Keeping It Local

All of our staff were up bright and early on Thursday morning.  This week, part of their staff meeting was a trolley ride around and through Kennebunkport.  Ed from Intown Trolley was our tour guide, and he was one in a million.  Not only did our new staff members gain an understanding of where everything is and what Kennebunkport has to offer; our veteran staff had a few wonderful reminders of just how fabulous this town is.  In turn, of course, Ed received a crash course on Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, as well as Maine Art Shows. We may have to hire him now that he is trained.

All kidding aside, the trip was a way to educate the entire staff on all that is available in the surrounding area.  Now not only can they sell the amazing work at the gallery, they can help make a customer’s stay a little easier and sell Kennebunkport, as well.

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A Little History


Way back in 1991, John Spain, owner of Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, decided to take a little vacation to Kennebunkport for the first time.  His grandmother had fond memories of the area, and he thought he would check it out for himself. At the time he was working at a small gallery in New York City and was interested in the oceanside artwork Kennebunkport had to offer.

He wandered into Kennedy Studios and immediately noted the “Sell to the Walls” and “Going out of Business” signs prominently displayed around the gallery.  This is when his mind started to spin.

After a lengthy discussion with Jane Ross and a quick question about what she thought the value of the gallery was, John said goodbye and crawled into his rental car to head down the highway. He had a job and a life to get back to New York.  However, his mind and a bit of his heart were still in Kennebunkport.

Over the course of the five-hour drive back to the city, John made a deal with himself.  When he returned home he’d call the gallery and offer up his life savings to this woman and her little coastal town.  If she took it, it was meant to be. If she didn’t…then she didn’t, and his world would go on as normal.

Life from then on has been far from normal.  In 1996, after five years of ownership, John changed the name to Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture. Four years after that, on Memorial Day of 2000, the gallery moved across the street to the newly designed building on 14 Western Ave, which has been its home for the last fifteen years.

It is here you will find John and his amazing staff.  It is here you will find over thirty-five artists with strong inspirations from, and connections to, Maine. It is here you will find a perfect place to leave a little piece of your own heart.

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Falling in love with a sculpture or painting requires insight and story. Falling in love with an artist requires understanding and history. Falling in love with a gallery requires trust and comfort.

Over the years we have worked hard to create a comfortable place to enjoy the beauty that is art in Maine. All of our artists give their heart and soul creating the work here at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture. Every day is blessed with unique and interesting people and experiences. These “behind the scenes”  happenings are celebrated and what make our work a joy.

It is these stories that we want to share with you here. On these pages you will find personal insights into artist work, pictures and videos of art in the making, and peeks ”backstage” of a successful gallery. So much of art is felt rather than seen. We want to help you make that connection to our work, our artists, and our gallery.

It is time we welcomed you into a more personal part of our galleries.

Please consider this your invitation.


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