Artist Dina Gardner – The Beginning of Blues Traveler in Time-Lapse Video

Dina Gardner is a wonderful pastel artist who is quickly becoming a regular here at Maine Art Hill. After joining us in the POP-UP Gallery this past summer, she is back as one of seven featured artists in the 9th Annual Choice Art Show.

Here is a “quick” look inside her process.





Below are several links to learn more about Gardner and see all of her available works.

 Dina Gardner – Videos of Stories and Insights.

Dina Gardner- THE BLOG – Artist Insights and Stories


The 9th Annual Choice Art Show at Shows on Maine Art Hill in Kennebunk

This is the ninth year for the Choice Art Show, and, as always, the art that fills this show stays true to the charm and appeal of the area. However, as you all know, times are changing, and we are doing our best to change with them. 

Rhythm in Red by Susan Tobey White

We are still opening the Show Gallery at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk for the summer season with the 9th Annual Choice Art Show. Nine years, we have to keep something the same.

As many of you know, this is the only show of its kind curated in part by a local designer, the artists themselves, and the public. However, the unveiling is to take place in stages. Click the links FMI.

  • The show is virtually available to view on Wednesday, May 27.  VIRTUAL CHOICE SHOW
  • The virtual tour is available on Thursday, May 28. VIRTUAL TOUR of CHOICE SHOW
  • The “CHOICES” will be announced on Friday, May 29 VIRTUAL SHOW WITH CHOICES
  • The show will open virtually at 10 AM on Saturday, May 30, for sales. email [email protected] or 207-967-2803 FMI or to make a purchase.
  • The brick and mortar opening on Monday, June 1, following all CDC guidelines. (facemarks required)
  • The Virtual Artist Reception on Saturday, June 6, at 5 PM on Maine Art Hill’s Facebook Page. All are welcome to watch. MAINE ART HILL FACEBOOK

Blues Traveler by Dina Gardner


Seven “New to Maine Art Hill” artists are celebrating every aspect of Maine’s life. This state is incredibly diverse, and all of its beauty is well represented. Each of the seven artists submitted six pieces of art for the show. ALL SIX WILL BE IN THE SHOW. However, this is the Choice Show, so choices had to be made. 

Bayside Bunch by Karen Bruson

After careful viewing by many, the titles of People’s Choice, Designers’ Choice, and/or Artist’s Choice have been decided. They will be “crowned” on the website on FRIDAY, MAY 28 and will be easy to find as you look through each piece.

All This is Ours by Ryan Kohler

The People’s Choice, with almost seven hundred voters this year, was selected by followers of Maine Art Hill from all over the world. The Designer’s Choice was once again made by local interior designer Louise Hurlbutt of Hurlbutt Designs. The final choice, as always, is the artists’. Occasionally there is a piece that sports two of the “titles,” and rarely there is a piece that is the trifecta of Choice and is chosen by all three. This is rare! As you look through, see if you can find them. 

Serving the Light by Donald Rainville

“Keeping tradition is important, but we have to change with these crazy times,” shares owner John Spain. “The Choice Show is something our clients look forward to each year. They are invested in it. With a lot of work and some serious imagination, this event truly still has a wonderful sense of community.” 

Messenger by Julia M. Doughty

The 9th Annual Choice Art Show opens virtually on May 30 at 10 AM with a brick and mortar opening on Monday, June 1, at Shows on Maine Art Hill at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. The opening reception for the show is also virtual and is to be held on Maine Art Hill’s Facebook page at 5 PM on June 6. All are welcome to watch. 

Special Surfers by Heather Blanton

For more information about the show, visit, or call Maine Art at 207-967-0049 or email [email protected]

The Artists in the 9th Annual Choice Art Show

Click any to learn more

Heather Blanton

Karen Bruson

Julia M. Doughty

Dina Gardner

Ryan Kohler

Donald Rainville

Susan Tobey White


Window Shopping on Maine Art Hill with Kathy Ostrander Roberts


May 19 to May 31

Yes, window shopping.

We have a few more weeks until we are able to open our doors on June 1. Until then, we are excited to offer you one more, CDC safe way to “see” the Kathy Ostrander Roberts Solo Spring Show. Window Shopping.

From May 19 to May 31, we are featuring most pieces from Kathy’s show in our floor level windows at The Gallery at our 14 Western Ave location. We welcome you to come “window shopping” at any time of day, following the state guidelines for social distancing. We are also happy to move any pieces you want to “see”, closer to the window if you set up an appointment to come by.

How it works…

We spent Monday, May 18 rehanging Kathy Ostrander Roberts’ artwork in all the windows of The Gallery.  Each of these windows can be viewed from your car and many can be approached for a better more detailed view. (there is also one in the back window)

NEXT – Follow us on social media, either Instagram or Facebook. We will be adding insights and artist comments on specific pieces throughout the month.

THEN – Tap our stories of the day or read our feed for details.

LASTLY – Come on over to peek in our windows and see what you have been missing. Make an appointment if you want to see work closer or moved around.


Well, there are several choices for the rest of your day…

  • Call 207-967-2803 and leave a message about a painting you are interested in. We will get right back to you.
  • Take a selfie with one of Kathy’s images in the window and tag us. #mainearthill #windowshopping
  • Go to Batson River and get a pizza.
  • Email us at [email protected] and leave a message about a painting you are interested in. We will get right back to you.
  • Go to Hurricane and pick up dinner curbside
  • Use your phone or your computer to see all of Kathy Ostrander Robert’s Solo Spring Show. (view individual images or follow along on the virtual tour.)
  • Check out the menu at Old Vines and bring home apps and a few cocktails.
  • Use your phone or your computer to check out Kathy Ostrander Roberts Artist Page to see all the work that is presently available.
  • Allison’s is open for curbside!
  • Don’t forget wine across the street at Maine and Vine – order ahead.
  • Enjoy Lyman Whitakers Wind Sculptures. (click the link for sizes and prices) Take a selfie and tag us #mainearthill #lymanwhitakerkpt
  • Grab a coffee at Mornings in Paris ( they have really nailed down “social distant” drinking.)
  • Have a wonderful day and stay safe and healthy.

(CHECK OUT THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE “TO GO” page to see all of our local curbside options and a DAILY DISH on the 3 towns, 1 community FB page)

Links for more Kathy Ostrander Roberts

Virtual Show and Virtual Tour  ~  Artist Page  ~  Blog Insights and Stories  ~  Video of Process  ~ Interview 

LETS VOTE! 9th Annual Choice Show Voting

For the last few years, Maine Art Hill has opened its summer season with the Choice Art Show.  This year is no different. The 9th Annual Choice Art Show will officially open on  Saturday, May 30 at Shows on Maine Art Hill.   However, we all know the Choice Art Show really begins on May 14th with VOTING!

The Sea Will Rise Before Me by Dina Gardner

For those of you new to Choice, and a recap for the veterans, plus this year is a bit different. We begin with forty-two original works from seven artists; six pieces each.  All these works you will find on our CHoice Art Show Voting Page. This year we are still looking for three pieces to be carefully “chosen” to be honored during the show. This is where it gets fun.

Street Party by Susan Toby White A Joy by Ryan Kohler Wading for a Ride by Karen Bruson

One piece, The Artist’s Choice, the artist chooses. One, The Designer’s Choice, is chosen by the designer, and local celeb, Louis Hurlbutt of Hurlbutt Design. chooses.  And then there is the third and final choice, The People’s Choice. This is where you come in.

Triathlon Dark Side by Heather Blanton

The People’s Choice is all up to you. By casting your vote for your favorite piece from each artist, you decide the seven paintings that will display the title of PEOPLE’S CHOICE.  Each and every artist represented in the show is one of the very best up and coming artists in the area. You can trust that no matter which piece you choose, many others will be in complete agreement.


Upon clicking, you will be directed to the 9th Annual Choice Art Show page. Here you begin voting.  Each screen shows the six paintings each artist has submitted.  All you have to do is tell us which one you love most by clicking it and then clicking  VOTE.  Once you decide, the site will show you what other voters liked and then move you forward to the next artist.

Grit and Grace by Julia M. Doughty

Watch for our Facebook, Instagram, website, and email updates on Friday, May 29th for the announcement of the People’s Choice winners.

As of this moment, no one knows exactly what the show will look like. Which piece did your favorite artist choose? What about Louise Hurlbutt? Do you share opinions on art? Come in and find out. The show is open to the public for viewing on, June 1.

Ladies in the Night by Donald Rainville


On Friday, May 29, the show is virtually live. We will share links soon on how to virtually walk through as well as how to see each piece up close, either on your computer or in person.


Please share this on your own social media by clicking the icons below.


Artist Kathy Ostrander Roberts – Encaustic? What?

There is no doubt that artist Kathy Ostrander Roberts works in a unique and interesting medium. She has taken a little known, but very old process, and made it her own as she celebrates Maine and the sea.

Encaustic paint is created by combining beeswax, resin, and pigment with heat. This ancient medium has been around since the fifth century with a renaissance of followers in the last decade. “It is unlike any art ever experienced,” shares Kathy. “There are sometimes as many as twenty layers of wax in each painting. I use pottery tools to carve into the surface to lend a 3-D effect. I also try to embed a vintage piece of ephemera, ship captain’s letters, photos, mica, bark, or whatever inspires me into most paintings.”

Kathy is one of our artists that encourages viewers to touch the surface of her work.  Each has a texture that begs a touch. Plus, it feels a little naughty to run your hands across the surface, like a small child doing something you probably shouldn’t be doing. With the multitude of layers and the process Kathy uses, it is completely safe.

Shipwreck by Kathy Ostrander Roberts

Shipwreck is an 8×8 panel that is entirely sculpted. You really get to see the typical depth of my wax process in this piece,” explains Kathy. “I have been focusing on adding more layers, carving the wax for dimension, and trying new techniques with something called ‘XD’ wax, which allows for creating an impasto effect. I also particularly enjoyed making Beneath Each Wave. It is supposed to give viewers a sense of looking down at the ocean from a great height.”

Having worked for years in dry pigment in the form of pastels, Kathy finds using a blow torch, yes a blow torch, very freeing compared to paint. “It is not only rhythmical but can be meditative as well. The outcome is never certain, and the result is always engaging,” she says.

With all the layers of wax and a blowtorch. The seafoam effect happens. This has to be fun!  With this process comes a great deal of experimenting. What works? What doesn’t? What catches the eye? What brings the viewer in? See the link at the bottom to watch Kathy work from her studio.

Please call 207-967-2803 and leave a message or email at [email protected].

To see all of Kathy Ostrander Roberts available works, visit her Artist Page.

Kathy Ostrander – Artist Page


To see the show in its entirety and virtually. Follow the link below.


This show runs until June 29.



Kathy Ostrander Roberts – A VIRTUAL Solo Spring Show at Maine Art Hill

Our 2020 Show Season has started!

We have been planning this kick-off since the fall of last year. Kathy Ostrander Roberts, solo show, a great way to kick of the 2020 season here in the Kennebunks.

But then “things” started changing, so we started replanning, and replanning, and replanning. 

“In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity,” says Albert Einstein.

With that said, be prepared to jump out of the box with us.

Drifting to Leeward by Kathy Ostrander Roberts

Starting today, Wednesday, May 6, Kathy Ostrander Roberts’ Spring Solo Show is available for viewing on our SHOW page on the website. Here is also a link to see her show virtually. A step by virtual step walkthrough of Kathy’s work as it hangs in Pop-Up on Maine Art Hill. Also, be looking for a virtual “artist reception” on Facebook on Saturday at 5 pm. Yes, Kathy will be with us at a safe distance to answer questions and sharing inspiration and stories. Follow us to keep up to date.

Now a little bit more about Kathy and her work. 

Beneath Each Wave by Kathy Ostrander Roberts

Kathy lives and works in Kennebunk, Maine, and is an avid sailor. The love of water is evident once time has been spent with her work. Kennebunk, however, is not the only place that influences her work. Monhegan Island, Port Clyde, and Boothbay are also some of her favorite places to find inspiration. She is truly a Maine artist.

With over 30 years of experience working in the arts, Kathy is a member of the Pastel Painters of Maine, Kennebunk Art Guild, Maine Women in the Arts, International Encaustics Association, and the New Hampshire Art Association.

Kathy is known for her encaustic work. Wax, pigment, a blowtorch….sounds perfect. Yet, even with such an intriguing and unique medium, Kathy still pushes herself to experiment and create in new and exciting ways.

 “I have been focusing on adding more layers, carving the wax for dimension, and trying new techniques with something called ‘XD’ wax,” says Kathy. “This allows for creating an impasto effect.”

Follow this link to watch a short video of Kathy in her studio explaining this fascinating process.


“This spring I’m also experimenting with small story pieces. 8×8 pieces that incorporate everything from newspapers, photos, netting, and coarse mica,” shares Kathy. “Two pieces from this show really evoke a sort of ‘step back in time’ feel.” 

Escape From New York by Kathy Ostrander Roberts Dust Bowl Sisters by Kathy Ostrander Roberts

Escape from New York, with its antique news headlines and vintage photo, is reminiscent of the Victorian era when folks from big cities flock to Maine for fresh air and peace. Dust Bowl Sisters, with an image of two young girls in their vintage outfits near an old car, also allows for a bit of time travel. “It reminded me of the timeless images by Dorothea Lange,” says Kathy.

With over twenty new works in Kathy Ostrander Roberts’ Solo Spring Show, this is a beautiful way to celebrate our beautiful state. It is also a lovely way to take home a piece of Maine when so many are missing us. 

Sales beginning promptly at 10 am on Saturday, May 9. Please call 207-967-2803, John will be answering most of the day or email at [email protected]. 

To see all of Kathy Ostrander Roberts available works, visit her Artist Page. 

Kathy Ostrander – Artist Page

To see the show in its entirety and virtually. Follow this link.


If there is anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to call or email. For general questions, [email protected] or leave a voice mail at 207-967-2803.

This show runs until June 29.

A Peek Inside the Studio with Kathy Ostrander Roberts

Here is a quick 13-minute video artist, Kathy Ostrander Roberts made for us explaining her process. It is a fun and fascinating video.

Enjoy and please reach out with further interest or questions.

Stay Healthy and Safe.


To virtually walk through Kathy’s May 2020 show at Maine Art Hill click this link.


To see our entire available collection of Kathy’s work click this link.


To read more about Kathy, her process, her inspriation and her work, click this link.


Considering a Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculpture? — How About Free Shipping?

Artist Lyman Whitaker, Whitaker Studios, and Maine Art Hill are all strong believers in the need for social distancing. We encourage everyone to stay home, enjoy their space, and move at a slower pace.

Whitaker Studios is well aware of how kinetic art and sculpture can enhance your garden or landscape to create a space for quiet contemplation or add whimsey to your family’s backyard. Whitaker Studios wants to help bring this to your backyard. If you have been considering a Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculpture, now is the time.

For a limited time, we have joined forces with Whitaker Studios to assist our clients in the buying process. Together, Maine Art Hill and Whitaker Studios are temporarily sharing the cost of shipping on all Whitaker Wind Sculptures, up to the Extra-Large, in the contiguous United States.* For any Wind Sculpture shipping outside of the State of Maine*, your total cost would be just the cost of the Wind Sculpture you’ve selected. Shipping is free!

Free shipping* will apply to all new drop-ship orders for sculptures size SMALL through EXTRA-LARGE placed on or after March 20, 2020.

So what do you do now? Here’s a step-by-step:

Step One –  Use the following link to see all sculpture choices online from the privacy and safety of your own home and choose your favorites. MAINE ART HILL’S COLLECTION OF LYMAN WHITAKER WIND SCULPTURES

Step Two –  Click the sculpture and then select the size you need.

Step Three – You will then be prompted to either INQUIRE or BUY.

INQUIRE – This button automatically opens your email. Just let us know you are interested and how we can reach you, and we can move forward from there.

BUY – This button brings you to a page for you to fill in all your information to purchase this sculpture. This button also sends us an email, and we will reach out to you. We will make sure your shipping information is correct and we will also follow up with an estimated ship date. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us.

As always, you are welcome to bypass either button and just start a conversation with one of our gallery staff.  Call us at 207-967-2803 and leave a message. All voice messages send an automatic email notice to the gallery manager. We will check messages Monday-Friday, 10am to 5pm EST.

Don’t forget our virtual capabilities with Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures and photos of your yard.  Wind Sculptures can be virtually placed in your yard as quickly as paintings can be placed on your wall. All we need is a few simple measurements, so we can create an image showing virtually how the sculpture looks installed in your space.

This is a tremendous offer! We can’t thank Lyman Whitaker and Whitaker Studios enough. We are so fortunate to have artists willing to help in whatever way they can. In the words of Lyman Whitaker,  “We are optimistic that we will all survive this if we stick together.

Our galleries are presently open by appointment only. Please reach out, send us an email, or drop us a message on our voice mail. We are happy to help in any way we can.

Stay Home. Stay Healthy. Stay Connected.

*This offer is valid for shipments within the continental US only and purchases of a Small to an Extra-Large sculpture made on or before March 20 for a limited time. Maine State Tax applied where applicable.

Spring at Maine Art Hill and Coronavirus – Art to Go

In this challenging time, we at Maine Art Hill are hoping to make your life a little easier and a little more fun. Using various technologies, local delivery, and private appointments, we have many ways to help stay connected to our artists and our galleries.

Shopping from Home

For many small businesses, this will be a way to stay connected to clients. We have an incredible website full of high-resolution images, artist bios, and insights and stories from our artists. With a simple phone call or email, we can share a great deal without you ever leaving your home. We offer five ways to help you through this and are open to other ideas. All processes start with an email to [email protected] or a call to the gallery where you can leave a message. 207-967-2803.

Online Links – Thanks to the organization of our website, it is possible to create new links that showcase only the artist or works you love. We can share these with you both via email.

Virtual Appointment with a Gallery Associate – With the power of FaceTime or Skype, you can virtually chat “face to face” with one of our staff. As they walk around the gallery with you, they share details and up-close information on any works you find interesting.  An appointment is necessary.

Sharing a Video of Particular Pieces or Artists – Email or call to give us the artists and or pieces you love. We will create a video just for you by walking around the galleries and featuring the artwork you request, like the Face Time option, but not as interactive.

Virtual Art Placement – Again, thanks to technology, we can take any home photo you have and virtually place the specific pieces you are interested in on your wall and send you the images. Again this requires an email, text, or phone call, in which we discuss the pieces you love. Then just a few quick measurements, a little tech magic, and we virtually place the art in your home, so you can see how it looks. Check out the images below to see what we mean.

Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures – Even Lyman Whitakers Wind Sculptures can be virtually placed in your yard as easily as paintings can be placed on your wall. Again, all we need is a few simple measurements so we can create an image showing virtually what the sculptures look like installed in your space.

Free Shipping on Most Wind Sculptures for a Limited Time – Maine Art Hill is working with artist Lyman Whitaker to provide free shipping within the contiguous United States on sculptures Small-Extra Large.

Shopping at the Galleries

Gallery Visits – The galleries are open everyday at 10 AM and we are following all federal and state CDC guidelines to provide you with a safe and healthy environment for your visit.

Private Gallery Visits – Private gallery visits may be arranged by appointment only. Email [email protected] to set up a private appointment. Know that all the galleries are CDC compliant and are cleaned and sanitized before your visit.

Curbside Pick-up – Finalize all your purchases in any way that works for you, then let us know when you are coming to pick up. We meet you “curbside” at one of our many preferred parking spaces. We load your new works right into your car.

As you can see, we are here to help.

With all of these precautions in place, we are hopeful that we can help you find new pieces of art to compliment your home.  

We are happy to help you in any way, just contact us. Working together is what we do.

Please contact us via email at  [email protected] or call the gallery and leave a message at 207-967-2803.  We are automatically notified when a message has been left.

Maine Restaurant Week – Another Reason to Visit

Winter is long in Maine. The cold and ice and snow tend to seems more grey than white, and the lack of sunshine indeed begins to have reproductions on our body, mind, and spirit.

So go for a wander. Better yet, go for a wander in the Kennebunks and celebrate Maine Restaurant Week and the continuation of our 25% off frame sale. (March 7th).

Even though Paint the Town Red is over, all of our galleries and many restaurants and shops are open. However, we want to give you another excuse to visit this area of the state. Maine Restaurant Week,  The White Barn Inn, and Federal Jacks Brewery. Lucky for us, both of these beautiful establishments are just steps from Maine Art Hill. So visit us first and then try one of these exceptional deals.

Federal Jacks and the Kennebunk Brewing Company, a local brewery and restaurant that happens to sit just steps from our gallery, is celebrating Maine and the great beer and food we have to offer. This spot is a casual and relaxed place to sit and watch the river go by, listen to good music, and even try your hand at darts or pool. With a large selection of Maine beer on draft and a yummy menu filled with both seafood and homestyle comfort food, you can’t go wrong. Dinner or lunch just $25 for three courses.  Check out the special they have going for Maine Restaurant Week at Federal Jacks by clicking this link.

The White Barn Inn is the second of the two Kennebunk restaurants participating in Maine Restaurant Week.  Known for its fine food and incredible wines, this Kennebunk icon not only has fine dining but also for the quaint little bistro on property. The Bistro is a little more casual and very charming. Also on the property is the inn, of course, as well as a spa, rounding out a wonderful stay in our lovely coastal towns. They are offering up an amazing menu to support Maine Restaurant Week. Only $45 for three courses…  Click here to see the menu and deal for Maine Restaurant Week at The White Barn Inn Bistro

So, if you are wondering what to do this weekend… come to the Kennebunks! Visit Maine Art Hill and then have dinner and celebrate being in Maine in March.