Pastels – Artist Insights from Lyn Asselta

What I love most about pastels is their immediacy.  My hands are a direct part of the painting process, and I can choose a color either to use in its pure form or to blend over other colors to create something new.  There are no tools involved, just the stick of pigment and my hand. The continuous adjustment of pressure on the stick as I paint allows for myriad textures and marks, creating the unique qualities of this painting process. 

Its All About the Connection – Artist Insights from Lyn Asselta

“Maine is where, at a very early age, I first understood the power of a landscape, and now it’s the place I’ve returned to after experiencing life for many years in very different environments,” says Asselta.

For her, painting involves a significant effort to infuse even the simplest objects, maybe a rock or a tree, with as much emotion as possible.

Liz Hoag and Lyn Asselta Kick Off Summer on Maine Art Hill

If you are searching for a small piece of this lovely landscape these two ladies call home, visit Maine Art Hill in Kennebunk. These simultaneous shows run from May 27 to June 21 at the show galleries at 5 Chase Hill Road with an Artists’ Reception from 5-7 pm on Saturday, May 27. Open every day at 10 am. FMI call 207-967-2803