Spring is Almost Here and That Means 2022 Spring Arrivals!


Spring is upon us once again, thank goodness, and we at Maine Art Hill are aware our visitors are ready to open windows and enjoy the sunshine. Two years ago, we began a campaign called Spring Arrivals. This campaign has been so successful it is now part of our yearly calendar.

The longer, darker, colder winter days are when artists are at their best. They create, paint, sculpt and find inspiration in the craziest of places. However, when spring comes,  it holds a different kind of excitement. It means it’s time to bring all the newly created pieces to the gallery, and experience tells us these paintings and sculptures represent some of the most impressive works.

So once again, we invite you to share in the excitement.

Spring Arrivals

Every Monday, beginning March 21,  we will send everyone on our email list a note. This email will feature two to three artists and their new “Spring Arrivals”  and will continue through May, featuring different artists each week.

You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram. Watch for social media posts on  Mondays and Thursdays highlighting the week’s artists and learn a little more about them.

Any purchases from the featured weeks are eligible for free shipping* when purchased by the following Sunday.

Who will these artists be? Which pieces of work?

We aren’t telling! You will have to wait until the email comes or follow us on social media! Don’t you love the anticipation!

How do you do that?

Join our email list to learn which artists are participating that week! BTW…the link is on the bottom right of our home page.

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Ryan Kohler Solo Show 2022

Ryan Kohler

August 13 – Sept 8


Maine Art Hill, Kennebunk. Maine

Ryan Kohler is one of the newest artists to join Maine Art Hill. In just a few years, he has established a serious following. Clients come from all over to see his latest works, and they rarely stay with us long before shipping them off to their forever homes.

His process has evolved over the time Kohler has been with us and watching the progress has been a genuinely fascinating endeavor.

“My process is evolving a little bit. The main meat and potatoes of my work are still painting and continue to be acrylic paint, but I’m starting to incorporate the use of tape and markers and objects,” Kohler explains. “I’m treating my canvas like a collage with more emphasis on the painting than the collage part.”

Many of Kohler’s works have a mixed media component, so this idea is not new. Regarding the addition of papers, each of his recent pieces demonstrates different levels of this aspect. Some are more extreme than others. In addition, these pieces are even more attractive in person. Seen from close-up provides a different experience than from a distance—all the more reason to visit the gallery. We have several new works from Kohler that will show you what to expect from his summer show.


Until then, be sure to mark your calendars and plan a wander up to The Gallery at The Grand at 1 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk, Maine.

To see all available work from Ryan Kohler, click the link below.

Ryan Kohler –  ARTIST PAGE

To read more insights from Ryan Kohler, click the link below.


Ryan also has a collection of videos, including Secretly.

Ryan Kohler –  VIDEOS

30th Anniversary Opening Show 2022

30th Anniversary

3 Views of ME

June 4 – June 30

The Show Gallery

Maine Art Hill, Kennebunk. Maine

Owner John Spain first arrived in Kennebunk to open a small print and frame shop thirty years ago. Thirty years! We can hardly believe it ourselves.

Ten Artists. Three Pieces Each. Thirty Reasons to Celebrate.

We knew we had to do something big to celebrate thirty incredible years of growth and success. How about bringing ten of Maine Art Hill’s well-loved artists together for one show that is sure to be the most fabulous season opener we have seen. 

Each artist delivers three pieces of never before shown work, a 36″ x 48″ vertical or horizontal, a 30-inch square, and a 24-inch square. With these guidelines in place, there is something for everyone.

To add another twist and to honor the spirit of our traditional Choice Show, we have decided to keep the “voting” aspect of our Show Gallery opening event. We have asked each artist to select a Maine charity. Follow along on Facebook to find out how to vote for your favorite and help earn $1000 to an artist’s favorite local charity.

Craig Mooney

David Witbeck

Margaret Gerding

Community Outreach Services


William B. Hoyt

Maine Conservation Alliance


Bethany H Williams

Janis H Sanders

Ellen W Granter

Liz Hoag

Claire Bigbee

Muscular Dystrophy Association


Ingunn M Joergensen


To see all of the available works for these artists, click here.

To read more about any of our artists, check out our blog by clicking here.

Third Time is the Charm – Bethany Harper Willliams and David Witbeck Summer Show

David Witbeck &  Bethany Harper Williams

Bethany Harper Williams & David Witbeck

The third Try is the Charm

August 27 – Sept 15

Shows on Maine Art Hill

10 Chase Hill Rd, Kennebunk, Maine

This two-person show is closing out the 2022 summer season for Shows on Maine Art Hill. This is the third time these two talented artists are showing together. The first two were so successful and were such a great pairing we couldn’t help but do it again. So if you plan to be in or around the Kennebunks for Labor Day weekend or into September, add this colorful Maine-centric show to your schedule.

Both artists have been with Maine Art for more than a few years, and their works are in demand year-round. We carry a wonderful selection from each at our main gallery on 14 Western Ave in Kennebunk, if you can’t wait until the end of summer to get in on the fun.

Below is a little bit about each artist and links to learn more about them and see what works we currently have. The Gallery on 14 Western Ave is open Thursday to Monday from 10-5 during February and check back for more hours as the weather warms up. When in doubt, please call 207-967-2803 or email [email protected] for more information.


Bethany Harper Williams, an oil painter who splits her time between New York, and Biddeford Pool, continues to capture the beaches and harbors at their very best.

“I love the Maine landscape and all it has to offer, from a physical perspective as well as a visual perspective,” says Harper Williams. “The beautiful beaches and water provide us an area to play and create wonderful memories. They also provide me with the inspiration to capture these memories and make them last forever.”

David Witbeck

Witbeck has exceptional talent, a unique eye, and unconditional love for coastal life. His canvases are full of characters from working fishing villages and harbor towns. He captures the fabulous personality of the lobsterman and the sarcastic sass of the seagull while maintaining the charm and appeal of New England. He has an appreciation for their hard work and their humor. “I’m most pleased when my paintings evoke smiles. Humor is an element too often missing in art,” says Witbeck. Living and working the Maine coast takes a sense of humor.  This is evident in the subjects of his paintings.

We encourage you to add these dates to your calendar and hope to see you this summer!

See our complete collection of each artist’s work by clicking the links below.

Bethany Harper Williams – Artist Page

David Witbeck – Artist Page

To read more about each of these artists, click the links below

Bethany Harper Williams – Insights and Stories

David Witbeck – Insights and Stories

Ellen Granter – A Save the Date Summer Show Must




If you plan a trip to Kennebunk, Maine, this July, and August, be sure to add the Ellen Granter Solo Summer Show to your busy calendar. This one-woman show begins on July 16 and runs until August 11. Granter has been a part of numerous shows on Maine Art Hill, but it has been quite some time since she has done a solo.  If you can’t wait until then, be sure to visit us at the gallery this winter or anytime, virtually.

“I get inspiration from many sources, including the changing colors, patterns, and atmospheres of the landscape around me, the excitement of watching birds in the wild, and the random idea generator that is my imagination. In each painting, I am searching for an elegant balance of spare compositions over large fields of luminous color,” shares Granter. “When observing everyday subjects such as sparrows, I try to pay attention to the small spaces between them and the abstract patterns that are created by their characteristic movements.”

For Granter, there is excitement while watching birds, or really anything, in the wild. Her paintings express this desire to create beautiful and pure images. When viewing her works, that same excitement comes through.

Be sure to mark your calendars and plan a wander up to Maine Art Hill in Kennebunk, Maine.

To read more about Ellen’s process and past – Ellen Welch Granter – Insights and Stories.

To see Ellen’s entire collection – Ellen Welch Granter  – Artist Page.

If You Just Can’t Wait….Joergensen and Bigbee

For those of you that just can’t wait until the end of July for Claire Bigbee and Ingunn Milla Joergensen’s summer show, you don’t have to!

Claire Bigbee and Ingunn Milla Joergensen are working tirelessly on content for their show this summer. They are also taking time out to travel and visit and paint together. Yes, not only are they fellow artists, they are great friends.

However, if you can’t wait for summer and would like pieces from either or both of these talented women, we have a wonderful collection of their work presently at The Gallery at 14 Western Ave in Kennebunk.

We feature these two and many more wonderful local artists all year long and are open Thursday to Monday 10-5.

If you have not been to Maine Art Hill this month, be sure to stop by in person or check us out online.

Now a bit about each of these artists…


The beauty of the Maine landscape, the constantly changing elements, and the ocean are a never-ending source of inspiration for all of Joergensen’s art and design work. “It is the little things that catch my attention, a piece, a fragment, a texture, a thought, a word. Sometimes taking it all in is so much, it is almost overwhelming,” Igunn shares. “One little shell tells the story of the ocean. A piece of wood tells the story of lived life. Beauty is found in the most unexpected places.”

Joergensen has met and worked with many inspiring and talented people. Her road trips, often taken with Bigbee, around the state searching for beauty have led her to the most interesting places.

Joergensen is grateful to live and paint in Maine, yet her gratitude does not end there. She has deep gratitude, profound thankfulness, and great humility, not only when it comes to her ability to paint, but also that paintings have found their “forever homes.” All across the United States, from San Diego to Seattle from Florida to Maine, Ingunn Joergensen’s work can be found. She may be lucky to have this life, but her talent and hard work have brought her to the place she is now.



The marshes in Maine helped ease a lot of her anxieties as a teenager. “I could feel this peace.” As an adult, she still finds her place in all Maine has to offer. “The winters are stripped down, and everything slows down. I like that solitude. The light is incredible. The blue shadows in the winter and the skies. The beach. The water. The coastline. The pastoral inland views,” Bigbee raves. “The whole state is just a huge canvas waiting to be painted.”

There is a sense of energy when in the presence of Bigbee’s work. While the composition and light may attract her to a scene, the unrestricted use of color and expression drives her.

“My process is a response to the atmosphere, the view, and the painting. I am not so concerned about the rendering of the piece,” she shares. “When I’m painting, music keeps my unconscious and conscious connected. I mix my paints and apply them to my canvas, but I’m not necessarily using a formula. I don’t create my palate the same way every time. Sometimes I just apply the paint directly to the canvas.”

We look forward to seeing you on Maine Art Hill this summer.

To read more about these talented women, click the links below.

Claire Bigbee

Ingunn Milla Joergensen

To see our present collection from each artist, click the links below.

Claire Bigbee

Ingunn Milla Joergensen

Details for Claire Bigbee and Ingunn’s show this summer follow this link. 

Richard Winslow at Pop-Up on Maine Art Hill

Featured Artist Richard Winslow is the guest artist for Pop-Up beginning May 19, 2022.

Read on to learn more about his inspiration, process, and work.

 May 19-June 1

Open every day 10 am-5 pm

Born and raised in Sanford, Maine, Winslow presently has a home and studio in Waterboro. There he creates his incredible works in clay and glass. He also paints in various mediums. Though the travel bug was a large part of his youth, he has called  Maine home for many years.

“I started doing pottery many years ago in my college years,” shares Winslow. The world of work distracted my art and pottery output for several years. It wasn’t until later that I could get back to my arts and crafts interest. Now they are primary in my life.”

Winslow primarily does most of his pottery working on the wheel and uses multiple methods to add texture and design to many of his shapes.

“I have explored many firing and glazing options,” says Winslow. “Currently, I mostly fire to cone 5/6  and consistently use glazes certified as food safe.”

Currently, Winslow does both painting and pottery and belongs to several arts and crafts associations. He also participates in numerous shows in the Southern Maine area. His studio is on the lower level of his home, where he also maintains an exhibit space.


Annual Custom Framing Sale at Maine Art Hill 2022


Please take advantage of our Annual 25% off Custom Framing.

Here are the details so you can plan…

Technically the sale starts on the first Thursday of February, the 3rd. Due to limited winter hours, the Studios galleries will only be open Thursday through Monday.

We welcome visits to the frame shop, but masks are mandatory. We open at ten each morning and close at five o’clock. This is the perfect time to visit Studios on Maine Art Hill and pop your head in to see Louann and Taylor at Custom Prints and Framing. Both of these lovely ladies are masters at making your keepsakes, prints, and photographs into beautiful heirlooms to be passed on for generations.  All for 25% less!

Click here to read more about the Frame Shop.

Call 207-204-2042 (Frame Shop) or 207-967-2803 (Main Gallery)  to speak with one of our staff.


Over the last few years, the sale has been in conjunction with Kennebunk’s annual “Paint the Town Red” celebration. The rest of the town will be celebrating safely this year. Use the links below to see what is going on.

Craig Mooney Solo Summer Show 2022

The summer of promise is what many call the upcoming summer of 2022. We don’t know what it will hold, or if it will keep its promise. However, if you are looking for a sure thing during this time of what-ifs and when’s, artist Craig Mooney is it. Every show. Every painting. Every time.

Craig Mooney

June 18 – July 14

Maine Art Hill, Kennebunk. Maine

Mark your calendars, and don’t do a double-take, Mooney’s solo show this year is twenty-six days long! Four weeks of Mooney. He will fill the gallery with his new works and, of course, be there for his opening weekend. This show runs through the Fourth of July and celebrates all there is to celebrate in and around Maine.

For some of you, Craig Mooney is a classic and very much a part of who Maine Art Hill is. He has been with us for more than a decade, and our clients know and love him as much as we do. Yet, some of you are new to “The Hill” and may need a bit of history behind this Vermont painter.

Born and raised in Manhattan, Mooney left the city in 1988 to attend Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, where he received a fine arts degree in 1992.  He secured his first extensive commissioned work from New York Hospital in 1995. “The work for the hospital turned into a series of works and more commissioned pieces for Cornell Medical College,” says Mooney. “Thanks in part to this early success, I was able to move to rural Vermont and set up a studio.”

He is inspired by all the places he has called home – his native New York, the mountains and farms near his studio in Stowe, Vermont, and the beaches of Maine and Massachusetts, where he spends as much time as he can.  Mooney imbues these semi-abstract renderings of place with emotions he feels are universal and timeless. “I love my studio in Vermont, but with all the time I spend in Kennebunk, and the weekends I spend with family on Cape Cod, I have become a ‘coastal painter.’ I am not sure when it happened, but it is part of who I am now,” says Mooney.

So whether you are a collector or a first-time wanderer on Maine Art Hill, we look forward to seeing you at some point during this show.

To read more about Craig’s process and past – Craig Mooney – Artist Insights

To see Craig’s entire collection – Craig Mooney – Artist Page

Favorite Things – Our Staff Shares Their Personal Favs




May 15-18

At the end of February, the entire staff at Maine Art Hill received an email from our General Manager, Natalie. Once again, she has come up with a fun idea that includes the whole team, our artists, and you.

Here is the note  Natalie sent the staff.

This is your chance to help curate a show in the Pop Up Gallery at Studios on Maine Art Hill. I am asking all staff to participate, but  I promise it will be fun and easy.

As a staff, everyone is very familiar with all of the Maine Art Hill artists and their present bodies of work at the gallery. All you have to do now is share your favorites. The kicker is that you are not only sharing with me but with all our clients and visitors.

So what happened next?

We, the staff, have written a brief description of why a particular piece of work is our favorite. Some of us chose works for personal connections, others for color palette or composition, and still others for technique and skill.

Now, we have curated these pieces into a week-long show at the Pop Up Gallery at 5 ChaseHill Rd in Kennebunk. We welcome all to come in and visit and check out the show online.

The Pop Up Gallery is open every day at 10 AM. MI call 207-204-2042 or email [email protected]