Strong Season Opener – Margaret Gerding 2022

Creating the show schedule each year is a big task. It is an all-hands-on-deck decision-making process for Maine Art Hill and our staff. It is finding artists who complement but do not compete, figuring who can create a solo show and who is better in a group, and working around the promises our artists have made with other galleries. It’s a big task.

Then some decisions are just as easy as they are apparent. So who opens up for Maine Art Hill in the Summer Show Schedule of 2022?

 Margaret Gerding

May 21 – June 9


 14 Western Avenue, Kennebunk

Gerding has called Kennebunkport home for several years now. A tourist turned local with no regrets about making the Maine marshes her backyard. It was the summer of 2016 when Gerding joined the gallery, and by September, she had her first solo show with us.

“Margaret has been successful since the minute we hung her first piece on our walls,” says gallery owner John Spain. “She was accomplished when she came here. We knew she wasn’t a risk. However, even I didn’t know what a powerhouse she would become.”

Gerding is a great fit no matter where we place her in the summer schedule. She is incredibly humble and kind and is well-loved by clients and fellow artists. These are traits second only to her abundance of talent. A graduate from UMass, Dartmouth, had her first major show at the age of twenty-five on Newbury Street in Boston. Her early success and continued hard work led to her paintings being included in the book 100 Artists of New England by E. Ashley Rooney and New England Paintings (14th ed.), published by The Open Press.  Many private and corporate collections also contain her work, including L.L. Bean in Freeport, Maine Medical Center in Portland, Fidelity Investments in Boston, and the Westin Hotel in Boston.

She is known for her local marsh scenes but always tries new subjects to keep herself and her work fresh. We expect no different come May, as she fills the walls of The Gallery for her solo show. Stay in touch to hear and see the details of this fantastic first show.


To see our complete collection of Gerding’s works, click below

Margaret Gerding –  Artist Page

Click below to read more about her process, inspiration, and background.

Margaret Gerding – Insights and Stories

Margaret Gerding

May 21 – June 9


 14 Western Avenue, Kennebunk

SAVE THE DATE …and more about 2022

2022 Season

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are so excited to welcome in 2022. We have no idea what the world will throw at us this year, but we are sure we can handle whatever it is.

Not only did we successfully pivot our way through both the 2020 and the 2021 seasons, but our entire staff also worked diligently, and with such flexibility, they amazed us every day. With that follows, a huge thank you to all of our clients. We so appreciate our returning clients’ longevity and continued patronage and give a wonderful welcome to all of the new clients who discovered us during this unprecedented time. We have been incredibly fortunate to have found such success.

One of the main changes we want to make sure all of you are aware of is going paperless. Yes, that is right…. no more postcards. We are sending each of you who are already on our mailing list a SAVE THE DATE card soon, but that will be our only “mailed” contact. So please save the card as well as the dates.  In turn, we will be establishing a routine way to connect with each of you and keep everyone in the loop. To ensure this, please, be sure your contact info is up to date; if you have moved or changed phones, don’t hesitate to send us a note to let us know. You may also want to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. (Click any of these links to check to make sure you are following us.)

PHEW… that’s the big news, but here is what you want to know…

Who will be filling the show spaces on Maine Art Hill during the 2022 Summer Season?

 Margaret Gerding – May 21 – June 9 at The Gallery

30th Anniversary – 3 Views of ME June 4 – June 30 at Shows

Craig Mooney June 18 – July 14 at The Grand

Liz Hoag, Kathy Ostrander Roberts, and Jill Matthews July 2 – July 28 at Shows

Ellen W. Granter – 3 Rooms – July 16 – Aug 11 at The Grand

Claire Bigbee & Ingunn Milla Joergensen July 30-Aug 25 at Shows

Ryan Kohler – August 13 – Sept 8 at The Grand

David Witbeck &  Bethany Harper Williams August 27 – Sept 15 at Shows

 Janis H. Sanders Sept 10 – 29 at The Grand

 Jeffrey Fitzgerald & Mark Davis –  Sept 24- Oct 13 at The Gallery

Inspire – REAL MEN WEAR PINK –  October 1 – 31 (participating artists to follow)

Click on each artist’s name above to learn more about them and find the link to their current inventory.


Did you notice there are many more shows this summer than in the past? Stay tuned to find out why.

+Weekly Pop Up artists, May – September, at Studios at Maine Art Hill 

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Bavarian Christmas Market on Maine Art Hill

Bavarian Christmas Market

December 2-13

Studios on Maine Art Hill

 Thursday-Monday 10 AM-5 PM

Studios will be transformed into a traditional Bavarian Christmas Market. Browse works by fine artists and craftspeople and enjoy traditional beverages, snacks, and music!

Julia M. Doughty – sculpture

Bobbie Tilkens-Fisher – textiles


 Kelly Ufkin – painter


 Joseph Webster – glass

Peggy Farrington – wood


Richard Winslow at Pop-Up on Maine Art Hill with Robin Swennes

Featured Artist Richard Winslow is the guest artist for Pop-Up beginning November 4-29.

Read on to learn more about his inspiration, his process, and his work.


Open Thursday-Monday 10 am-5 pm

(Closed at noon on Thanksgiving Eve and all-day Thanksgiving)

Winslow, born and raised in Sanford, Maine, presently has a home and studio in Waterboro where not only does he create his incredible works in clay and glass,  he also paints in a variety of mediums. Though the travel bug was a large part of his youth, he has called Maine home for many years.

“I started doing pottery many years ago in my college years,” shares Winslow.  “The world of work distracted my art and pottery output for several years. It wasn’t until later that I was able to get back to my arts and crafts interest. Now they are primary in my life.”

Winslow primarily does most of his pottery working on the wheel and uses multiple methods to add texture and design to many of his shapes.

“I have explored many firing and glazing options,” says Winslow. “Currently, I mostly fire to cone 5/6  and consistently use glazes that are certified as food safe.”

Currently, Winslow does both painting and pottery and belongs to several arts and crafts associations. He also participates in numerous shows in the Southern Maine area. His studio is on the lower level of his home, where he also maintains an exhibit space.


Robin Swennes at Pop-Up on Maine Art Hill with Richard Winslow

Featured Artist Robin Swennes is the guest artist for Pop-Up beginning November 4-29.

Read on to learn more about her inspiration, her process, and her work.


Open Thursday-Monday 10 am-5 pm

(Closed at noon on Thanksgiving Eve and all-day Thanksgiving)


I am an artist who enjoys pushing color boundaries and expanding my work to include more than one painting style and many different collections.  My non-abstract paintings ride the fence between realistic and impressionistic; my goal is not to recreate an exact, tight, photographic scene because paintings are more relaxing to the eye.  

I hope to do more abstract pieces eventually, but I am continually applying my creative energies towards other design avenues. For example, I recently designed a house and some coordinating furniture for it. That 3D work put a heavy demand on my artist’s brain, but I felt strongly about creating a unique vision and somehow knew that I could do it. I believe that true Artists are born with some innate ability that can be expanded and put to use in a broad range of scenarios—whatever the chosen media. Of course, we Artists can’t help that we are attracted to color, shape, or texture; it’s just a natural response that produces some ‘tickle on the brain’ that we live to repeat as we seek new opportunities to create.

Swennes will be showing her work at Pop Up on Maine Art Hill at 5 Chase Hill Rd. in Kennebunk from November 4-29. The gallery is open every day at 10 am. For more info about Swennes and her work, follow this link to her website.

















INSPIRE – A Fundraiser for Real Men Wear Pink of Maine

When October comes to Maine, confetti-like leaves and frosted pumpkins find their way into everyone’s hearts and minds. The colors red, orange, and yellow often take center stage, but not for John Spain and Maine Art Hill. For Spain and many of his staff and artists, it’s all about The Pink. 

“October, for us, is about breast cancer awareness and the Real Men Wear Pink Campaign sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Yes, I have donned a bright pink unitard completed with a cape and mask to become Real Man to raise money for this very worthy cause. Yes, I have stood on red rock cliffs, crossed Lake Powell on a ferry boat, and spray painted the message in a mural in Texas,” laughs Spain. “However, my favorite part of my efforts is the annual art show featuring many of our artists who also support this incredible foundation.”

This year the show is called INSPIRE.

“It’s not about me inspiring others to donate or Real Men of Maine inspiring people to get involved and educated. It’s about them. It’s about the fighters, the ones who have conceded the fight and the ones who still fight every damn day. These men and women are the inspiration. This show and this campaign is a thank you for being the amazing people they are and inspiring the rest of us to be better, to do better,” explains Spain. “We all need to inspire each other. Collectively it’s what makes us great.”

INSPIRE is just that, a collective way to make a difference. As always, the fabulous and talented artists who contribute to this show make it such a success. Twenty percent of all sales go back to Real Men of Maine. This campaign has come together to help fight this fight and often provide a bit of a rest when needed most.

“We need to do this in any way we can,” says Spain. “This is my way.”

Be it a purchase of a painting or sculpture, a five-dollar or a hundred-dollar donation, be it a wig, a ride to chemo, or a place to sleep near the hospital. Everything counts. Everything makes a difference. Inspire is a verb. Loosely, inspire means to fill someone with the confidence and desire to do. Let’s do.

INSPIRE – a multi-artist show with proceeds benefiting Real Men Wear Pink of Maine in conjunction with the American Cancer Society. The show will run the entire October at Maine Art Hill at 14 Western Ave in Kennebunk, Maine. Doors open every day at 10 AM.


All of Maine – Artist Insights from Liz Hoag

When artist Liz Hoag has a fall show all to herself on Maine Art Hill, if nothing else, you know where to find a piece of quiet.


“My inspiration for this show is similar to my inspiration for past shows,” says artist Liz Hoag. “I still love the complex abstractions built into the structures of landscapes with trees.”

Hoag enjoys working with the changing light in the woods over the course of the day and the different color palettes that this allows her to work with. 

“I also like to interact with local scenes; wooded paths, Maine’s beautiful coastline, or working waterfronts. Whether it’s a coastal scene or a woodland scene,” she explains. “I love the peace that my painting style brings.”


Hoag doesn’t focus on extraneous details but instead tries to find the essential parts of a scene that bring out the light and a sense of place in a painting.

“By using larger strokes of color, I have to decide what to focus on and which choices would give me the overall color and design I’m looking for,” says Hoag.

To learn more about this artist, follow the links below

Liz Hoag’s Artist Insights and Stories

Liz Hoag’s Complete Collection at Maine Art Hill

Pop-Up with The Art Guild of the Kennebunks


The Art Guild of the Kennebunks is featured at the Pop-Up beginning Thursday, September 23, to Wednesday, September 29. Read on to learn more about the inspiration, process, and work.

September 23 – 29

In 1980 the Art Guild of the Kennebunks (AGK) was founded to foster camaraderie, support, and professional stimulation.  Beginning as a loosely knit organization, the Guild developed into a formal corporate structure with non-profit status.  AGK grants scholarships to deserving students in the visual arts from Kennebunk High School.

From the inception, members were and continue to be juried into the organization based on professional artistic criteria.

We have approximately 60 juried artist members representing various visual arts mediums, including painting, photography, printmaking, sculpting, textile art, and mixed media.

For more info about the Art Guild of the Kennebunks, check out the following links: 



A One Woman Show – Artist Liz Hoag at Maine Art Hill

Hoag is celebrating a one-woman show at The Gallery at Maine Art Hill in Kennebunk at 14 Western Avenue. This show opens Saturday, September 25, and runs until October 7. The doors open every day at 10 AM.

“The simplification, abstraction, and color choices come together to give it an open but also warm and comforting feeling of place,” says artist Liz Hoag.

Hoag’s current work is a refining of her ideas about composition, color, and light. In this work, she sheds realistic or narrative detail while retaining ideas. For example, more than depicting a detailed image of a place, the work retains a sense of place, but the most clearly defined ties to a specific location are absent.

“I use the woods as a starting point for an abstract idea. Then, by intentionally cropping the view, I consciously retain a substantive structural focal point within the composition,” shares Hoag. “I use other elements that guide the audience to look around the space and return to the focal point. The forms from nature I choose to retain are weighted and colored in a way that makes the viewer feel sure of their footing, feel balanced, feel comfortable.”

Hoag’s use of color and value gives depth to the realistic space at the same time it aids in the abstract two and three-dimensional balance. With different palette choices in each work, there is often a sense of season and time of day as well. This adds to the comfort the viewer experiences and a feel of a defined place.

“My use of negative space between trees or other elements enhances the push and pull of both the depth of the imagined landscape and the flat plane of the canvas,” explains Hoag. “It helps us travel through the space in more than one dimension. And I love the interplay that often comes off like stained glass.”

Artists learn to make forms turn in space and mimic what we see. Hoag is growing out of that system of seeing. She is looking for a connection to the real world that is more sensory and abstract than constructed.

“I still retain a feeling of solidity in wood or tree without the constraints of super-realistic painting. The work is not impressionist but contains impressionist elements,” says Hoag. “It maintains a solid base structure with light and color as interrelated collaborative elements.”


To learn more about this artist, follow the links below

Liz Hoag’s Artist Insights and Stories

Liz Hoag’s Complete Collection at Maine Art Hill


Pop-Up with Susan Adam


Featured Artist Susan Adam is the guest artist for Pop-Up beginning Thursday, September 9, to Wednesday, September 22. Read on to learn more about her inspiration, her process, and her work.

September 9 – 22

I am a child of the seventies raised primarily in the suburbs of Hartford, Connecticut. Every summer growing up, I longed to spend time with my grandmother, a painter who lived on the coast of Maine. Here she taught me a particular way of seeing the world, which was filled with color and beauty, and from that period on, I was determined to live in it. I was always creative. I did not start painting until college, where I met my husband of thirty years, a painter, and haven’t stopped since. From the start of my career, making a living as a full-time painter was a priority, so I developed a commissioned portrait business. For the past seventeen years, I have run a successful seasonal gallery next to our home.

I draw inspiration from my surroundings, the same small Maine village of my childhood summers for most of my career. I have always been drawn to color in the landscape, chasing red in a sea of blue, burnt umber in a field of green. My works explore the strong graphic potential everywhere I look, such as a curve in the road, a distant island in the bay, a commanding tree in the field, and more recently, a cluster of terra cotta rooftops in Champagne-Ardenne and the turquoise water of Bermuda.  A quiet scene painted in a bold graphic way invites the viewer to “fill in the blanks.”  Similarly, a circle representing a cloud or a rock right in the middle of a painting offset by another carefully selected color or line entices the viewer to focus elsewhere. Nicholas Silk of The Bermuda Royal Gazette described my work as “exploring the relationship of shapes where even inanimate objects seem to possess a storytelling potential…form almost shifts and melts before your eyes.


For more info about Susan Adam, check out the following links: