Carousel – Mark Davis’s Fall Favorite on Maine Art Hill

Carousel | Brass and Aluminum with Steel with Wires, Oil and Acrylic Colors | 13.5″ X 13″ | $900

Mark Davis chose Carousel for his Fall Favorite because of what it means to him and his artistic process.

“I created this piece approximately two years ago, but for many years before that, I had tried to make a standing mobile with two turning points, with no success. The pieces were very overworked, and I never was happy with the results,” explains Davis. “Finally, I created a base that allowed me to make a separate section revolve within the base itself.”

Davis had to keep it very simple to get that to work. In making it simple, Davis came upon a new direction to his work.

“Each piece was mounted on the end of a wire, giving it a somewhat mechanical feel, but together they created a kind of whimsey that felt to me like the playfulness of Paul Klee’s paintings, which I greatly admire,” shares Davis. “The lines, shapes, and colors are disparate but work together in a sort of poetic harmony. It was quite a small but wonderful change for me and my work.”

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