A Mainer by Heart and Home – Artist Bethany Harper Williams Shares

“I only painted a few paintings a year for the next few years, but all were inspired by summers in Biddeford Pool. It wasn’t until 2011 I decided to have a show,” says Williams. “I knew I wanted to do something in Biddeford Pool, but I didn’t know what. We ended up throwing a cocktail party for all our friends. Many friends had no idea I painted. Needless to say, it was a big success.”  This inspired her to want to go further with her painting and changed her focus from graphic design to painting.

The Composition of Color and Pattern – Artist Insights from Bethany Harper Williams

“When exploring the abstract in nature, first I take a landscape,” shares Bethany. “Then I create an overall sense of calm and energy by layering abstract shapes and patterns, juxtaposing warm and cool tones, and seeing how the colors react.” 

A Walk in the City – Artist Insights from Bethany Harper Williams

“This show, I’ve added some paintings inspired by my new ‘city life’ in New York City. I take the same idea of capturing a moment, abstracting the landscape, which is now buildings instead of beaches. Then I focus on the figure’s mood without the details of representation. More subdued tones replace the colors of the beach. Fun to find textures and patterns on the city streets.” 

Bethany Harper Williams – Solo Summer Show 2023

To see “the fun stuff” in person, visit the Gallery at the Grand at 1 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk from June 10 to July 5. Don’t forget the public artist reception from 5 to 7 pm on Saturday, June 10. After that, the doors open, and sales begin at 10 am on Saturday and every day. FMI call 207-967-0049 or www.maine-art.com/shows.

Bethany Harper Williams – Summer Show Season 2023 – Save the Date

If Bethany is one of your favs, mark the dates on your calendar. If you can’t wait til summer, click the link below to see her present collection of works at Maine Art Hill. Call or check our website for hours this winter and spring. 207-967-2803 www.maine-art.com