Across the Lake to the Trees – Charles Bluett, Artist Choice

A few words from artist Charles Bluett on Across the Lake to the Trees… We are all so blessed to have this outdoor environment as part of our everyday lives.  The size of the skies, the ever-changing vegetation, and colors it affords us are amazing. Even the weather patterns in all their extremes and beauty, the… Read more »

Charles Bluett – Artist Inspiration

“Natural wonders fascinate me and influence my work daily. Something as simple as a flowing pebble filled brook or an early morning walk as the low clouds lift over the tree-lined hills,” says Bluette. “Maine is of course so blessed to have in it such diversity. The wet winter windblown desolate coastline, a field in late summer filled with fireflies, or the warm, dust-filled air as it blows across the landscape turning the light into soft hues, this state has it all.”

A Day in the Landscape of Charles Bluett

It is on occasions such as these he sometimes finds his work can swing in a totally unexpected and untried direction. Moving from the soft ethereal landscapes to a far bolder use of primary colors. Bold abstract color works are where he started as an artist and still feature heavily in his output, but they still contain the softness and flow of his representational landscapes.

A Growing Gallery – New Works from Our Artists

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