug was a large part of his youth, he has called Maine home for many years.

“I started doing pottery many years ago in my college years,” shares Winslow.  “The world of work distracted my art and pottery output for several years. It wasn’t until later that I was able to get back to my arts and crafts interest. Now they are primary in my life.”

Winslow primarily does most of his pottery working on the wheel and uses multiple methods to add texture and design to many of his shapes.

“I have explored many firing and glazing options,” says Winslow. “Currently, I mostly fire to cone 5/6  and consistently use glazes that are certified as food safe.”

Currently, Winslow does both painting and pottery and belongs to several arts and crafts associations. He also participates in numerous shows in the Southern Maine area. His studio is in the lower level of his home where he also maintains an exhibit space.

Richard P. Winslow’s work will be part of a two-person show at Pop Up from November 2 – December 2 with an Artist Reception on Saturday, November 2 from 4-6 pm. Pop Up is part of Studios on Maine Art Hill at 5 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. Please stop by and meet the artist and learn a bit more about his life and his work.

Meet the Staff – Taylor Grant

Taylor Grant has just finished her second summer season with us here on Maine Art Hill. She was first hired as a part-time framer to help out Louann McDonald our Fine Art Prints and Framing gallery. Little did we know how invaluable she would soon become.

Taylor was born in raised in Lyman, Maine just a few short miles from Kennebunk and Kennebunkport. She graduated from Maine College of Art, in Portland in 2015 with a BFA in Illustration.

“In college, I really dove into comic arts and character design,” explains Taylor. “I also got my start doing T-shirt and sticker design at this time.”

While her hope is to make a comfortable living as a freelance illustrator, she is a crazy good sales associate as well as a quality framer and has quickly become quite valuable to us here at Maine Art Hill.

“Maine Art is close to home, and I’ve enjoyed working as a framer in the past,” shares Taylor. “My work here at the gallery is more varied, but I have also learned a great deal from the day to day creation and design with Louann.”

In her free time, Taylor is often found in the garden but loves to get out into the great outdoors for camping and stargazing. 

“My future plans are to become a digital nomad. This way I can blend my work with my love of camping. I enjoy just existing in nature, whether it be out in my garden or in the middle of the woods somewhere,” says Taylor. “I am also a recreational learner. I like to know how things work, from quantum particles to quasars, so I do quite a bit of reading.”

Taylor’s “holy crap I can’t believe I just climbed that mountain” face

When asked what three important traits are to know about her, she replies, “I’m a perfectionist, a hopeless romantic, and I’m always striving to learn new things.”

It sounds like the perfect addition to a great team.

Artist Ryan Kohler – Introduction and Insights

Ryan Kohler is a young local artist who recently joined Maine Art Hill.  He has several pieces at The Gallery on Western Ave and has already sold. Check out his Artist Page to see all of his available work or come in for a visit. We are open at 10 am every day. 

As with all new artists, we love to take a few minutes to share a bit about them. It is important to us for our clients and visitor to have insight into an artist when you are viewing their work.

Insights from Artist Ryan Kohler

“I always say that I’ve been drawing and painting ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon.  Luckily, my parents and grandparents were always super encouraging about my interest in art.  They even let me paint right on my bedroom walls and ceilings,” shares Kohler.  “Growing up, I used to try and replicate my favorite album covers and t-shirts.  It taught me a lot about design and laid the groundwork for some pretty cool paintings later on.”

Kohler has a BA in Art with a concentration in drawing from the University of Maine at Augusta. Throughout his college years, many mediums were practiced but one continually came out ahead.

“While studying for my art degree, I was subjected to all sorts of torturous experimentations with various mediums,” Kohler jokes.  “I knew that whatever avenue I chose to pursue in art, drawing would still be a relevant skill, so I took just about every art class there was, sometimes unwillingly, but painting was always my favorite.”

If painting was his preferred outlet, acrylic was his first love. He grew up painting in acrylic and used it for most of his college work.

“Acrylic has its charms, but my favorite painters were always working in oils.  It wasn’t long before I taught myself to work in oils.  I consider myself pretty handy with both mediums now, but I’ve recently discovered a great way to combine them,” shares Kohler. 

The first layer or two of his current work is acrylic.  He works quickly and easily. It comes naturally.  Once the painting is in a “good place”,  he switches to oils and continues building texture, adding and removing loosely applied layers of color before finally defining focal points of the painting with crisp, graphic lines. The end result being something different and interesting.

When it comes to inspiration, Kohler is more of a classic.

“I actively seek inspiration.  I do not wait for a ‘divine visionary moment’ or anything like that.  Just plain old research,” says Kohler.  “I’m constantly seeking out new favorite artists, looking for new subjects to paint, or aimlessly driving and walking around hunting for what excites me.”

Lastly, we wanted to share a bit of insight as to how Kohler himself views art and how to process his own work.

“Everyone steps to a painting with their own approach, but initially, I like to view a painting as an abstract work first. I look at the composition, paint texture, general shapes and colors, and temperature first before inspecting the recognizable imagery,” explains Kohler. “I want the viewer to see my work as a precarious mix of careful observation and spontaneous mark-making. My painting seems to work best when I can find the most entertaining ratio of the two.”

However, it is this last piece of advice for anyone coming to see his work that may be the most beneficial.

“If it matches the couch, great.  It’s not that art isn’t allowed to match the furniture,” says Kohler. “However, f you’re that worried about it, get a new damn couch.  Either way, be sure the most important question is being asked.  ‘Does the painting bring you joy?’”